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  1. Think clothing like panties or panties and a slip is not much protection from a belt or paddle or switch. Being bared to just that point is sufficient in making most people feel vulnerable. Especially if they have the experience of being clothed like that and being disciplined. I think it is entirely reasonable to leave those articles of clothing on. The down side is that it is harder to see what is happening to the bum , and this could result in quite the marks...
  2. I really like the psychological part of spanking, so penalty swats are interesting to me. I’ve been on both sides of them. Usually as extra licks, or the count starting over. I make a distinction between penalty swats, which is magnifying the punishment, and warning swats. An example of warning swats would be a swat or two across the back of the thighs as a warning for squirming about too much. The problem I have with them is that they can be used to brutalize the spankee by extending and magnifying the punishment. Some people are squealers, squirmers, jumpers, yellers. There’s no changin
  3. Welcome back, SwitchWithMe. We missed you and your insightful posts. Hang around. We need more quality content here. 

    1. SwitchWithMe


      Thanks. It’s been an interesting journey. Am glad to be back. Hope you are well.

  4. I just feel like I have my brain scrambled from trying to twist and bend it, back and forth, to understand so that I could make amends. Sort of a trauma response in ways.
  5. I think I’ve made a mistake here for a long time. Assuming culpability, when I guess it wasn’t mine to assume. I thought I was taking the high road. Deferring to the wisdom and criticisms of the old timers here. Now I am just sad and worn out. I think I will flee. You are right. This shouldn’t have to be so hard. It has never been IRL. But here I’ve been white knuckling it, just dead lifting. It’s exhausting.
  6. I am just so tired. So tired. Of trying to figure out how to respect every munutiae of everybody's interests here.
  7. Well. I guess I have been wrongly assuming I was in the wrong then.
  8. It seems ironic to me that this is a community about discipline, which has elements of contrition, accountability, rules— and the response to conflicts I have had is always: report them. It is never that I might be the one in the wrong. Even if the language of others might not be acceptable (faggot, freak, etc.), that the fundamental problem might be ME. My posts, my experience of spanking, my views on it. That is why I really never thought there was much point in reporting people. Turning over names and associated PM’s, emails, posts. It is never clear where the blame lies. And that is w
  9. I have promised certain people here, that I have respect for, to leave the people who have criticized and attacked me alone. To not report them. I think it is clear that doing so would cause problems. I am trying to take the high road here, and take these attacks at face value. To try to learn from the criticism. And to assume they are right, and that there is a learning opportunity in this. That I have invited this response by breaking the norms of the site with my posts in the forum. So I am trying to be the good guy here. I have repeated asked the staff to help me understand what
  10. Thanks. I am trying to be the good guy here. Take the high road, and be open to whatever thematic problems in my posts have caused these problems. I even promised certain people that I would not report the people giving me problems for the sake of not causing problems for anyone. Instead choosing to reflect and figure out what is wrong with my forum posts/comments. I am just getting very little help in that regard.
  11. I am in need of perspective here. When I think about it, I’ve been involved with spanking for as long as I can remember. Strange really. My whole adult life. I have never had a problem with the people I have interacted with. Sure, there were people who were not good matches. A spanking friendship was not possible. We just moved on. Quite silently, quite without any drama. I’d say the people I played with were teachers. I learned a lot from them. I always figure there is something everyone and anyone can teach me. Which is, I guess, why I am writing this. My experience on Spankin
  12. When I first came here, I unfortunately gave out my private contact information in chat, instead of PM. It was an accident with the interface. After that I ended up getting harassed by phone by somebody I knew was from SN, somebody who was in channel. But that was about all I knew. My only recourse was to contact law enforcement, which I refused to do. I promised people here that had some stake in this place that I would not do that. I wouldn’t cause troubles for SN. I’d be old school and deal with it myself. At the time the offense I committed was my icon. It showed a belt on a pillow, w
  13. Well. There may not be a “right” way, but there certainly is a wrong way. I mean, I have been going around and around with some people here about how disgusting and degenerate my approach to this is as reflected in my posts/comments.
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