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  1. Can I delete some of my posts? I am catching grief for them.

    1. rubyredd


      You might ask one of the moderators directly. Otherwise, I don't think so.

    2. AfterGeometry


      Live with the courage of your beliefs!!  Leave them up!  

  2. Shared about the suicide of one of my students. Was told to kill myself and join her. I hate this place.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. SwitchWithMe


      Well. It says volumes about my place here.

    3. Chawsee


      @SwitchWithMe- Pardon me for offering unsolicited advice, but you can either choose this victim mentality, or you can stand up for yourself. We teach others how to treat us by what we'll tolerate and what we won't. I'm going through a battle myself right now with someone in my own life, so I'm giving myself this same admonishment. You are stronger than this.

    4. gravano


      @SwitchWithMe It’s the same place I have.  I really appreciate your posts. 

  3. Fantastic trip to Indianapolis. Met some new spanko friends. Job interviews. Good times.

    1. rubyredd


      Did you like it here?

  4. I think you have consistently offered something of value here. It would be good if you stuck around. I am evaluating what to do about my participation here. Not sure yet....
  5. To be honest, I really don’t know. I’m not too worried about it. I am really interested in trauma right now. My girlfriend has PTSD from being kidnapped while traveling abroad. There’s this whole spanking-trauma thing. It’s been a big huge AH HA talking this out. A million things clicking together in my head. I have friends who treat trauma professionally. I want to get with them and really pick their brains. Get some sessions. Learn about what they do. I never thought of them as they aren’t in any kink scene, but they are perfect resources. I am moving towards career #2. So I’m real
  6. @rubyreddSomething I’ve realized is love and caring is not enough. I can have love and caring for a spankee, and still harm them. Despite the communication, dialog, connection. How? By not recognizing the effects of trauma in our play. Maybe “trauma” isn’t even the right term. Stuff. Not understanding stuff. I am learning a lot talking with old spankee friends after this thread. One spankee in particular comes to mind. After a point in a spanking she’d often go passive and tremble. When we had explored this back then, it was her “accepting her punishment”. I have hear
  7. @gravanoThanks for sharing and your personal transparency. You have been a great benefit to me. Others too. I finally have the strength and resolve to just walk away from this spanking thing. Seems weird after all this time. 30+ years. At least for a time. I had been hoping to rebuild a spanking life after my tribe scattered. Maybe spanking is something that I will have only shared with them. Or tribe like them, which will take some time to find. It may be I just can’t do this anymore. At least not as I have in the past. Things change us. I am not sure I want to return to
  8. In some sense this summarizes my personal crisis of faith. I am not convinced I have that capacity.
  9. Supporting my friend, and a few others, is certainly one of my concerns. But I am really mostly looking forwards. I don’t want to go through this doubt and introspection and keep doing the same old. Some have suggested that perhaps I can bring something positive out of this experience. I can do better for my spanking friends.
  10. I have experience identifying a person’s pain needs. And I would certainly agree that a trauma surfaced and dealt with is a good thing. I also agree that it wouldn’t be a fault if somebody was triggered during a session. When I question is my capacity to recognize this with any certainty. This is so above my pay grade.
  11. A lot of fascinating insights here. As a switch, I do have radically different types of conversations with EE’s and ER’s depending upon how I’m relating to them. As a fellow EE/ER, or as a theoretical spanking mate. It is all new to me as I am used to playing with people I know very well. But I think there really are different categories of needs and concerns for EE’s and ER’s. I have often expressed to others here that my EE side, the rare times it comes up, is a need, why my ER side is more of an interest, a passion. Maybe the non harming re trauma I am interested is less a t
  12. @gravanoOne of the things I found networking for meets here was how severe the expectations of play were. Maybe that is a type of bravado in chat, I don’t know. But I think some of the chats were sincere. Ma’am. If I do that to you— you’ll be in the ER and I’ll be in a small room with a camera talking to police. Beat me daily, as hard as you want, as long as you can. It has been chilling.
  13. @gravanoYou have obviously done a lot of work on this and I do appreciate your transparency and willingness to share. You make an important distinction for me: consent versus informed consent. In a nutshell, that is really what I have been grappling with— for years really. Back to the 1990’s. Making that consent as informed as possible. What that means about the play, and what it means about the relationships I have. How the “informed” part can best occur.
  14. Well, I ‘d say— we actually do a fantastic job, in general, communicating our interests, needs, and so on. Making this all safe and consensual. I have had mostly fun, playfulness, and meaningful psycho-drama with this. No regrets with any of it. It’s been part of many of my most rewarding relationships. Going on 30+ years now. But when it’s bad, it’s been bad. Really bad. Which isn’t a criticism on all the good stuff. Just something to think about. I am just one of the people thinking about this now. Which is fair. No regrets there. I normally would share my thoughts and feelings on
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