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  1. I have been fortunate to visit Seattle twice and go to this incredible market. Even when there, I thought it wwould be a great place for a "spank shop."
  2. Growing up, I was spanked (except once in school) only by females. My preference today is to be spanked by females. However, I feel as though I missed out on something never experiencing a true "dad" type spanking. I have attempted that with a few males and always have left disappointed. Anything sexual with either gender with a spanking is unrealistic and a huge turn off even though there is a possibility of arousal.
  3. For me it is when the realization returns reminding me how much a punishment spanking hurts! I tend to forget that over time.
  4. I love both but paddles are my preference simply because they were made for only one purpose.
  5. I habe no hangups about being spanked by males or spanking them. but to be spanked I need it to be in a role play type situation to get into the right head space.
  6. Spanking traditionalists are my favorite.
  7. If this was a multiple choice question, I'd have to choose all of the above.
  8. I wish I was available for you. I love Montana too.
  9. yIf I'm going to spank you, I'm not too concerned about how comfortable your panties are.
  10. Style is more important to me than color. No granny panties!
  11. I have never requested nor will I ever request that someone I am going to spank be nude. That isn's a spanking to me.
  12. I have often wished to be in a female led relationship that included spankings, but I have come to realize that I could not be in one 24/7. I could, however, be in a mutual spanking relationship with a spouse.
  13. I had a few female teachers I wanted to spank me. A few did too.
  14. Send him to the bathroom to take care of it privately before you spank him.
  15. I'd love that type of relationship.
  16. I am only attracted to women, but I will spank men and be spanked by them. I need to be spanked, but I also enjoy giving them. And with men, so many do not have anyone to spank them that I started giving them too.
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