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  1. I prefer otk when giving, bent over when receiving.
  2. I certainly believe I have the spanko gene. I wish I didn't but I have accepted it nevertheless.
  3. I started out being a spankee only but when I discovered that I was not alone, and that there are many people out here needing to be spanked just as much as I was, I started switching. I might be prejudiced but I think switches make damn fine spankers. And rubyredd, I like switches as implements too.
  4. I wish had known about this place as I have been to Vegas three times in the last eight months, I have seen on the street girls with paddled who want money for getting your picture taken with them.
  5. Same here, Don't wait years like I did and then regret it,
  6. I hope you will find some help fro this site There are a lot of great people here.
  7. I have been asked to finger a female spankee on occasion but only if specifically asked to do so.
  8. It is really the only kind I think about.
  9. I love paddles mainly becaue they are made for one purpose only.
  10. All of it really, but mostly knowing I'm going to be spanked and there is no getting out of it...but all the while feeling greatly cared about.
  11. Ye, every town needs one for both men and women.
  12. I love school paddlings too. Cheerleader for me giving would be great..perhaps a combination of the two.
  13. I personally love role playing spankings, either giving or receiving. Do any of you have a favorite role play that you either have done, or have not yet done but often think about it?
  14. True but if you find someone who cares enough to give you one if needed, then it is great except during.
  15. My first thought is always what was I thinking!
  16. I love all of your work! Super talented artist and share a lot of my spanko feelings as well.
  17. Fortunately I have the ability to compartmentalize quite easily with spankings as well as other things in my life. My work, for example. But I can certainly understand why many cannot switch as easily as I can.
  18. I have spanked in the front seat before but have saved the backseat for other things.
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