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  1. Welcome! I am just across the river from you, but that bridge always being repaired does not make it an easy trip these days. I'd be happy to chat with you sometime.
  2. I think growing up without a father has made my wishing to be spanked by a male much more intense lately.
  3. School paddlings are one of my favorite role plays
  4. Perhaps if they rather desire to be spanked, go ahead and spank but also add some additional punishment that he hates. One time I was spa ked, wich I admit desiring, but also had to write lines, which I loathe. I did not make the same mistake again.
  5. Under logical circumstances, I would postpone a punishment spanking until a later time, but I would not just forget about it either.
  6. I have tried refreshing over and over and most of the time it does no good. Thank you for your help nevertheless.
  7. I am often having the issue where the chat window is too narrow to read what someone has typed. What can be done to fix it? It is very frustrating when someone makes a comment in either General Chat or a personal chat not to be able to read the comments. And scrolling up and down does not help.
  8. I do not desire for a spanking to turn sexual, but certainly the memory of either giving or receiving one from the past has stayed wit me and I will masturbate to them.
  9. The only time I like to count is when I'm role playing a school paddling.
  10. I love paddles! I think so mainly because they are made for one specific purpose in mind. They can definitely be works of art for us spankos.
  11. I spanked a coed twice about 15 years ago. Local small college, played softball there too.
  12. I was married before the internet, at a time when I thought I had to be the only person into spanking in the world. After the internet, I found out how wrong I had been. I tried with my wife but she said has never understood. I would not go back and change things now, because I have two wonderful children. But still it has hurt our marriage when she made me feel as though something had to be terribly wrong with me.
  13. I saw my uncle (my father's brother) being spanked late at night by my aunt. They thought I was asleep. So I have wondered the same.
  14. Most spankers, including myself, would prefer to spank bare, but I also think most, including myselfm are ok with your wearing a thong or just panties. Or even over pants if you cannot feel comfortable otherwise.
  15. Just a local lady I came across who loves being spanked. She told me the story when we were getting to know each other. Just my hand on her bare bottom.
  16. A woman I panked a couple times says that the reason she became a spanko is that her future father-in-law spanked her once in front of the family over her jeans.
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