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  1. I am a church goer who has held church offices, but once I saw the politics that could be invoved I stopped doing so.
  2. I was spanked often growing up but the pain of my first adult spanking still surprised me. I guess we tend to forget how much pain we have felt at times.
  3. The advent of a lot of family bathrooms has, I think, made this possibility a lot more common.
  4. I have found, for myself, that knowing how many swats I am going to get ahead of time helps me to get through the spanking much easier.
  5. I was spanked once by a pro "mommy" domme who used a hairbruch otk bare and then a belt as I lay over pillows on a bed. I actually felt at one point that I was not feeling it anymore, a sort of euphoria. But I was bruised for weeks after and would not care to repeat an experience to that degree.
  6. I think a world naked gardening day would be all right, but I'd draw the line at trimming bushes.
  7. For me the desire to spank or be spanked has long surpassed my desire for sex.
  8. Always growing up even into my teens, but never as an adult. I wish I could now.
  9. I totally believe spanking is my sexuality, but that doesn;t mean I have to have sex or even expect sex with a spanking either giving or receiving. If it happen fine but if not that is fine too.
  10. First grade in front of the whole class otk by hand. She probably spanked most of the class that way at least once that year (1963-64).
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