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  1. For me on a trail in a state park in Indiana, got switched.
  2. Your artwork is incredible and a lot of your story is very familiar to me and I'm sure others as well.
  3. I know there would have to be more to a happy relationship than just mutual spanking, but if everything else was there and the DD too I'd take the chance.
  4. If I could find this kind of relationship. Chawsee, I'd give up everything. Probably just too old now.
  5. Has anyone heard of a mutual DD marriage? It woud e my ultimate goal. I wonder if it would solve any of the problems discussed in this thread.
  6. All I know is that I saw my uncle (my father's brother) being spanked by my sunt once when I was about 8. I know I was a spanko even before that age.
  7. I always feel the need for one but when it is about to happen I don't want it.
  8. The idea of having someone care enough about me to spank me is so emotionally arousing that I can think of nothing more powerful. It causes me to be aroused sexually as a result, even though to spank me in a sexual way would be a turn off. So very hard for me to explain but I imagine others here understand it
  9. As part of a longer trip I would travel by car quite a distance. For example, next year I hope to drive to Mt. Rushmore and then on into Montana to visit the Little Bighorn battle site. Hope to get at least one spanking and give one along the way and back.
  10. At times in the past I tried very hard to not want spankings in my life, and would be successful, for awhile. But then when the need came back it was stronger than ever before. Finally, with some counseling, I was able to accept it as part of how I am wired and since then have felt that it is ok to have this need.
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