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  1. I thought about it but never had the courage. Certainly there were things I should have been spanked for that I remember to this day.
  2. Best for me, since spanking turns me on, is to have smething I hate like writing lines for an hour or so on a sore butt after and no sex for 24 hours.
  3. For me it wasn't lonleiness per se, but a lack of closeness. The only time I can remember feeling cared about was when I was going to be spanked.
  4. High on my spanking bucket list to be taken to a woodshed or barn to be spanked.
  5. I have given a spanking inside my car once. Certainly not easy and probaly not very effective. Better was the one I gave with the girl bend over the hood with a paddle she had.
  6. I made a mistake once seeing a pro who did not allow safe words. I was bruised for 2 weeks after.
  7. It is my preference but I do not think it is inherent.
  8. I think a lot of people here, myself included, have had similar fantasies.
  9. Vet thoroughly in advance and follow the normal safety precautions and you might have a great experience.
  10. For me on a trail in a state park in Indiana, got switched.
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