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  1. I have never requested nor will I ever request that someone I am going to spank be nude. That isn's a spanking to me.
  2. I have often wished to be in a female led relationship that included spankings, but I have come to realize that I could not be in one 24/7. I could, however, be in a mutual spanking relationship with a spouse.
  3. I had a few female teachers I wanted to spank me. A few did too.
  4. Send him to the bathroom to take care of it privately before you spank him.
  5. I'd love that type of relationship.
  6. I am only attracted to women, but I will spank men and be spanked by them. I need to be spanked, but I also enjoy giving them. And with men, so many do not have anyone to spank them that I started giving them too.
  7. I think classifying your secuality as a spanko fits a lot of us here, certainly myself included. It is why I can spank and be spanked by both genders.
  8. Woiuld be way better than taking Ambien too!
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