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  1. I love all of the non-spanking aspects of a spanking too. But without the pain of one I would not feel fuliflled.
  2. I think it just depends on the woman being spanked. I had one woman I spanked years ago, a college student, who was so anxious to be spanked she took her own panties down before she went over my lap.
  3. As an adult I started as a bottom, but once I learned there were so many others out there with similar needs I became a switch.
  4. KentuckyGuy


    I'd like to experience it.
  5. I have been spanked by males and have also spanked them. I have found that if I can get in the right head space, it can be a fulfilling experience.
  6. Welcome. I have visited Austria twice and it is a beautiful country.
  7. I have been fortunate to visit Seattle twice and go to this incredible market. Even when there, I thought it wwould be a great place for a "spank shop."
  8. Growing up, I was spanked (except once in school) only by females. My preference today is to be spanked by females. However, I feel as though I missed out on something never experiencing a true "dad" type spanking. I have attempted that with a few males and always have left disappointed. Anything sexual with either gender with a spanking is unrealistic and a huge turn off even though there is a possibility of arousal.
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