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  1. First grade in front of the whole class otk by hand. She probably spanked most of the class that way at least once that year (1963-64).
  2. For me the ultimate would be to send the girl to her room to wait for as much as a half hour. She would wear a short nightgown or perhap only a t-shirt that barely covered her bottom. Only when she went over my knee could I see if she had panties on or not, but if so they would come down as she is to be spanked with a small paddle.
  3. Have her bend over something sturdy.
  4. I have had a few severe spankings that made it uncomfortable for me to sit but never impossible to sit.
  5. Fantastic thread! Spanking is so very intimate. Is that why I crave it?
  6. I prefer pants and panties/underwear down to the knees but otherwise fully dressed.
  7. When I am to be spanked, I preer to leave it up to the person giving me the spanking. When I give, however, I prefer using my hand otk or a paddle/belt bending the spankee over something.
  8. Raising two great children and now having a grandson!
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