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  1. The only time I like to count is when I'm role playing a school paddling.
  2. I love paddles! I think so mainly because they are made for one specific purpose in mind. They can definitely be works of art for us spankos.
  3. I spanked a coed twice about 15 years ago. Local small college, played softball there too.
  4. I was married before the internet, at a time when I thought I had to be the only person into spanking in the world. After the internet, I found out how wrong I had been. I tried with my wife but she said has never understood. I would not go back and change things now, because I have two wonderful children. But still it has hurt our marriage when she made me feel as though something had to be terribly wrong with me.
  5. I saw my uncle (my father's brother) being spanked late at night by my aunt. They thought I was asleep. So I have wondered the same.
  6. Most spankers, including myself, would prefer to spank bare, but I also think most, including myselfm are ok with your wearing a thong or just panties. Or even over pants if you cannot feel comfortable otherwise.
  7. Just a local lady I came across who loves being spanked. She told me the story when we were getting to know each other. Just my hand on her bare bottom.
  8. A woman I panked a couple times says that the reason she became a spanko is that her future father-in-law spanked her once in front of the family over her jeans.
  9. I did this once years ago at an airport. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
  10. I would give one only upon request and only for pleausre, not punishment.
  11. Five for punishment with a real school paddle will leave a very sore bottom.
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