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  1. If I were the one being spanked in the type of relationship, as a spanko, I wold need to be spanked occasionally just for stress relief if nothing else. But I would never want to act out intentionally to get one. And when I did do something to earn a spanking, it would have to be a severe one so that it was true punishment, one I would not want to have repeated.
  2. I have never had trouble switching.
  3. I cannot imagine asking a family membr or friend to spank me. As rubyredd said, this is tied to my sexuality.
  4. Obsession is the word for it in my case.
  5. I used to live over in your area and get back there sometimes. I'd be interested in learning more first.
  6. I have decclined to spank someone as severely as she wanted to be spanked, but never totally declined.
  7. I would respect them keeping their reason private.
  8. One of the reasons I desire a mutual DD relationship is that I know I'd mess up sometimes. The example I always think of is my giving a spanking for a traffic ticket and a few months later I get one too. I think it would cause problems if I did not also receive a spanking.
  9. I live in your area. The bridge across the river not making it easy to come over from KY right now but I made it once last week.
  10. The more authentic, the better ...always.
  11. I have n qualms about being spanked or spanking males. In act, I'd love to get an old fashioned out to the barn belt spanking from a male.
  12. What worked for me, since I have a desire to be punished by spanking, is to add something to the punishment that they hate, such as writing lines or an essay.
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