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  1. Got a good bare bottom spanking this morning :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. spankedgirl


      Sometimes, but it was a maintenance spanking 

    3. MichiganHeadmaster


      Well, you'll be good now, I'll bet!  :-)


    4. joker11


      Guess what you're getting in chat next time?

  2. Merry Christmas all!!! Hope there are a lot of red bottoms today!!! 

  3. Spanked before church this morning.

    1. cowboy


      For discipline????

    2. spankedgirl


      Maintenance, a good reminder 

  4. Well even though I'm a girl, I'm still get spanked by my mom and I'm 21. I feel it really helps me, especially with school.
  5. Back to college spankings

  6. The chat did it to me again.  Everything just disappeared.  I could type messages, but when I try to post them, nothing happened.  And our entire conversation disappeared.  Bummer!

  7. Getting a red bottom before family BBQ

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    2. Davyd


      "Getting a red bottom before family BBQ" 

      First time before a family reunion, or your e knows you tend to misbehave when family is gathered and wants to enjoy this family time? 

    3. RIspanko


      Thinks that would be far better than during

    4. braatman


      what was more well done, you or the main course?  lol

  8. Casp cream, especially when in public. Always feels like I'm getting spanked, even though pants are still up.
  9. I'm sure that would work good on my bare bottom. Lol
  10. I have done some for stress relief and they do really work (although I usually get them from someone else), but if no one is around, they can still be helpful.
  11. Sitting in class with a sore bottom

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    2. spankedgirl


      Oh yeah and it does help me stay focused, plus it's good for stress relief. 

    3. TheSwitchEffect


      I must say that I'm envious.  I would have loved to sit in class with a nice, sore bottom when I was in school.  There's no better feeling than a recovering sore bottom - and the fact that nobody around you knows makes it even better.

    4. NotSoNaughty


      Very jealous, must be tough to focus


  12. Happy New Year... Ringing in 2018 with a red bottom 

    1. oklahomaspankee


      Happy New Year to you as well :D

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