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  1. Spankers multiple choice?

    I think if the behavior is unmodified (or worse) the first spanking didn't work, and little goes as well with spankings as enemas, but, for punishment fitting the crime, it would be hard to argue against mouthsoaping. Seems an awfully appropriate punishment for mouthiness.
  2. Spankers figging?

    Figging isn't my thing but to each their own. But non-consensual anything is rightly criminal. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
  3. Lotion Applied?

    While there's nothing quite like lotion from the freezer on a well spanked bottom isn't the afterburn really part of the point?
  4. Divorce?

    I know people who would NEVER date someone who hasn't been divorced. Having been there, a divorce certainly teaches one what is important (and what is not) in a marriage. And farting, well, not.
  5. Birthday Spankings

    Every adult should get a birthday spanking on his or her birthday.
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Trump is a Spankee !

    I think irrespective of one's politics that moves him up a few points in popularity. But with a magazine? Really?
  7. Paddle Makers?

    I have no vested interest in this whatever... don't own them, don't get a commission, never met or talked to them. But I have purchased some awesome paddles at www.paddlewerks.com They are not cheap, but I cannot imagine what you would want or need that they don't have.
  8. Wood paddle or belt?

    All a matter of opinion, but I hate belts and love paddles (irrespective of which end of either I'm on).
  9. Concerning Assigned Bedtimes

    Sounds a little Briar Rabbitty to me... oh how I wish someone -- anyone -- would send me to be early. Heck, 2pm doesn't sound bad!
  10. It's hard to find a S.O. who JUST spanks!

    Trust is everything and once violated cannot exist again. Simple as that.
  11. It's hard to find a S.O. who JUST spanks!

    Hang in there, you'll find someone who will do what YOU want and not step over boundaries. It's been a while, but I spanked a number of women -- just spankings, no sex, no dates, nothing but spankings -- for years. It all comes down to respect and consent... if you're clear that you want nothing more than a spanking and anything else happens, you're with someone who is lacking respect and that is very, very, very dangerous. Hang in there.
  12. Enema?

    I never received enemas growing up. But I have given many, many, many disciplinary enemas (and received a few). Generally I combine them with spankings. I think MOST of people's fears of disciplinary enemas (except for pain... they're far easier to bear than spankings; even a mild spanking should genuinely hurt; while disciplinary enemas involve discomfort, genuine pain during an enema calls for stopping immediately) are founded. They're uncomfortable (enemas can also be erotic, but anything with the word "disciplinary" in it is going to be uncomfortable). They're intimate (though I once gave a young woman a weekly spanking and enema every Saturday for two years and we never had any other contact more intimate than a weekly fully clothed goodbye hug of comfort and support). And modesty is out the window. And, they take a while. But I've found them EXTRAORDINARILY effective for those who really need to feel subject to the authority of someone else. I've dealt with the paddle fighters... they might not even mean to, but they just cannot help but fight. And, I've dealt with those who just cannot surrender to the spanking. There's no fighting the enema. And, when having to retain an uncomfortably large volume of soapy water, causing uncomfortable cramping until someone decides you can release, there's just no pretending you're in charge. From both ends of the nozzle (like spanking, 99% giving, 1% receiving), I highly recommend this as a disciplinary tool. While my experience (giving and receiving) has been primarily combined with spankings, I've found that it impacts some people far more quickly than does a spanking. Of course, just my perspective~
  13. weekly?

    It's been a long time, but I used to have three women who has standing Saturday appointments for spankings. Every Saturday just like clockwork. That's not, of course, a good answer to "how many", but it does get us to "more than none"!
  14. Buying a Hairbrush for Spanking

    That, @barebottombrittany, is the beautiful diversity of the site... different strokes for different folks!
  15. Benefits of self spanking

    I've spanked a LOT of people, for a lot of reasons, over the years. In my opinion, it's tough enough to stay over the knees for a spanking which is properly hard enough and properly hard enough. Good spankings hurt. While I've met some folks with incredible willpower, I've never met anyone who could spank themselves properly. But, I'm sure there are those who disagree.