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  1. Some time ago I dated one who had made a full length spanking film to lay for a semester of college. She said crying was easy... it genuinely hurt.
  2. I did this once but after I spanked them together once they decided to do their spanking separately. Definitely no aversion to spanking couples.
  3. Every relationship is going to have its own set of rules and who are those of us not in it to judge? For me, sex is cheating. Life's a complex thing, and everyone's got their own views. Hours long talks with that friend from over work, both of whom know it could happen if either made the move? Cheating? Massage that leaves you tingly everywhere but more so in some places than others? Cheating? That Facebook flirtation -- though nobody calls it that -- with a friend from decades ago? Cheating? Spanking that doesn't involve sex? Cheating? Lead your own life my friend. Draw your own boundaries within your own relationship. And, if we or others judge, what the hell do you care?
  4. Oh, definitely do the butt plug! I have given many (and received more than a few) spankings with the recipient plugged. There is simply no downside to this... it makes everything better.
  5. This is pretty common and requires -- wait for it -- the C word. Practice makes perfect! This may sound weird, but I've actually had luck with paint chips. "I know you're worried about hurting me. And yes, when it starts to hurt I'll likely be breathing hard, squirming, and kicking. But this is the color you're after, and you shouldn't think about stopping until we get here"
  6. Hopefully by now you've found someone. It's too bad he's unwilling to do this for you, but awesome he's cool with someone else doing this for you. You're going to be a LOT happier getting spanked by someone who WANTS to spank you than someone who is doing it grudgingly. And giving a proper spanking is a learned thing... having someone who knows what they're doing is an added bonus!
  7. I'm technically a switch... I am the spanker about 95% of the time. But, on occasion, there's a strong desire to be taken over the knee and spanked and spanked and spanked until my bottom is good and red, on fire, and very, very sore. For me, however, switching with the same partner is just too complex. Either I'm going to spank you (far more likely) or you are going to spank me. We're not mixing it up. Seems strange to many, I know, but spanking changes everything.
  8. My two cents is that this is dangerous. You need to see what you are doing. I do not spank blind. I would not take a blind spanking. Safety is very serious and I strongly feel you have to see what you're doing. I have been a part of LOTS of spankings (usually, but not always, as the giver) which have not led to sex... it was known by all ahead of time that it was "just a spanking" and that sex was out of the question. And they've all been on the bare. To each their own, I suppose, but as someone who has been spanking for over 30 years I feel I need to see what I'm doing, especially when using an implement.
  9. Yes. Getting one. Giving one. Watchin one. It all turns me on. Spankings are good, clean, wholesome fun.
  10. As other have said, it all depends on how they are used. I'm a big fan of the hairbrush... I have yet to meet anyone who, after a properly hard and long application, complained that it didn't hurt enough!
  11. I've found a lot of folks new to the scene are genuinely afraid of hurting their partner. For some, paint chips can be handy... this is what a well pinked bottom generally looks like, this is what a fiery spanking looks like. May sound corny, but I've met some folks the visuals are helpful for.
  12. I'm about 95% spanker, 5% spankee. But I strongly believe in keeping these roles separate (i.e., with any given person I'm ALWAYS the spanker or the spankee). For me, it is very challenging to switch roles.
  13. It's a very different feel. I'm a fan both as giver and recipient.
  14. Judge as you like, I've found spanking and being spanked as long as I can remember.
  15. Never had it happen, but always willing to give it a try!
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