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  1. I'm here for real, actual real time meet ups. And, I've actually met a couple of people here over the years.
  2. How delightful for you! Little is more disappointing than being spanked by someone who isn’t into it.
  3. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but in my experience when you're spanking hard enough there are going to be wiggles, squirms, kicks, and screams. Again, there seem to be those who feel differently but I'm thinking if you can stay quiet and still you're not being spanked hard enough.
  4. My personal theory is that it genetic. But I'm firmly convinced the happiest of us are the ones who have accepted that we are who we are. I love spanking and regardless of whether folks think it's a perversion, fetish, or birth defect it has made my love life much, much richer, adding layers of trust, intimacy, romance and excitement which otherwise wouldn't have been there. There are only so many hours in the day, and each one we spend trying to explain is one we cannot spend enjoying!
  5. I suspect @Spankingmyhubythat you are more of a discipline purist than an I… there are always erotic undertones for me, even with harsh punishments. I very much enjoy administering enemas (though large bag enemy’s, nit Fleets). So it’s not so much “earned” as it is have time, privacy, equipment handy, etc. Enemas aren’t really given as an enhanced punishment so much as “stars are currently aligned… let’s get you enemaed.” The last spanking and enema in the car was earned, however. Long car ride at end of long trip with much going wrong. “That’s two” was ignored about 20 minutes (towards the upper limit of how long I feel safe with a Fleet being retained) from home and about a mile from a rest stop so timing was perfect. A moderately hard hair brushing, the enema, and a promise to “do this right” when we got home quieted everything down.
  6. I've never had this done to me. But I have administered a very few bare bottomed spankings in the back seat of cars in rest stops. Always parked well away from other cars and don't think anyone ever saw (windows were always such that action was well below window line). And, while certainly not to everyone's taste, I've immediately followed a very few of these with a Fleet enema (yes, those of you who know me know that I am NOT a Fleet enema fan, but I used to always keep one in the glove box for just such an emergency). While these were sometimes followed up on once we got home, the "right here and right now" aspect of it was very powerful.
  7. Yes indeed. And a thorouglyh spanked bottom also leads to increased bloodflow elsewhere, bringing added benefits to all involved!
  8. I have a heavy Lexan paddle, with holes, which feels like fire and gets more intense as the spanking progresses. I've bought a lot of paddles over the years from Hansen Paddlewerks. Have yet to be dissapointed. Impact Toys | LeatherWerks
  9. I'm probably not the best source because I give 95% of the spankings in my life, but I really want the 5% I get to be "real" spankings. So for me it's attitude. I'm not attracted to men, and all things being equal pretty beats the alternative, but once you're over the knee all you're seeing is floor anyway. But I want someone who understands that spankings are supposed to hurt... they're supposed to be long and hard and don't really start being effective until after the spankee is ready for them to end. Not brutal, not uncaring, loving and understanding, but someone who understands that once I have made the decision to go over their knee I'm done making decisions and isn't going to let me up until I am very well spanked and very, very sore.
  10. Every spanking I have ever received (I wasn't spanked as a kid) was with me full nude... have never been given any other option. Props to @spankingmyhuby for being able to get to tomato red with her bare hand! And draining him before he's spanked, well, he's certainly getting the honest to goodness maintenance spanking at its very purest, isn't he?
  11. Fiery red doing the hairbrush dance the real spanking starts. Bonus 4 word ad: Okay, got the title... now just need a cover model.
  12. If you're not using implements, consider buying them. If you hand a guy a hairbrush before your crawl over his lap, he'll figure out what to do with it! And, as @Rand Enoted, "didn't hurt" are two worlds which can definitely raise the bar!
  13. I like holes. It's kind of like a fast car... even if you don't use a paddle to its full potential, it's nice to have the horsepower available just in case you need it!
  14. I have given a LOT of spankings which were just spankings... not sex, not romance, not anything more than spankings. Have always spanked on the bare for many reasons, not the least of which is I firmly believe I need to see what I'm doing and even a thin layer of underwear, while not providing much protection, obscures the view. It's never come up but I suspect if a woman really, really wanted to wear a thong I'd be okay with that.
  15. Once upon a time I put a few ads, a few ads there, the gist of which was that if you were new at adulting and needed a spanking I was glad to oblige in a careful, loving, but firm and thorough way. No sex, no romance, no relationship, no hang ups, no judgment, just a very, very sore bottom. I had a few takers, some of whom had weekly or biweekly standing appointments. Not dozens, but a few.
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