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  1. Wow...like a group of “piranhas” all over a 19 year old...Yikes!! Probably a bunch of conservative knuckleheaded Trumpers.?
  2. Aren’t you a little OLD at 66 to be a smart @$$? ?
  3. Oh h*ll NAW!! YIKES!!!
  4. 25 year old in need of daddy type to punish me.
  5. Sounds like fun!?. Maybe I’ll cry and you can feel more like a man. ?
  6. Ok, I’ll admit, it used to make me “excited” when I was submissive.
  7. Do any female spankees out there get annoyed by being called “young lady?” To me it sounds cliche’ and stupid, not to mention belittling. Thoughts?
  8. I’m noticing a lot of newcomers with numbers after their name. Not saying this is a red flag, but it seems rather odd it happens more and more frequently.
  9. Yeah yeah...and as far as spanking goes, I simply won’t allow it.
  10. I never feel/felt guilty about upsetting my folks. They made me feel guilty for being born! I hate them?
  11. Entertainment for pervs, or a tool of release for those who come up “a little short” when they can’t quite please a partner. That’s all those videos are...pure and simple.
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