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  1. Well, I’m very open minded, however when I first set out to find a spanker, my preference was white (I’m white, non-Hispanic) and I’m not really sure why? I ended up finding my spanker though who turned out to be black. It worked well for several months. I don’t think there’s really a difference in ethnicities when it comes to spanking. Although his hands were kinda big :/ lol
  2. Just checking in. Sorry I haven't been on much. Hope you're behaving?

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    2. Newby_Girl


      Haha good idea :P 


    3. goodboy_will


      I thought you were allergic to super glue or something similar to that. Heck, if I had known you weren't then I could have fixed your allergic raised eyebrow issue.   :P    :unsure:

    4. goodboy_will


      Awww!!! I missed you again. I was told that you were on.   I guess I need to misbehave more.   :unsure:  ....Well.........maybe not  :P.

  3. I dunno? I don't really go anywhere or do anything. I'm a stay at home mom so my likes are coffee and sleeping? The only things I can think of are a nice dinner and maybe a massage though it's borderline date-ish? I am just stumped for some reason!
  4. So... My spanker has asked me to come up with two rewards for my good behavior. I honestly have no clue. I'd feel kind of weird if they involved money like buying stuff and they have to be non-sexual. Help me out with some ideas!!
  5. So I've been doing a lot of self realization lately. Lots of researching and day dreaming. I've come to discover that my original plans of living the fundamentalist Christian lifestyle don't really fit in with my desires and needs as a sub. I have come to sympathize with closet gays...not being able to live life freely, always feeling like you have a secret, except that secret shouldn't be a secret because it's who you are. I used to think I wanted to live the cookie cutter life with the kids and marriage and track housing...that I wouldn't know where my life was headed until I had these things in place. Well, I'm here now and it feels oh so wrong. I feel so out of place. I am a wild and free spirit; one which cannot be tamed. I am cultural and adventurous. I care deeply and I want to taste all aspects of the world. A few years ago when I discovered domestic discipline, I thought this is it! This is the missing key to my life. Ha! Little did I know, it was just the beginning of the path that would lead me to my deepest, truest self. I am nervous, excited, and confidant. I can't wait to see what else unfolds. Little bits of my past keep popping up that make SO much sense now. I'm finally seeing the world in color. I've discovered that bdsm is very much a part of me and I can't wait to explore that one day. I've realized why vanilla sex never did it for me and only when my neck was grabbed in a gentle yet aggressive way in addition to my hip, forcing me to surrender did I really start to enjoy myself. I know there is so much more to it and I'm so excited to discover and learn. Everything that I thought was a flaw about me, was actually an attribute of who I really was. There is no shame in being different. There is no shame in being who you are. It takes strength to find who you are and embrace it. I am not dirty, I am not sinful. I am me..and I love it!
  6. Just saw this haha if I ever head that way
  7. Hey where you been? Message me!

  8. I also have 4 kids. The sound bit is tricky, especially with our older kids who are super nosy but we would go to a far opposite corner which is our bedroom, in the closet and have music playing in the bedroom or wait until they're definitely asleep or at sleepovers. Having this in a relationship is amazing! It brought my husband and me closer in our marriage. Unfortunately, he couldn't follow through and I had to go get an outside disciplinarian but it was great while it lasted. If I ever divorce (crossing fingers cuz I'm miserable) I hope to find a man I can have this with...makes for a great relationship!
  9. Thanks everyone, I'm going home tomorrow and then he's out of town so I'm pulling my hair out! I'll have to pass on the surrogate thing since it took me over a year to find someone I trusted and was a good fit. I'll just have to wait it out. I think Wednesday of next week will be the day. Fingers crossed!
  10. Nah, that's not really my thing...plus I'm on vacation with kids around and a very open beach house that echoes like crazy lol
  11. Being stabbed to death as soon as I look up in the mirror from washing my face... yeah, I watch too many horror movies. There have been many nights where I frantically endure soap in my eyes just to make sure I'm not about to die LOL
  12. We just sort of went with the classic traffic stop but I never call a safeword. My safewords are in my body language and when I start flopping around like a fish, churning my hips back and forth...that's usually yellow lol. He reads my body language well and gives me a few seconds break when needed. Red is always there in case but I don't know if I'll ever need to use it.
  13. Don't go easy or anything FF lol
  14. My days of waiting for a session are getting to me. Every day brings new "what can I do" thoughts that I quickly brush off as to not get into unnecessary trouble. I feel silly and juvenile with these thoughts but it's consuming! It's been....over a month since my last I think or so it feels and I still have to wait a whole week or two more to see my spanker! I'm twitchy and fiesty and irritable lol
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