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  1. It is easy enough to choose a plug with a wide, shallow base that will not be in the way at all of hand, paddle, tawse, you choose. I have a round, full bottom, which may help the plug base nearly disappear in my crack, but that plug is not going anywhere, and it it deep out of the way of any implement. Prime spanking real estate is a bit below where the plug sits, anyway.
  2. Does your Avatar show how you like your patients to present themselves for treatment?

  3. Hi Shelly, love your whole story the Victorian flavor as well. Your pic is so hot also, but nylons, garters and corset! The perfect attire for a sound spanking out, then a dose of the cane!

    Cheers, max

  4. There are so many references to birching in Victorian literature, my curiosity was peaked. I wanted to know what my Victorian sisters had endured, in their day, and it seemed so easy to explore their tribulation caused by the birch rod or birch spray. Yes, it turned out to be rather easy to explore the experience, but not so easy to endure much of it. As you say, a lot of practice might be necessary to learn to like (well, endure with grace) a sound birching, but after that misfired experiment, I'm not so sure I am still that curious. I appreciate your note.
  5. I have a lot of past spanking friends still in my life. Many of those friends were very close, shared my house or theirs for months or more, but the relationship never got traction to more along to a more committed long term exclusive arrangement. Typically, a career relocation for one or the other of us made it time to proceed to the next level or not, and the answer was always, "or not." That is the landscape for my answer the question. Lately, all my local friends are very nice, quite lovely, engaging, sometimes romantic, vanilla individuals. My delicate exploration into their psy
  6. Years ago I ruefully decried my own round bottom -- too round, I felt, perfect, thought Gary. But one complaint too many -- when I got home, a large envelope had arrived by post. Gary and I had plans for that evening, so I opened the envelope, and first found a note: "Wear this tonight beneath your frock. please." I tore open the inner envelope, and found an impressively retro and formidable high-waisted, zippered, long-leg panty girdle, with a broad satin back panel. Gary knew my sizes, but he had purchased my new girdle one size too small. I often wore light pull-on girdles to smooth m
  7. Your creative idea for a new-style institution of learning brings to mind an institution with similar methods but different goals: a place for "wives" that need help understanding their place in marriage. Most of the wives are women, but not all. All are learning a higher state of femininity to bring home for their partner's pleasure, and all the partners are quite strict and demanding. Much of the course work is complementary with the training given at the brother school, where dominance is the watchword. A first semester here would include a course load like: Presenting the fem
  8. Yes, the way I view romance, there is indeed a very romantic aspect to everything about an expected spanking. Hearing from ones lover that a spanking is due tonight, then the anticipation.Wanting to please a lover with the way I prepare for my correction, what I will wear, and how I will groom for the trip over his knees. Then, the spanking itself, and his masterful way of slowly uncovering my clothed bottom, warming it just fast enough that I feel the sting of chastisement rise as the warmth of sensuality increases, too. And the aftercare; how can anyone not think that is wildly romantic?
  9. What meets my emotional needs best and definitely gets through to me is to be ordered over a gentleman's knees while nicely and fully dressed. I have fetched my hairbrush and hand it over with a frown. The scolding may be brief, but time enough to raise my skirt out of the way. When the spanking starts, it is with his palm, on the stretch satin back panel of my firm, retro girdle. Finally there is a break, but I know it is not really a break, he is just picking up my mahogany hairbrush to continue my spanking with the brush. He knows the firm girdle holds in the heat from my spanking, and
  10. The 'bible' of mental health disorders, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5®), Fifth Edition, was updated in 2013 and naturally addresses many of the syndromes cited in the initial question. Interestingly, Autism is given a lot of expanded attention, but Aspergers Syndrome (you aspies know who you are, or maybe you don't) was removed from the DSM-5. This caused a lot of consternation in the affected community, since it impacts access to care and services. That is leading to a closer call on the fine line sometimes between Autism and Aspergers, since the diagnosi
  11. I have two light body briefers, one taupe ( a gift), one black (I bought), that for a while were expected under-dressing on a spanking night. Both have the cut-out bottom cheeks that you see in my profile picture. Very flirty and a concession to spanking friends who like to redden a bare bottom.
  12. Those four words, 

    "Get over my knee",

    always make my knees weak, and my bottom tingle in anticipation.  

    1. Victorianshelly2


      "Bring me the hairbrush" is yet another four word phrase and works its magic on me, and those weak knees of mine.


    2. cyberian2


      These 4 words bring me such joy.

      Kneel in front of me!

      Hand me the Impliement

      Get across my knee

      Why are you bad

      Take a deep breath

      Release and get ready


      The Lady Veronica Graunwolf      :(


    3. ticlaude


      just like you , Shelly2 , the words '' get over my knees '' bring me all kinds of feelings .images (5).jpg

  13. This thread is from a while ago, but I feel like the question is addressed to me. Years ago, I was doing Victorian re-creations with in formal costume, and my guy and I got really serious about it. We planned a long weekend in Cape May NJ at a lovely Victorian B&B, and enjoyed so many events of Dickens Week we had scheduled to catch. One evening, I dressed in my prettiest Victorian evening gown, over an elegant Victorian corset and other fripperies, and we went downstairs to dinner. Before we headed down, I stealthily placed my bit of handiwork from the past week on the mantle piece.
  14. When I see another woman, nicely dressed, and to my eye, probably girdled (no jiggle at all in the hips, board-flat tummy), I can't help but wonder if she goes over a lover's knees in that dress and girdle, waits for him to work the skirt out of the way, and then gets that round bottom warmed right though the tight girdle. I know she would enjoy it!
  15. Women's Victorian dress conveys a special notion that "When I have fallen beneath your expectations, you know how to deal with me, Sir." The bosom is offered up above the pinched-in waist, the frock is tight through the bust and waist, but full and flowing below where it is therefore easy to raise. And how could a bottom look more spankable than when it's framed by corset hem and dark stocking tops? Yes the Victorians really had something going, and look at all the creative implements that date to the Victorian era!
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