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  1. Hi Super brat!  I have missed you and hadn't heard from you in a while. I hope all is going well for you.  I want a Masters in Bratology and then pursue a doctorate too. Maybe you can still tutor me to help me reach my bratology goals.   :unsure:  :P  :)  .








    1. DonBarton


      Michgal. K. Obviously, you aren't really 99 years old, so how old are you in reality, and how do you like to be spanked? ON YOUR BARE BOTTOM, OR NOT?... WITH A WOODEN PADDLE, LEATHER BELT, OR SWITCH? ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BEING SPANKED BY A MAN, OR A WOMAN?

  2. Hi Superbrat. :)  I mentioned you in an update I did , and just wanted to give you the opportunity to defend 🙄   ........ errr I mean respond if you so wished.  :P   Have a great weekend. 🤗

    1. rubyredd


      She must be asleep.

    2. michgal.k


      Must have missed it. 

    3. goodboy_will


      @michgal.k Hmmm!!!  🤔 Now would a real Super brat be asleep that long or miss something of that great importance?  🙄   :P  :D

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