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  1. 90s Country 80s Country 70s Country 60s and early 70s Rock and Roll 60s and 70s Motown
  2. I discipline with different methods but my favorite role is giving old school style paddlings. This can be over clothing as it was when I was in public school, or on the bare bottom like some of you may have received in a private school you attended. I also give parental style over the spankings/paddlings as real punishment or role play. I am able to host at my home in the Fort Worth area or travel in the DFW area. Sorry, I am only available to ladies 18 and up and do not do scenes with men.
  3. I am in Fort Worth. If we were to click, I could drive that far weekly or bi-weekly. I would only consider a sexual relationship with someone who is single. Otherwise, if you would like to talk, you can contact me here or at loves2spankotk@yahoo.com.
  4. I am strictly a righty so I do not change sides. Usually I can keep the marks evenly with a cane, but her right cheek catches more of the impact with a belt, strap and school style paddle. I sometimes strike the left cheek only with belts and straps to correct. With a school paddle, I will adjust my stance to even out any marking.
  5. Getting regular spankings, whether you misbehave or not will keep you from getting into trouble. No, I do not believe that and I doubt many others find sense in it either. But we all know spankees just want to be spanked sometimes and it can be hard for them to ask. They should not have to misbehave to get a spanking, especially if they are trying to improve themselves. So I use maintenance spankings for those I discipline. We set rules for the behavior that is expected. The rules we set up are meant to be obeyed, not to set them up to fail so I have an excuse to spank trhem. We do not want a discipline spanking to be necessary very often, but in most cases we want to get together every so often for some bottom warming fun. The way the maintenance spankings proceed can vary, depending upon the needs of the spankee. It is going to hurt or it's not a spanking. In most cases, they like the soreness to last a while. While there is not normally the need for a lecture or scolding, she may still need me to be firm and strict. I usually go more with a warm-up and use the implements she likes than the one implement I normally use for punishment.
  6. I am in Fort Worth and provide the kind of discipline you describe here. I can drive to where you stay in Dallas or host at my home. I am not seeking a sexual relationship Let's talk. You can contact me here or e-mail me at loves2spankotk@yahoo.com.
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