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  1. The best role plays are the ones that the players feel the most comfortable in the roles. The best I ever done was with a 29 year old girl when I was 49 or 50 years old. I will call her Jane. She was not spanked growing up but had a few friends that were. She told me a story about a friend who got a severe hairbrush spanking for something they did together. To the best of my memory, she was 16 years old at the time. It does not matter what they did, but both were guilty. Her friend got spanked inside their house while she waited on their front porch. The friend later told her she got spanked bare butt with a hairbrush and Jane could hear it happening from outside the house. Then the girl's Dad drove Jane home and told her parents about the trouble the 2 girls had caused. She only got yelled at. Of course Jane was interested in spanking. That is the reason we met, but she also felt guilty because her friend was punished and she was not. So our role play is Jane at her present day age of 29 and I play the part of her friend's Dad. She comes to my house (actually we are in a motel) and asks to speak with me. Then she asks if I remember the incident I had spanked my daughter for before taking Jane home that day. I say I remember and what about it. Jane tells me how guilty she feels because she was never punished and asks me to punish her just like I had my daughter that day. I decline at first, saying her discipline was not my responsibility, but she quickly changes my mind, saying she was not an adult and pleaded with me to finally relieve her guilt. What is a middle aged man to do when a young lady is begging for a spanking? So I let her know I only spank bare bottom and if she agrees to go over my knee, the spanking will not be over until I say. She agrees and reminds me I had spanked my daughter with a hairbrush and says she wants the same. So I sit in a desk chair, have her drop her slacks and go across my lap. This girl had a high tolerance and although she usually cried after a discipline spanking, it was not usually until the spanking was over and I cuddled with her. This time, the water works came before I finished her spanking. This was my favorite all time role play because having a girl ask for a spanking was one of my fantasies and she got the emotional release she needed.
  2. There is a Spanking Court at some of the national spanking parties. Not sure if they will be having it this year or not, but the Texas All-State spanking party has in the past. Someone can bring up a complaint to the court against a willing spankee, and if the Judge finds them guilty, they are spanked by either the Judge or Bailiff. If a female Spankee is the Complainant, the Judge or Bailiff will spank them if the Defendant is found not guilty. If it is a Spanker who files the complaint, the Judge may sentence them to some type of servitude to the Spankee if she found not guilty.
  3. Loved it. My only suggestion is to make her stand in the corner with her panties down after the spanking. That's a beautiful bottom!
  4. @ammon "What about it did you like most?" With the exception of someone I knew when I was age 13, it was the longest consensual spanking I had ever given and the first to an adult I actually followed to a completion. She was not screaming for me to stop and even though I could have spanked harder, it was 26 solid spanks. Plus she had a narrow waist and a very nice bottom that filled out her white jean shorts. She rubbed her bottom a few times after it was over, but she definitely did not mind some spanking play. "What did you feel like?" I was at the age where my hormones were raging and I was definitely an ass man. I was aroused.
  5. "How did you feel when you spanked her? What were your relationships with her and with your girlfriend like after that? Any repeats?" I loved it. That actually happened back when there was no internet and I was a closet spanko. The only way I even knew there were others out there into spanking was by reading "MR" magazine and Penthouse letters. Plus she had an amazing bubble butt. Sadly, there were no repeats. The 19 year old had a steady boyfriend, who was a bit scary. They ended up getting married and I have not seen any of them for about 40 years. The girlfriend was only a casual relationship. Our dates consisted mostly of going to honkytonks dancing.
  6. The main things I want to see in a personal ad is Gender, Location, Role, and if they are looking to meet in real life. These things let me know if I am interested in contacting the person. Other details can be interesting reading, but not necessary for me to decide to answer their personal ad and learn more. Should the ad contain limits on the type of spanker they are seeking, I may know not to bother nictitating a conversation. If they specify they are seeking someone in an age group where I do not fit or will only consider a female spanker, there is no need to clog their inbox. Since I spank as discipline, recreation or stress relief, I can wait until we are corresponding to find out their reason(s) for being spanked. As long as they are of legal age, their age is not a major issue with me. Even though I am not seeking sexual encounters, gender is a deciding factor. While I have male friends who are Bottoms and Switches, I do not have a desire to spank a man. I keep getting asked on this site and the answer will always be "No". Just like I will not spank a married woman who does not want her husband to know. That does not mean I will not talk with either. Just not meet up to spank. If someone posts are great personal ad that I really like, I may send an message letting them know I enjoyed reading it, no matter where they live, their role, gender, marital status or anything else. It is just being friendly and a member of the spanking scene. If I am contacted by someone who I have no interest in meeting with or spanking, I will politely let them know I am not interested.
  7. I do, but I live in the Dallas - Forth area where we have a large, organized spanking community. And I do spank my roommate of 12 years who is a spanko. But I never spanked any vanilla people, other than in horse play during my dating years. They were not long spankings since everyone I ever tried it on let me know they were not into it. One exception was the roommate of a girlfriend who did not mind a mild spanking. I was giving my then 25 year old girlfriend a birthday spanking when she began screaming bloody murder. Her 19 year old roommate told her what a "wuss" she was and took her birthday spanking for her just to show 26 hand swats were not anything to get upset about.
  8. Like Michigan Headmaster said, we have known each other for a long time. I think we actually talked a few times on line for about a year before we met in person at the 2009 Crimson Moon party. We met again at a TASSP party a few years later. Since then, I do not travel outside the great spanking state of Texas. I recommend him as well for being safe, sane, and ethical.
  9. Hello all. I have posted here before but it has been a while. I offer hand spankings and other corporal punishment to ladies. Sessions can be given as discipline, pleasure, or as I like to say, recreation. I am not seeking sexual favors, but I am only interested in doing this with adult women. I give over the knee, parental style spankings if that is what you are seeking. I offer school style paddlings with a light, homemade paddle that covers both butt cheeks also. I also give strappings and belt spankings. I also can use a cane or switch. I have lived in Northeast Fort Worth for almost 5 years and in the DFW area for almost 12 years. I respect limits, safe words and your need to feel safe and secure. The initial face to face meeting would be at a public place near one of our homes. After the first meeting, I am able to host, or I can travel a reasonable distance in the DFW area for sessions. If you are interested, you may contact me at hcgray88@yahoo.com. Once contacted, I will not try to rush anyone into meeting until they are ready. Then I follow reasonable safe guards such as providing a Government ID when we meet in public. A safe word will be discussed and made available to you. Cliff
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