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  1. For those who have Paramount +, there are belt spankings in the last 2 episodes of 1923. In one of the earlier episodes, there are what I would call beatings, not spankings of a young Indian girl and an older nun. None of these scenes were my favorites. My favorite was John Wayne spanking Maureen O'Hara at the end of McClintock. I have watched it dozens of times. Stephanie Powers also gets a spanking from Patrick Wayne earlier in the movie. Not only good spanking scenes but one of the top Comedy Westerns of all time.
  2. A friend of mine who attends TASSP and our local spanking parties wrote this about how to get play at spanking parties and I thought I would share. I wrote this for those spankos who believe they're having a problem getting play, but it works for everyone of every gender. Some of the spankos who most often need this information are newbies, shybies, guys who want to get spanked by ladies, guys who want to get spanked by guys, and spankos who want to play with a busy spanko. But as I said, this works for everyone. The best way to get play at a spanking party is meet people, make friends, then play with the people and friends you've met at that party and at previous parties. To get play at a spanking party, do this: Meet people. Make friends. Don't be pushy. Ask others with interests similar to yours to recommend good play partners. If you see someone playing and you'd like to play with them, ask politely after they're finished. If you find someone who you would like to play with not playing, use that opportunity to introduce yourself and talk with them. You may not get a yes the first time you ask. The spanko may have promised play to others or may be tired or resting. Listen to what they say and believe it. If they say "another time," ask at another time. Most importantly, treat a potential play partner as a human and give them a chance to get to know you. They don't owe you anything, but they are far more likely to play with you if you treat them with respect, not like a spanking dispenser.
  3. We have smaller one night parties in DFW also. Bigger is not always better but TASSP is when I get to see a few out of town friends. Some of them I knew from my truck driving days (2008-2010) and few from my first TASSP in 2009.
  4. I have attended every Texas All-State party since 2009, 3 Lone Star parties and one Crimson Moon. It is harder for a male Bottom to get play than Tops, unless you are willing to pay the pros. There are usually several there who offer paid sessions. It is much easier for Tops to find the naughty ladies. But there are some ladies there who are not pros and like to spank men. Many who like to spank other ladies. Also, there are a few males willing to spank other males. There are a few events designed for male Bottoms, but they fill up fast. Still, if a male Bottom is a good communicator and does not throw off bad vibes, they usually get some play and have a good time. A lot of people network ahead of time on the party's Fetlife group or on Discord. I do not know anything about Discord, but if I see someone coming who interests me, I will send them a PM ahead of time. I also partisipate on some of the threads in the Fetlife group.
  5. I am an older gentleman located in Fort Worth and love dishing out spankings like you describe. Safe, sane and consensual. You can PM me here or by e-mail at loves2spankotk@yahoo.com. Cliff
  6. There use to be a few brats at spanking parties I attended who liked to put ice down the back of my shirt to earn a spanking. It was all in fun and they did not have to ask for a spanking. There normal dress was a top, skirt and thong. When I could catch them coming up behind me, I would grab as much ice as I could, flip them across my knee and rub the ice on their thong covered butts before spanking them.
  7. There are several audio spanking stories on Youtube. Just go into the site and search memories of discipline and they will come up.
  8. No NFL today so I watched episode #7 of the series 1923 on Paramont Plus. About 1/3rd of the way through, there was a scene where this rick guy directed one prostitute to spank another prostitute with his belt. She gave her a half hearted smack. He took the belt from her and gave her a hard one. This was on the bare. He handed the belt back to her and she gave her several more hard ones.
  9. Spankfinder was a good one. I loved the search engine on it because you could search by gender, orientation and distance. I met some good people on that one.
  10. Very true. I like the ones who cries real tears. To me, that means they trust me enough with me to let go of the emotion and they want to experience a hard spanking. It does not seem to happen very often but sounds of an orgasm from the spanking alone is a hugh compliment.
  11. A physical attraction can definitely add to the pleasure I get from giving a spanking but there are other factors I rate much higher. First is gender. Even though I generally prefer a plutonic relationship with my spanking partners, I do not spank males. Second would be do we "click"? I do not know exactly how to explain this part except to say "Do we enjoy each other's company." Third, and definitely ahead of physical attraction, is do I enjoy her reactions to the spankings. I get little pleasure smacking a girl with my hand or implement, if she can lay there motionless and quite. I am a bit of a Sadist and I like a girl he is a bit of a Masochist and wants to have her limits pushed a little. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and attend spanking parties regularily. I never turn down any woman who wants to be spanked except for a few cases when I had shoulder problems and the pain was too much for me. That night, I turned down a couple of very attractive friends who asked me to play. I had shoulder reconstruction surgery less that a month later. That was almost 3 years ago and I have not turned down a single play partner once I healed from that.
  12. I have been watching your SpankingTube videos for a long time. I love your bottom. Beautiful!
  13. 90s Country 80s Country 70s Country 60s and early 70s Rock and Roll 60s and 70s Motown
  14. I discipline with different methods but my favorite role is giving old school style paddlings. This can be over clothing as it was when I was in public school, or on the bare bottom like some of you may have received in a private school you attended. I also give parental style over the spankings/paddlings as real punishment or role play. I am able to host at my home in the Fort Worth area or travel in the DFW area. Sorry, I am only available to ladies 18 and up and do not do scenes with men.
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