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  1. Or taken licks as we called it when I was in school. It is almost filled with signatures on both sides and I plan on needing to retire it following the TASSP party this weekend and making a new one. Pics of both sides attached.
  2. If you are just wanting chit chat or hear from other spankos, try https://www.voy.com/250519/. A lot of unbelievable tales on there but some seem true.
  3. There were a lot of rumors several years ago about the owner of that site selling personal information and charging people's credit cards without their knowledge.
  4. Rubyredd, It looks like you have a nice collection too! Like the wood paddles, I see.
  5. Let me know which ones you would like a close up of and I will either post them when I get a chance or e-mail you a photo. My e-mail is Loves2spankotk@yahoo.com. To sign the paddle, you have to take 3 swats with it, either over jeans like we got it in school or on the bare is an option too!
  6. At one of my first TASSP parties, around 2010, a group of brats got a key to my hotel room from a girlfriend I was staying with. There was a 4poster bed in the room and they strung toilet paper from each one to the other. Wrote "Noodle Arm and a few other things on the mirrows in the room and bathroom with dry erase markers. They ever drew a little angel on each mirrow.I think I managed to spank all who were involved and made them remove all the marker from the mirrows. All in good fun and no damage done to the room.
  7. Cannot believe no one has called these mats what we call them down here in Texas. They are "BadPads" and fairly commonly used here.
  8. Attendance last year set a record at over 500. That is about double of past years. Don't know how many who have signed up as going have actually registered and paid, but it looks like it will be much less than last year. But bigger is not always better. I have already made contacts with old friends and new ones who say they want sessions with me this year. So I expect to have a good party.
  9. Use the old "I slipped getting out of van at work and hurt my hip" excuse. It will work once. You just have to come up with another once you have to use it, which will likely be never.
  10. If you are into school discipline, "Discipline slips" are easy to create on a computer. Just think up a violation and write an bried explaination of why the "Student" is being sent to you for punishment. I actually conduct a role play scenario at one of the major spanking parties each year. Some of reasons written on these slips for discipline needed are quite creative.
  11. Have you thought about the possibility of your butt bruising? That is a very real possibillity. While many do not normally bruise from a hand spanking, some do. The chance of a newbie bruising is definitely increased. Bottoms not conditioned to being spanked are much more likely to bruise. While I do not facts or studies to back up what I say, I know it to be true from experience. And as a spanker, I can tell you that I never know if a girl is going to bruise until bruising starts to appear. Then it can be much worse a few hours later. I have been where you are at now, only I was on the giving end. That made it more difficult for my wife to find out I was spanking women and she never found out. I say I was where you are at because I always felt I could never talk about the need with her. She did not understand the difference between a few light spanks before sexual play and real butt burning spankings. I feel you really need to evaluate your relationship before moving forward. Ask yourself if losing your boyfriend is something you are willing to risk. Then ask yourself if you think you could ever be happy in a relationship when spanking cannot be a part of your life. My wife passed away 15 years ago. I loved her dearly but if I ever planned on getting married again, I would not be looking anywhere in the vanilla world unless she knew and was OK with me meeting the spanking need elsewhere.
  12. There is a website for the Texas All-State Spanking Party too. I try to post it but it shows my reply to be hidden for some reason.
  13. I have heard there is a Texas Association of Secondary School Principals that goes by TASSP also. But for those of who want information about the big spanking party in Dallas, go to https://texasallstatespankingparty.com/. There is also a group on Fetlife with a list of people who have RSVPed, https://fetlife.com/groups/64128
  14. I have been to every TASSP since 2009 and will be attending this one as well. I will be hosting the Principal's Office event again this year.
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