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  1. It is not a perfect science but that is why we have safe words. It is best if they do not have to use it but you can only be so cautious or their needs will not be met. The best way I know of is to communicate before hand and find out the best you can what the ee wants. If the ee has limited experience, they may not be certain what they want, but get an idea of the limits they know they want, particularly about bruising. Also, I do not like to do discipline or role play the first spanking. It is best to know their tolerance before hand.
  2. The only think I can think of is spanking ladies from the continents of Africa and Australia. I have spanked ladies from the other 4 inhabited continents. For the longest time, attending a spanking party was on my list, but I have done that.
  3. I could be. Had both shots of the vaccine and I am ready to expand my circle of play partners.
  4. I hope to see you at the next one. I will keep doing this event as long as they let me and have the office space available. I always have at least one lady principal working with me. In 2019 we discipline to 44 students. We also have a secretary who escorts the students into our office and she does not hesitate to let us know her observations of their behavior and manners while they have been waiting.
  5. Not sure I will b there but the Lone Star party in Houston is still scheduled for November 2021. Sand Castle in Florida is also a possibility for this fall.
  6. If I were a betting man, and I am, I would say 2021 will be a spanking party revival year. Sorry you missed the 2020 party. It would have been my 12th.
  7. Thanks, Michigan Headmaster. I would not hesitate to recommend you either.
  8. Looking for ladies in the Dallas - Fort Worth area who want to relive or role play getting swats in school. My paddle is 24 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide. Being only 1/2 inch thick, it lands with more of a sting than a deep tissue thud. I will give swats over clothing, panties or bare. If you want a role play, I like the role of school principal, teacher or coach. You will have a safe word and I will not deliver a swat until you are bent over in the proper position. I am 65 years old and experienced in giving swats. When I was in school, we called getting licks. I have run an e
  9. The only time I like to have someone count swats is when I am using my school paddle. My only purpose in having them count then is to know they are in position and ready for the next. I do not want someone moving out of position as I am swinging a plank of wood at their butt. Counting is not a hard and fast rule though. There is one girl I recently started paddling who does not move out of position and has communicated that counting is distracting to her and she she wants to concentrate on a reason for the paddling. She assumes the position so nicely.
  10. I made my own, https://www.spankingtube.com/photo/288685/ Here iy is in use on a deserving bottom, https://www.spankingtube.com/video/43433/quick-paddling
  11. I have met quite a few on this site in person. A few I know from attending spanking parties in Dallas. I have been on this site since 2007. The first that comes to mind is a girl I started talking to on here back in May 2007. She had just turned 18. We finally met in person at the 2009 Chicago Crimson Moon party. She is married now but we live about 40 minutes apart and see each other often.
  12. Everyone interested in meeting someone on this, or any other site, should move forward with caution, at their own pace. If the other person is attempting to rush the process, they are not giving consideration of your need to be safe.
  13. I am sure you have some clues to her writing skills and can tell if she put forth an acceptable effort. My guess is she did not. Since this is education related, you may want to refer her to the Principal's Office at the next TASSP. Just an idea.
  14. Glad you 2 girls are talking. @Spnkmybottompnk, your bottom is a lot more at risk because Powpaulie lives a lot farther away.
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