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  1. Supply and demand and there is no reason to whine about it. Personally, I do not want anyone answering my ads for a partner if they are not the kind of individual I am interested in meeting. How many females could post on here saying they are looking to meet another woman only, or a spanker between the ages of 18 and 30, and still get several replies from people who are not what they stated they wanted to meet. A woman could state, "I am only here to talk with lady spankees and I am not looking to meet anyone in real life" and still get hit on.
  2. I was the principal spanker of a Staff Sargent in the US Army Reserves. She asked me for a stress reliever the night before she went to a base in Cali for her 2 week drill. I patriotically accepted her request. She has a high tolerance but tender skin. She texted me the next evening saying they had individual showers but had to undress and dress in a common area outside the showers. She told me she thought others thought it was strange she undressed and dressed with her butt against the wall instead of her front.
  3. Texas is a large state. I am in Fort Worth if you are close and want to talk about the possibility. My e-mail is hcgray88@yahoo.com Cliff
  4. It was easy for me. When I first started checking things out, I thought I may be a Switch. But it did not take long to figure out that although I could take the pain, I did not like it. It is more blessed to give than receive.
  5. @Chawsee The Lone Star party is run by {au; "Tubaman" Rogers and Sarah Gregory. Both make spanking videos. Tubaman use to run TASSP but he moved to Houston 7 or 8 years ago. If you want to "Rub elbows with big names in the spanking world", that is definitely the one to attend. It focuses a lot on the spanking models, producers and a younger crowd. You can find plenty of one to one play at either party. Most spankings take place in private rooms, not in the party suites. Both parties have a theme for Saturday nights each year. Dressing up for it is optional. You can find the the
  6. Just announced today, the Bottoms Up Back to School party is set for August 27-28. Covid vaccinations or current negative Covid-19 test is required. https://fetlife.com/groups/18376/posts/18438333 https://texasallstatespankingparty.com/
  7. I met her at a party and she seems very likeable. I have not heard anything negative about her either.
  8. It is not a perfect science but that is why we have safe words. It is best if they do not have to use it but you can only be so cautious or their needs will not be met. The best way I know of is to communicate before hand and find out the best you can what the ee wants. If the ee has limited experience, they may not be certain what they want, but get an idea of the limits they know they want, particularly about bruising. Also, I do not like to do discipline or role play the first spanking. It is best to know their tolerance before hand.
  9. The only think I can think of is spanking ladies from the continents of Africa and Australia. I have spanked ladies from the other 4 inhabited continents. For the longest time, attending a spanking party was on my list, but I have done that.
  10. I could be. Had both shots of the vaccine and I am ready to expand my circle of play partners.
  11. I hope to see you at the next one. I will keep doing this event as long as they let me and have the office space available. I always have at least one lady principal working with me. In 2019 we discipline to 44 students. We also have a secretary who escorts the students into our office and she does not hesitate to let us know her observations of their behavior and manners while they have been waiting.
  12. Not sure I will b there but the Lone Star party in Houston is still scheduled for November 2021. Sand Castle in Florida is also a possibility for this fall.
  13. If I were a betting man, and I am, I would say 2021 will be a spanking party revival year. Sorry you missed the 2020 party. It would have been my 12th.
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