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  1. "Can't you just tell your boyfriend what happened and let him know you won't make it?"
  2. The women shifts on her feet and lowers her gaze, really not wanting to answer the question.
  3. I hand out hot chocolate, coffee, and tea to all who want some.
  4. Zhev

    Acronym Fun

    Pacing around danger, recklessness ensues TIGHT
  5. The power suddenly comes back on, making the room quickly change from the dim candlelight to a bright flood of light from overhead.
  6. Zhev

    Acronym Fun

    Letting EEs accrue smacks happily TSRST
  7. The women, now wrapped up in the towel, says, "So can you help me?"
  8. I come out of hiding, and hand the woman a towel.
  9. I sneakily and carefully follow, keeping out of sight.
  10. As we get some light, I say "MisterKat maybe you should go investigate that noise upstairs."
  11. Zhev

    Acronym Fun

    Pleading laboriously earned another spanking. ABCDE
  12. I'm bored, so let's see if we can get a story game to take off. That way it works is each person can add a small bit to the story, then must wait for someone else to post before you can go again. You can write 1 to 3 sentences at a time. I'll get us started: As it stormed outside, the lights flickered and then went off, making it pitch black inside.
  13. Zhev

    Acronym Fun

    Painting art nets terrific swag. Challenge time: ZZZZZ
  14. I can be a little mouthy sometimes. When to stop depends on the ER(and how much trouble you want to be in, if you have a relationship where that's cool). I've interacted with some tops where I would definitely not tell them to "shut up" or "shush" even in a joking manner unless I wanted to be spanked. Other ERs I might have banter where I'm telling them to shush every 2 seconds with little risk. [For me personally both are fine. For some people you may have a need/desire for a specific amount of allowability for these things] Some people enjoy the game of finding the lines so to speak; other people enjoy having them clearly spelled out. If you want/need a warning when you are approaching a line, and you feel a top isn't really giving them, you can totally ask for them. In general if you are already in trouble, that's probably a good time for you to shut up unless you want to me in more serious trouble. If you are feeling uncomfortable and unsure if you are "going too far," especially as you are figuring things out, its totally fine to pause and check in(or check in afterwards if that's when you are questioning it) to ask, "hey, am I going too far here?"
  15. I, as a trans person, can tell you that there are plenty of transphobes on this site. I know a trans woman who used to visit this site, got tried of experiencing transphobia here, and hasn't been back since. Before I made my profile pic have some of my pronouns in it, despite my about me saying I'm agender, I still had plenty of people that would message me first and then spout all kinds of anger and hurtful comments in response to me honestly answering when they asked my gender. I personally took some breaks from the sit at points in time when I got tired of dealing with it. I personally haven't seen any homophobia, though I have also seen ableism. Note: this still has happened despite my profile pic basically screaming I'm trans, so people don't even have to read my about me, but it happens way less often. (I also come here way less often now, because I've found a couple discord spaces where I know I will not have any issues, though they aren't spanking specific so its not quite the same)
  16. It wasn't something they ran though. They partnered with her for her to run a sponsered video on her tiktok page. You had to be on tiktok looking for the video (or one of her existing followers) to come into contact with it before it blew up. It was not a general ad run in any of the places ads are run these days. I don't understand how or why this progressed as far as it did. Plenty of companies have prominently featured trans peoples on ads they ran in multiple places, which didn't require you to hunt for them or follow a person on social media to see, and yet did not face this same level of backlash. I don't think it's a disgrace to women to have a women posting a video of herself consuming a companies product, regardless of what month it is. It's amazing how much hate people will spew towards a group of people because someone from that group posted a video of themselves consuming a product on their own social media(yes, I know she got paid to do it, but the point remains). If budlight sent a cis man a can of beer and he posted a tiktok of him drinking it, it would not of blown up like this nor would it have prompted people to spew hate towards cis men. [Note this comment is not directed at anyone specifically, but more about the hate I've seen out there in response to this whole thing. So many of us trans people are tired of the hate we get for just trying to exist; it gets exhausting]
  17. Zhev

    Acronym Fun

    Since I'm bored.... Time for a new game. The way it works is you come up with a phrase where each word starts with one in order of the 5 letters left by the person before you. Then you leave 5 letters for the next person. So if IRLBE was left I would post: "I really love baby elephants. TRHRD" Then the next person could post: "Throwing red hats requires distrust. WHSDT" And so on. The phrases don't have to make sense, just have fun. Starting with: WHSDT
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