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  1. It's from the Google search result link, not directly using the URL. But that gives no information as to what it's attached to because of how malware like that works. It doesn't matter which link I click on as long as it goes to the forum instead of the base site. I did not hit it just now when accessing the site via Google, but I am not sure if I had everything closed between now and the last time for me to get flagged as a "new visitor" again. So that doesn't really tell anything.
  2. That's exactly why you don't have the issue. Note it doesn't come from using Chrome to access the site, but rather accessing it from Google search results(and only if its not flagging you as having visited the site before).
  3. It's a specific type of malware that essentially checks to see if you both opened the site via Google(I don't use other search engines so can not attest to whether the version on this site has other search engines flagged to trigger it or not) and don't already have it opened/saved/etc(basically it checks to see if there's a record of you visiting the site before). If you are not using Google as your primary way of getting to the site you will not have this problem. Additionally it's highly likely that if you do use Google but use your browser in normal mode then more often than not you
  4. Today at 6:18 PM Central time I had this issue yet again.
  5. Hopefully it works out okay. I know my college learned from this semester and is not repeating it's terrible idea again I'm finally done, so unless I go back to school I'm free, but it's definitely a crazy time for schools.
  6. It's been again. @Child of Light @Mystery Man
  7. Strictnhardplz should have been 118 116
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