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  1. While I appreciate the suggestions on implements, I'm moreso looking for suggestions on positions and swinging technique. While I don't have a bathbrush I have two implements that are about the same size and I still have the angle problem.
  2. So looking for ideas to try for self spanking. I have this problem where I wear out my arm well before my bottom or back of my thighs start to hurt. However I think this is mostly an angle problem, because I can get really really solid smacks on my inner thighs. I can feel most of the ones there versus almost none of the ones on my bottom/backs of thighs. I've had some luck with a long wooden dowel on the back of my thighs, but still don't get anything on my bottom. So what positions and techniques do people use for self spanking with what sized implements?
  3. 180, dang I need to check in more before the ERs go crazy
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