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  1. So this is how it works, we start at the number 52 - Spankee's minus [2] - Spanker's add [3] Switches do whatever you feel like at the moment. EEs win when we reach 0; ERs at 100. In addition EEs can only post every 4th post (must wait for at least 3 other people to post before posting again). ERs can post ever other post (must wait for at least 1 other person to post before posting again). For everyone's sanity and ability to keep up, you must at least 3 minutes between your posts, regardless of how many people post in between.
  2. New round going up... Going to be extra nice and let the ERs post ever other person so maybe just maybe they can have a shot
  3. Zhev

    The ban game

    AG is banned for complaining and forgetting to ban DarkRose.
  4. You could always just wait for someone else to go so you aren't 29 😛 27
  5. Zhev

    The ban game

    AG is banned for always complaining about something.
  6. Cause it's the end of the semester.
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