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  1. I could see a problem with people under 21 "being offered alcohol" even if it is only virtual(as people tend not to think hey what if this person is under 21). However I personally don't have a problem with it(as someone under 21) as it's not real and I can reject the virtual alcohol. However I've also had lots of experience online having to tell people hey wait I'm underage don't say that to me (before I was 18). However, not everyone is used or wants to do that. I know some people that would be uncomfortable with illegal stuff even if it's pretend (getting offered alcohol while under 21, other people under 21 drinking, etc). Drugs that are illegal regardless of age would have similar issues, just effecting more people than the 18-21 population. Just some things to consider.
  2. I'm a student at a Maryland college. I'm looking for a spanker in the area for discipline and/or stress relief. I'm still new to this and have no spanking experience.
  3. Zhev

    The ABCs of Spanking

    B - behaving: behaving well or behaving bad? A spanking might change the answer.
  4. Zhev

    The ABCs of Spanking

    A - admit your mistakes. Admit you're lying about me will ?
  5. Zhev

    The ABCs of Spanking

    Y - yes ma'am/sir, being nice and respectful as I always am cause I always behave despite what Will says.
  6. Zhev

    The ABCs of Spanking

    W - waiting, waiting in the corner or Will's favorite place (which also started with W) ?
  7. Zhev

    The ABCs of Spanking

    U - Unfold, unfold the truth, unfold emotions
  8. Zhev

    The ABCs of Spanking

    R - racing thoughts as you wait
  9. Zhev

    New club

    If you go to the club, towards the top there is a manage club button. Click it and click add club features topic. That will make a forum section that you can then make threads under (which are also called topics so it can be a little confusing). After you do that you go to the screen for the new topic you made (on mobile click the drop down next to the bar that says home at the top), and you should see a green start new topic button. Click that and it'll make a thread.
  10. Zhev

    How Did You Come Up With Your Username?

    Mine is from the shorthand of a character name I use in a video game. I just kind of adopted it for most my online stuff.
  11. Zhev

    Chat Room is Down

    As long as it's not me, I don't care who gets blamed
  12. Zhev

    Chat Room is Down

    FF, be nice... Actually I told AG I thought I broke chat right after it went down lol. Thanks spankmeal(both for working on chat and proving my innocence).
  13. Zhev

    Mid Atlantic

    In a couple weeks I'll be in Maryland for college. I'm a female who's new to this and looking for a female spanker/mentor.
  14. Zhev


    A small college in Maryland (don't feel like being specific).
  15. Zhev


    Thank you all. For anyone who is curious... Zhev is a shorthand version of a name I use in a game I play so I figured it'd be a good screen name here.