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  1. Hi my name is James. I am looking for someone to discipline me on a regular basis. It does not matter on whether your male or female
  2. The last time I was spanked was a couple of years ago by my ex. I was spanked with the paddle and belt with time in the corner
  3. I have been really bad at keeping my mouth under control with lying and being a smart mouth
  4. I am new to the area and am seeking to receive a spanking from either male or female.
  5. I find self spanking on the thighs really effective. For me it is the most effective
  6. I find that the best positions are laying on the bed over a pillow or 2 or standing and twisting your body around. The spanking itself isn't that effective but coupled with other punishments like lines, corner time and grounding it can be effective
  7. Has anyone ever had experience with Ms. Macie and what were your experience. I ask because i have my first discipline session with her in 2 weeks. I am nervous but also looking forward to it.
  8. Thanks for all the input. He liked a lot of the rules and am starting a 6 day grounding. No internet or tv, 500 lines in panties the whole time. So i will write on experience afterwards
  9. I appreciate the input. I was told he is seriously considering a 1 week grounding for swearing constantly and I didn't get my written lines done by my deadline. Does this seem too harsh?
  10. I really hope He doesn’t do that. Thanks for responding
  11. My online disciplinarian has decided I earned a grounding so he has given me a task of researching what rules should be and he will decide. So I am curious if there are other spankees who have been grounded and what they could or could not do.
  12. Common for me are written lines, grounding and corner time
  13. I hate the rubber paddle along with the bathbrush!
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