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  1. Glad to see you back my friend !


  2. Welcome to the site. I hope you find what you need here.
  3. It's true for me, anyway :)


  4. Hello, lovely people! I have a question that I'm hoping the hive mind here can help me answer. I self-spank. Anyone who has ever self-spanked probably knows that angles and distances and other fun physics-related stuff makes it difficult to hand-spank yourself; implements are generally far more effective. What I want to know is: in your experience, what implement feels most like a hand? If I was self-spanking and I wanted to approximate being hand-spanked as closely as possible, what implement should I use? It's likely a subjective one, but I'm curious what people think. Thank you in advance
  5. There are some amazing paddles on Etsy that make me want to bankrupt myself on implements! My favourite maker is MissRosePaddles (although I haven't purchased anything yet - I just love looking at her beautiful items). They're mostly exotic hardwoods, though, and are not cheap. For good value custom work... I'm in the UK so this may not be helpful... But I've bought paddles from Chris at Wicked Woods. He was very friendly and helpful, and was happy to make something to order for me, that wasn't expensive. He's great if you have something specific in mind. His website is currently in the process of being updated, I think, but it does show some examples of his work (if not there's loads on his instagram feed) and has an email address you can use to contact him. http://wickedwoods.pagecloud.com Hope you find what you're looking for!
  6. I agree with those who say that being directed or guided by someone can really help. If gives you someone outside of yourself to be accountable to, and if you build a relationship with someone you respect then you won't want to let them down. Also it can help to have the mentality of the ER more than the EE. When you're self-spanking you are kind of both. Think like the ER and you might be stricter on yourself. The only downside is that this does make you disassociate from the EE side a little which can take away from the effects of the spanking while it's happening... But you said you wanted something you'd feel for a while afterwards. This could help achieve that. Like Poison's says, though: whatever kind of help you put in place, you do still have to want it. Wanting that end result enough is probably the only thing that is going to keep you going even when you really want a spanking to stop.
  7. Hahaha! This is perfect! ? @Rhageon The Bard himself would doubtless applaud your efforts! But since he can't, the amassed spankos will have to applaud instead... One-handed rounds of applause on all these lent rears...
  8. I would very much agree with most of this. Tears during (or before, or after) spankings are pretty much always emotional, for me, although the pain can help release them. Having disappointed my spanker will almost always do it. Other emotions can sometimes come out as tears, too - frustration or relief or just the overwhelming feelings of vulnerability and closeness.
  9. Agreed, Jenna... From a spankee's perspective, at least. For the spanker it looks like it could maybe twist their back a little?
  10. I self-spanked for many years and never came close to crying. These days I still self-spank, but the spankings are now entirely directed by someone who means a great deal to me. Consequently, I will now quite often cry from the spankings. The emotional connection makes all the difference, for me. One thing I would say, though, is that I am more likely to cry right after the spanking than during (or sometimes during but only towards the end). There is a certain level of composure that has to be maintained when you are giving the spanking yourself, just for practical reasons. Personally I find that in order to keep that composure, I can't usually 'let go' enough, emotionally, to cry at the same time.
  11. I have now read "Happy Spanksgiving" so many times that it has begun to sound like the 'correct' salutation for today... I am genuinely concerned that I will now accidentally greet a non-spanko that way, instead of with "Happy Thanksgiving"... :blink:

    Nevertheless, whichever one you're celebrating, or even if it's just Thursday: have a good one, friends. I wish you a day of love and laughter. :wub:

    1. oklahomaspankee


      Have a nice day too Annie ? 

    2. DifferentialP


      Thanks Annie. Peace and Blessings. 


    3. Powpaulie


      It was wonderful!  Hope yours was lovely too, Annie! 

  12. Well, then, lads (addressing Geo and Kinky, here): we've established that the two of you want different things from a DD / spanking relationship! This is good! Matchmaking by a process of elimination. Anything can be a 'good 'reason for spankings or punishment, so long as both ER and EE in that dyad are happy with the situation. Karen, hopefully Geo's list will provide some inspiration.
  13. I wholeheartedly agree with this. If you like and/or need to feel 'naughty' during spankings, and feel like it is truly punishment, perhaps you could ask your spanker for an impossible rule: something that you both know you can't help but break, so that 'punishment' is inevitable? Then you've got genuine misconduct, in the disobedience of breaking the rule, but it's nothing genuinely dangerous or unhealthy or 'bad'. Alternatively, since you've said you don't mind if the misbehaviour is pretend, just so long as it's believable, could you not just pretend you've transgressed again with variations of things you say you've done in the past, and been punished for already? Or things you mention that you never do, like texting while driving: just pretend that you have done them? NB, I say this with the assumption that BOTH you and your spanker KNOW it's a pretence: please don't pass off pretend indiscretions as real to your spanker. That would be unfair on them and likely to end badly. You said that role-play punishment could work for you, so I guess that's more what I have in mind - where you both know it's role-play. Maybe those options won't work for you... I think I may not quite understand what you need, with regards to real-ness. If I understand correctly, you need the punishment to feel real, but the indiscretion can be imagined... So for it to work, do you need your spanker to believe that the punishment is real? As in, they have to think you really have done something wrong? Because if so, I would say the 'impossible rule' is your most viable option for long-term success. Otherwise you have to lie to your spanker, and I believe that will eventually be harmful to both of you and to your relationship. I hope you can work something out that fulfils what you need! Annie.
  14. Reading about Texas and needing to turn to the trusty Mister Rogers meme, yet again. Look for the helpers and for the love. It's the only way to survive the darkness. RIP to the victims. :(


    1. oklahomaspankee


      Thank you  Annie,  that is very kind thoughts,  keeping the victims and the family in thoughts and prayers. 

    2. Jenna1220


      So sad and senseless.  It's a great quote and one I will keep in mind; thanks for sharing.   

    3. sweetpea


      Thank you Annie for wonderful post. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones.

  15. I always quite fancied the idea of a friendly spanking ghost showing up chez annie... I guess if it's ever going to happen, tonight would be the night! Happy Halloween, All!


    1. Jenna1220


      My kind of haunting!  Happy Halloween!  

    2. JeansSmacker


      Wonderful graphic!!


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