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  1. Hi guys, Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a "married to my brat" Daddy who's been fortunate enough to be practicing the DD lifestyle 24/7 with my brat wife for the past 7 years. We're originally from New York City and have recently moved to Hickory North Carolina. We also offer a blog which my brat writes daily about our life as well as some bonus content we're pretty sure you'll all love so check it out! Thank you and I look forward to visiting here a lot and getting to know all of you! Best, Chris bratTaming Formerly “Daddy’sDomesticatedbrat”, This is the definitive guide to the 21st Century punishment and discipline of a mouthy, improper & entitled brat. In this “too liberal” society today, domestic discipline is more needed and more desired than ever. Subscribe to this new blog by a real life brat living in the traditional way dictated by the boundaries set by the HoH. Photos, videos, practical lifestyle discussion and analysis, a “Dear brat” advice column, fiction and real life experiences combine to make this the newest & most exciting corporal punishment platform since the invention of the hairbrush! Guaranteed (or else) daily posts & updates! www.brattaming.blogspot.com – Domain, products, exclusive personal photos & videos coming soon! Have a DD blog, store or website? Cross-promote with me!
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