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  1. Ooooh! Wooden paddles are so exciting! I love to hate them!
  2. BlstrdBtm

    little buster.jpg

    Oooooh! Wood is GOOD! Not sure my bare bottom would agree!
  3. BlstrdBtm

    Ready for Discipline

    Whoa! That paddle would have a positive impact on my behavior!
  4. BlstrdBtm


    And that my dear, is what a hairbrush is for!
  5. I think she and her paddle mean business!
  6. A firmly applied wooden hairbrush is very effective!
  7. Wow! Lovely photo! The anticipation is almost as unbearable as the spanking.
  8. My bare bottom could use some hairbrush treatment.
  9. BlstrdBtm


    Those cute little panties won’t provide much protection from a heavy hairbrush or wooden paddle!
  10. That hairbrush might do my bare bottom some good if it was applied with gusto.
  11. Paddles are so exciting to me! I’m not sure my bare bottom agrees.
  12. Oh my! Those look very effective! I think my bare bottom could benefit from a firm application of both of them.
  13. Oooooh! I think my bare bottom needs to learn to respect and fear your hairbrush.
  14. My bare bottom has a love/hate relationship with wooden paddles. I love that they correct my bevavior but hate that they hurt so bad.
  15. Ooooh SIR! My bare bottom needs to be introduced to your hairbrush!
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