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  1. Although I personally have never been to a pro, I did look into the idea once before and found one locally that was working under a pseudonym and had strict rules about not exposing her in public. If they do that sort of work alongside their profession I could see it being a pretty reasonable request. But again, I've never been to a pro, just know I've seen it once before.
  2. I would most likely stay in the PNW. I would build a house out in the middle of the woods. Next to a river if possible. I love the serenity of nature. I would spend my free time writing, hiking, fishing, and developing video games. I would spend every clear midsummer night out by the fire with my wife, listening to our kids play and explore the woods around the house. Learn guitar and write music. a lot of other things but those are the biggest that come to mind.
  3. So much to love, hard to pick a single favorite thing. Everything from the loss of control, to the embarrassment, to the intimacy of it all. For discipline I think the biggest one for me is that I feel like i can trust my SO 1000x more when she is willing to recognize that I'm having issues being the one in charge and willing to strip that control from me and remind me of the right path, it really drives home that we are sharing the same goals as a team. It also shows that she cares, that she plans on us being a team and I'm not replaceable in her eyes. Now if it's for fun,
  4. Bruising I'm not a huge fan of but I love certain marks. Different shades of red outlining where a swat happened are my favorite, almost like it tells a story so you remember the entire event and can tell which swat was which. The other ones I've found I enjoy are welts. We have a light, holed paddle that leaves these circular welts and when it's all said and done I can rub and feel each one. And they will stick around even if the color faded even a few hours later if I check my bum may look well, but i can still feel those small raised spots where the holes hit acting as a reminder. Giv
  5. What are the odds that I took a yearish long break from forums. And the night I think "eh, I should see what's going on" I meet some cool new people. Crazy world. 

    1. AfterGeometry


      Doesn't suprise me one bit. There are always cool people hanging out here.  Welcome back.

  6. First Name: Kevin Age: 27 Sex Orientation: Straight Spanker/Spankee/Switch: Switch Country you are from: USA State/Providence: Washington
  7. FOOLS! Haven't you seen the futurama episode about the dangers of dating robots! HAVEN'T YOU SEEN THE AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL!??!
  8. This is a very complex question I'm still trying to answer 100% myself. So, yes, I am very much so turned on by the act of either spanking or being spanked but I have had times where it wasn't a sexual drive that encouraged it. To me spanking in a non sexual way seems to accomplish a few different things depending on what kind of spanking it is. Play spanking: those times where one just smacks the other on the butt out of the blue or maybe you haul the other over your lap, both of you laughing while a few smacks are delivered. Whatever it be it's like two friends just messing around. It's
  9. My fiance/ee In fact she was paddled about 2 hours ago
  10. I most likely won't be spanked today....but I will definitely be giving one or two >:)
  11. I might if the birds and bees talk dictates it, or if that same scenario happens but we're pretty carful to have them out of the house when doing our thing. But luckily right now it's two kids under 5 so won't have to worry about that for quite a while.
  12. My ee and I used to live in an apartment a while back and needless to say this very issue came up since it was in Bremerton and had paper walls (so thin I could always smell my neighbor smoking weed through the living room wall, not a window....the wall). We had a nosy neighbor that didn't help too, the first time I got her to try spanking me low and behold the cops showed up (luckily after but still) saying someone had reported that "the man downstairs is beating his wife". Luckily he understood, after I had embarrassingly gone into detail exactly what had happened, and left (sadly he still f
  13. There is something just special about over the knee and with bare hand. It's by far my favorite so far. The least favorite is plastic table tennis paddle (give me credit I haven't really been spanked much :/) and bent over a stool. Now positions/implements I have used? Still a huge fan of otk but it's hard to choose my favorite implement to use on my ee. I'd say either paddle or switch are my faves! The spankee dance is always so entertaining to watch >:)
  14. 1) Be spanked by an older woman (disciplinary) 2) watch or hear a spanking knowing I'm next 3) be spanked by multiple women in one session
  15. Let's all get to know who lives where... comment below: First Name: Greg Age: 25 Sex Orientation: Male Spanker/Spankee/Switch: Switch Country you are from: USA State/Providence: Washington
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