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  1. Hello Rainbo! I have been hovering around this site for years as well, but have been trying to become more engaged... welcome back!
  2. Welcome YoungSpanko. I remember being in your shoes... Christy gave some excellent advice. Enjoy your journey.
  3. I've been unable to cry for any of the relatively few spankings I have received as an adult. I wish that wasn't the case.
  4. I can relate, and yes it is quite lonely. I am in a similar situation SR.
  5. This describes me to a tee, and was a constant "sore" spot with chores growing up as well.
  6. I'm not very sure what I want or need anymore. I have been struggling with my spanking identity for most of my life. I feel like I could be a better person if I had some way to actively engage it, but have had little to no success in doing so in life. I am married, my wife is wonderful, but she is not interested in this part of my personality. Maybe an online mentor? I can open up to women about this easier than men. This is purely about discipline spanking, not sex, but to deny that there is a sexual aspect would be a lie as well. I'm 41 in SE Ohio.
  7. Hi all. I've lurked around this forum for years bit never properly introduced myself. Jason, 40 years old in the Hocking Hills/Athens area. Happily married, but still feel sort of lonely when it comes to having any "spanko" friends. Not really into the BDSM scene, but would love to make some friends who can relate to This Thing We Do. Sometimes I feel like my interest overwhelms me with no real outlet and it occupies too much of my thoughts/time. Not sure what I hope to find here, but friends who can relate might be a good start.
  8. So its that time of year, where I yet again decide that I'm not doing enough to try and meet that someone out there who shares in my need to have spanking as a part of their world. My name is Jason, I'm 33 years old, live around the Bellefontaine, Ohio area. I've been interested in spanking as long as I can remember, but as an adult had very little luck finding someone who really understands and shares in that interest/need. For me this need began only with needing to be spanked myself, but as I've gotten older, I realize that I could also provide a spanking for someone who needed it themse
  9. Hi all, I've posted before but I figured I'd drop a new line into the water! My name is Jason and I'm a 31 year old male that lives in the Hocking County area of Ohio. I'd love to make some spanking friends in either southeastern or central Ohio. I would like to find someone who would be able to give firm, disciplinary style spankings and also I would be able to reciprocate this if needed or desired. If you have any questions, or would just like to chat please send me a message through the spanking needs boards, or you could email me at effulgenthappymeal@gmail.com. There's got to be m
  10. My last came a few months before I turned 18. By then I was down to only getting one every couple of months, but even at 15 and 16 I was getting it about twice a month on average.
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