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  1. Spankers multiple choice?

    You left out figging
  2. A safe call.

    Holy crap!glad to here you are ok in the end! You should put his name out on sites so no one else can get hurt or worse by him!
  3. Anyone from Oklahoma?

    Where in Oklahoma are you? Whats your interests.
  4. BBW needs a spanking

    Hi Skeeter where abouts in Okla. are you?
  5. Non-Spanking Punishments

    I've been plugged with ginger root, and also had to remain bottomless or naked for rest of day or more after a spanking and sometimes before.
  6. Unfortunatly I didn't give any or get any. Maybe this year.
  7. Knowing or Unknown?

    I prefer to know the details. It allows me to regret why I am getting spanked and what I am in for.
  8. Get to know me

  9. New in DC

    Welcome we are glad to have you! Hey if hubs is not into it how do you hide your red bum after without him knowing anything?
  10. Spankers when?

    Maybe if discrete and time and place was right.
  11. Would Spankers?

    Maybe if still discrete
  12. Attention Oklahoma Naughty Women

    I thought you only gave Ms. Jenn
  13. Criminal Behavior Part 2 M/F

    Great story so far
  14. Happy 4th, who's getting spanked?

    It does and I am sure I am way over due.
  15. Happy 4th, who's getting spanked?

    I wish I had someone to put me in check if they thought I needed one.