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  1. SpankmeNokc

    Hi, new here :)

    Welcome and enjoy the site.
  2. SpankmeNokc


  3. SpankmeNokc

    Update on Site [Change of Ownership]

    Congrats!!! I know you will do an Awesome job running the site!! Your passion for the site wilk shine through to those that are just looking around or haven't been happy in the past.
  4. SpankmeNokc

    Chat update!

    LOL well I'm doing from my phone and not seeing any way to hit enter/send so I am guessing I'm doing something wrong somewhere. LOL
  5. SpankmeNokc

    Chat update!

    I am just trying the chat for first time. How do I send messages after I write it?
  6. SpankmeNokc

    What Do You Think?

    Said friend should have to feel said lexan paddle on her bottom too.
  7. SpankmeNokc

    Favorite Implement

    A nice soft pillow!!! LOL
  8. SpankmeNokc

    Reasons for spankings

    Disrespect, not being on time or blowing sir off, not doing as told. Etc.
  9. SpankmeNokc

    What kind of paddle do you prefer?

    One with lots of padding!
  10. SpankmeNokc

    Question For Fellow Spankees

    I'm still searching for the right one.
  11. SpankmeNokc

    Desperation & Assault

    Yikes scary indeed Bha. Sorry for this jerk doing what he did. Not all out there are bad but there are definitely some real Predators out there! I agree always listen to the red flags.
  12. SpankmeNokc

    What kind of paddle do you prefer?

    One with lots of padding on it!!
  13. SpankmeNokc

    Random Punishment Selector

    Got it figured got some interesting results
  14. SpankmeNokc

    Random Punishment Selector

    Thats not random then thats you setting your own.
  15. SpankmeNokc

    Random Punishment Selector

    How do you get it to work Couldn't get it to work im on a cell.