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  1. I just reviewed all 20 pages of Amazons "Spanking Implements" site. I would not waste good money on any of that stuff. If you are going to spank....let us do it right. No cheap, plastic toys, please. Any proper paddle should be leather as should straps and whips although wood paddles are quite effective....not Amazon Specials. I recommend searching leather merchants and I-Caniac for info on good quality products that do the job right. If your a spanker......good tools are a must.....your bottom and your subs will appreciate it as well. A good leather product will run you from 70. dollars t
  2. I had to do many lines as a student. Usually they are given as 100 times but I once had to do 500. Same sentence over and over. No they were not effective, Just finger cramping and annoying.....don't even remember what I wrote! I think if you had to write something over and over, them maybe a specific math formula that you always get wrong. Or paragraphs about important history events....you know where I am going here. Do something useful....not inane drivel.
  3. "AH Common Baloo" Trim those claws!
  4. Hello all! It took me a while to try to figure this one out. In my life time, I don't remember meeting with anyone who was addicted to spanking like a drug addict is to his drugs. Absoluteley, lots of spankers/spankees like the spanking activity unless it is a few swats from their significant other on a daily basis. A full fledged spanking would last about a week. I have not found such an addiction in your average person. Physically...the body does not crave spanking like it does booze or drugs. Mentally, the case can be made for such addictions but addiction is not really the name for it. A
  5. Luvin71............Should that not be Willhamina Spanksrear? Lady Veronica Graunwolf.
  6. Hi SCG! I remember being your age and generally shocked at just about everything I heard or saw to do with sex, BDSM and whatnot. Then I went to Vietnam and had to attend places like Mama Sans Imperial Palace of Oriental Delights!!!! Fetching my "boys" out of these places left me stunned at what went on. The more experienced nurses teased me to no end. Believe me....what you are facing is nothing compared to what really goes on behind closed doors here and in other places in the world.Have a stiff drink, call your friend and get together and discuss what bothers you. You did not say, but I ga
  7. I for one am glad that I had the parents I did. I never became a mover or shaker in the world, but what I did do, my name is ledgendary in many parts of the world. I owe it to them.........even though to-day they would be charged with extreme child abuse! They took me where I needed to go....without seat-belts. The provided dentistry with a string and a door knob. I got a good strapping once a week. I could not watch TV on school nights. I could not hang with the boys/girls of loose moral character. I could not smoke or drink because when caught....my butt did the smoking! How did parents kno
  8. I am most pleased for you, dear. Live long and prosper! Lady Veronica Graunwolf
  9. cyberian2


    Well.........howl lo to you Wolf! I live in the Great North Woods of Canada. Was in Orlando quite a while ago.........too hot! Scorched my tail after sitting in vinyl seated car that was in the sun....boy...that was worse than any spanking ever! I wore that "panty" coloration on a sea of beet red for months. Yah, Yah....was the "BUTT" of the rest of the packs jokes. Come up and see me, sometime big boy! Lady Veronica Graunwolf (German - Grey Wolf
  10. Hi Powpaulie! Thank you so much for your expansive reply. I must admit my nerves feel a little better now. This site is very hard to get a "read" on people from just a few words originally sent. I do wonder why you have such a strong constitution (Texans say they are special special people and the more I meet, the more this seems to be true.) Perhaps you grew up with brothers and were a tom-boy? Anyway.....I am still concerned about your ability to cry....we need these psychological releases and not keep things bottled up inside awaiting the eventual explosion. After my initial 6 months i
  11. Hello Powpaulie. That sounds like a great intro to spanking. I sense that you are a strong woman psychologically and don't want to give into emotions. Somewhere in your past. you picked up this trait....it will be very hard to correct and the "unwillingness to give in" will most likely not be solved by spanking alone. The fact you did not give in until the "blood" and was stopped by someone else is an important signal PLEASE see a psychologist about this. Trying to spank it out of you will not succeed and could mentally shatter you. Thankfully. you found a dom who cares and is wise enough t
  12. Hi Folks! I worked at Unilever/Lever Brothers.................Dove, Lever 2000 etc.. In days gone by...bar soap used to be made from lye/animals fats. Not the best thing to stick in your mouth for sure. Mothers back then started this activity for cursing and each succeeding generation carried in on. Believe me.....to-days soaps are very different and contain a lot of different chemicals. A lot of these chemicals are cancer causing especially if ingested!!!! Let us all break the "soap-sucking" and live longer. The labels do not say...."Do not ingest"...they should but money in the right po
  13. Hello allante! I can't really advise you on finding someone from this site but keep trying. We members are very scattered about the globe and that makes it tough for a match-up. Va, I assume is Virginia? You are in a great area for femdoms. Female Domination can mean many different things and yes...spanking is one of them. Look under BDSM clubs and there are web-sites wherein Doms advertise their services. I travel a lot and currently am in Northern Canada....will I ever be in Virginia? Depends upon which way the wind blows...but it is on my list to visit Richmond sometime soon and e
  14. Mr. After Geometry. How are you dear?  Why did you change your Avatar? You do look less maniacal!

    Thank you for your comments. Rest assured...I am Deadly Serious about both my ideas. Since both Govts  are staffed by imbecilic clowns, someone must seize control of the "out of control public nitwits". Everyone does their "own thing" in a half-assed manner, forgetting that the ass is 2 parts! A proper spanking is used on both halves to enable self control in ones actions. That goes for a lot of you DOMS AND DOMINATRIXES TOO. Last few times I presented my bottom as a sub, it felt like I was being thrashed by a helicopter.....the "blade" was all over the place.   Now......MR AFTER GEOMETRY! I will have you know that I competition shoot Police PPC against several police forces and Military and certain "good enough" civilians, in both countries. I run 97% on the course....almost no-body comes close, talk about your gunslinger!  My pet peeve is that there is a whole lot of lead flying around out there killing innocents. 1 shot, 1 kill! That served me well in Vietnam and here...no innocents or law suits. I was a medic, there to save people but my skills took a lot as well.....Bacsi Death they called me.  As far as criminals go, I feel certain crimes must get the death penalty right away...no wasting time and tax payers money on "waste of flesh"es. There is no re-habilitation. Proper civilian training is a must and while the gang bangers are there...maybe I can persuade them to change their ways or at least hit whom they are after. Besides......they will wind up dead if they don't. I prefer to be "peaceable" myself, but if they won't let me belook out.   Always a pleasure to converse with you my friend.     Lady Veronica Graunwolf

    And now...........you know the REST of the story

    1. AfterGeometry


      Well I can sense you mean well. I guess my concerns are on the practical side.  How are you going to convince gang members that this is in their best interest ? How do you convince gang members that you're the right person to lead this training? What makes you think gang members even see this as a problem ?  Maybe they thrive on the chaos. How about a gun exchange?...for every gun a gang member turns into authorities, you give them a big hug and a Wal-Mart gift card for food (paid for by taxpayers.) :D  Let's try to minimize violence, not make people into more efficient killing machines. But I'm just some pie-in-the-sky hippie I guess. Lol. Besides I thought Canada hardly had any gun violence ?  Take Care. 

    2. cyberian2


      Well, Howdy After Geometry!

      With respect to the gangs. I am ex-military. Generally, I put up 2 targets at the range. I ask my potential trainees to fire 6 rounds at it. Then I take my pistol and put 6 rounds dead bulls-eyes all 6 in 6 seconds.  That really gets their attention. The gang philosophy is the leader is respected only as far as he can control his gang....that is he is the best shot. A trained group would have great power over their adversaries.

      In Canada...they give 2 free tickets to a basketball game in exchange for a street gun....whoopi-ding! A street-gun is worth gold......I have been offered in excess 10,000 for my Smith/Wesson Distinguished Combat Master 357 Mag.

      Canada is not yet like Chicago, L A,  Detroit but is coming along just fine. Toronto has hit 65 murders this year....many, many, more drive byes..   They perps are back on the streets before the cops get back off shift. Judges feel that they are poor marginalize kids, civil rights been stomped all over.....community service...big joke.

      Were you really a hippie? I was on the other side of the fence........Officer in US Cavalry - Airmobile. But I did like the hippies....they had many valid points...and when all was said and done, I wish I had been one too.

    3. AfterGeometry


      No, too young to be a an actual hippie. Haha. But I might have been one if I was born 20 years earlier. I hear your points. And oh yeah, when I was thinking the gun exchange, I was thinking how it's done in the States...yeah, that would not work in Canada, at all. I guess it's just a matter of convincing law enforcement and then the gang bangers of giving it a shot. Have a great weekend ! 

  15. Dear Ammon. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my Institute of Spanking.

     At this time in my life....I have no use for "earning" money....the damned stuff is more a pain in the ass than spanking! Invest in this...can I borrow, I have just this thing you need, only blah, blah,blah.99, free shipping. The govt always poking around to see what they can steal from me, and so on.

    Just want to enable happiness to others....nothing like a good "smack on the ass to motivate people to be all that they can be!

    Lady Veronica

    1. naughty little bobby

      naughty little bobby

      Sounds good. I'm interested.

    2. cyberian2


      I shall keep you in mind Robert!   Love Lady Veronica Graunwolf.

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