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  1. Hi Gina! Hope all is well with you. :)

  2. So happy that we met.  Lots of hugs.


  3. I totally enjoy age play spankings. My gf loves to play my mommy and I am always a naughty little girl when she is in that role. I always end up over her lap with my little girl dress up while she starts spanking the seat of my little girl panties. My panties do not stay on too long before she is slowly pulling them down and continues the spanking with her hand or if I am very naughty, a hairbrush. I then have to sit in the corner with my panties at my knees for a half hour. After that I am forgiven and I change into an adult girl and we play adult games. hehe
  4. I used to have my mom's old paddle, but after my sister got married she asked if she could have "custody" of it so it is over her house on top of the refrigerator.
  5. Never had the front of my thighs spanked, but I have had my inner thighs spanked a few times. t really stings.
  6. karen- Would love to chat with you sometime. I am 42 and spanked by my gf for misbehavior. I am lesbian and the spankings are for my misbehavior as an adult and as such I am spanked as an adult and never rp as a little girl. My gf is very stern and has been in my life for over a year. The spankings I receive are real and they do hurt. She has me crying and kicking my legs in very short order. Please send me a message if you would like to chat about my real-life experiences. gina
  7. Taking down of my panties by my gf is always part of the punishment. In my case she spanks over my undies first then pulls them down for what she calls "the real spankin".
  8. I am not into face slapping at all. A good sound bare bottom spanking I can accept, but not hitting the face.
  9. My girlfriend takes me to lunch when I am a good girl. We work in the same office.
  10. That has happened only once in my case. I was spanked by my gf and then stupid me got sassy right afterwards so she pulled me back over her lap and applied another long series of spankings with her paddle. Both my cheeks ended up with round, deep red circles. Worse spanking(s) I every received.
  11. I am only allowed to wear dresses or skirts unless I am going to be hiking or working in the garden, then I am allowed to wear jeans or shorts. My gf always wants me ready for a sound spanking when it is necessary.
  12. I only get discipline spankings for my "mommy". There is no fun when I am over her lap with my undies at my knees or off feeling the wooden paddle heating up my bottom while I am saying "I am sorry" or "It will not happen again" or "I'll be good", etc..
  13. I cry before, during, and after each spanking. For me it is a form of release from the guilt I feel being disciplined for my misbehavior.
  14. My gf and I live in a condo, but the walls are very sound proof. If she tells me to fetch the paddle I know I will shortly be crying my eyes out, screaming, and kicking. so far had no complaints for the neighbors and it has been almost 7 months now.
  15. I have never found being spanked as romantic. Instead, I feel being cared for and controlled which for some reason makes me fell more secure.
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