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  1. Good for you, hope you learned something, when is the next spanking?
  2. Do you get maintenace spankings from your partner? I used to and miss it. When I met my wife it did´nt took long time since she started to spank me when I misbehaved and one thing was for sure, if we got married she would spank me often. So at the wedding night after sex I got my first spanking as husband and on the following honeymoon I got spanked every day, just because my wife thought I needed it. When home again she told me that it would be two maintenance spankings every week, Sunday and Wednesday at 7 pm. I was told to be naked in our bedroom with her tools on the bed, and so it went on. Of course she also gave me punishment spankings for extra bad behavior and that could happened same day as regular spankings but she did´nt cared if I just was spanked. One thing she used to spank me for was masturbating but she got tired of it, she wanted to spank me for other things too so she got me a chastity device instead. And that was the perfect thing, now she really owned me as she wanted. But we loved each other very much and I wanted to be her sub, but I have never enjoyed the spankings, but it was a really good thing for us, it worked. Two years ago we got divorced, had nothing to do with my cage or spankings, but she told me that she would keep on spanking me and so she did for one year. Then she met a new man and we agreed to stop so now I´m not spanked anymore. Have tried with some but it´s not the right feeling. I need a spanking from my partner who also believe in spanking or corporal punishment. It has to feel right, otherwise it´s just pain. But my chastity cage is still on, and no keys at home. What´s your experience?
  3. I have had the ginger root aka figging inside me several times and it stings. But it must be freshly peeled and if you can a few seconds in the micro. Once I was in the city with my spanker and he got angry at me. Nowhere to spank but he had a peeled ginger root in a plastic bag in his pocket. Straight away to a public restroom, jeans and panties down and in with it. It did sting for about 20 minuts and I had do have it inside the whole afternoon until we got home. And then I got spanked hard with carpet beater and cane, could'nt sit for two days.
  4. How many out there has a partner, man or wife who only gets punishment spankings not including sex at all, and never spankings with sex. You just being spanked beacuse you are a bad boy or girl. And you know you need it, it´s the only thing that makes you a better person? I am that person, hard spanking and caning is the only thing for me to make me obey and do as I´m told. How is it for you?
  5. In need of a hard punishment spanking for trying to masturbate wearing my chastity cage.

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    2. George Lust

      George Lust


      I don't live in Los Angeles--have friends there--as I actually live in Davis, north of LA and west of Sacramento.

      Would love the opportunity to play with you. As for gear: I majorly prefer my solid hand; however, I have used a paddle, a hairbrush, a strap or belt, and I can use a cane.

      Drop me a line if there is a chance to connect; have fun in Los Angeles.

      George Lust

    3. lasseug


      Thank you, no problem for me to get to you. And you select what tool or tools you want to use. I will be wearing a chastity device, is that ok? After so long time I think at least one hard spanking is in place, mayby two or three but that is up to you.

      Best regards



    4. George Lust

      George Lust

      Will give you all you want and then some. You give me the dates, and I will rent a room for us to use; of course, also for you to stay at as I live in a co-op community; actually, you could stay with me if you did not mind; again, a motel room would be better so we could play without incident.

      Bottom line: let me know what dates, I will book a room, and we will pick up from there. If you are driving, I can provide directions.  If you are flying, I can pick you up in Sacramento; let me know.

      As for the chastity device, what you do is your business; in other words, if all I can access is your butt, that is fine.

      George Lust

  6. The spanking is just a part of the punishment, waiting for it is an importent part too. At least a few hours is good, or being told at breakfast that tonight I will get a hard punishment spanking on my naked but. Waiting in corner is also something good, with my panties down. And don´t forget figging before or after. But worst is after receiving a maintenance spanking being told I will get a punishment spanking later same day beacuse I did´nt behaved under this spanking. That hurts!
  7. Hi all, My name is Lasse, I´m 51 years old and living in Stockholm Sweden. My interest is mainly punishment and maintenace spanking on my but. Spanking for me is not a sexual act, it´s just punishment and the best way to keep my on the floor and behave. I have received spankings from women and men since I was 21 years old. First as a complement to sex but after a while just as maintenace and punishment and I need it to be a better person. The last 10 years I have also been cariyng a chastity device, a cage, so I´m not capable to masturbate as I want. But now I´m singel since a year and I´m looking for a woman, or a man, who think spanking is the best way to teach a man like me to behave and is not afraid to use the wooden brush or the cane on my naked but as hard and long as she/he want´s regardless my pleading and tears. This is not a try to get in contact with a spanker as an add, I just want to let you know who I am but if you are interested or want to ask something, please contact me.
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