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  1. I like it to start on the spankee's briefs or panties and eventually make it to bare
  2. They do exist, I have a female that spanks me and she does a very good job at it.
  3. Hey, welcome to SoCal! you shouldn't have any trouble finding friends here :)
  4. Los Angeles has a lot of people, where are all you spanking fans? I know you're out there.
  5. wedgies44

    Austin area

    Looking for a spanker in the Austin area, only in Austin until late June before returning to LA. hmu here or on kik if interested
  6. http://forum.wedgiehaven.com/ If you aren't familiar with wedgies as a fetish you should check them out, because you'll definitely enjoy them. Wedgies are similar to spankings in ways such as pleasure, pain, embarrassment, D/s, punishment, etc. I find them as enjoyable as spankings and enjoy being otk spanked while being wedgied. I highly recommend joining the forum above because I can assure you that you won't regret it.
  7. scorpions, I cope with that fear by running from them when I see them lol
  8. wedgies44

    New Here

    I'm a newb, looking for someone to show me the ropes. I guess I'd prefer to be the spankee but probably wouldn't mind being the spanker. Along with spanking, my other fetishes are wedgies, wearing tighty whities, domination and submission, and bondage.
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