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  1. If your mind is still sharp enough to know what a spanking is and there is someone willing to spank your wrinkly ass, then no, you're not too old
  2. I wonder how noisy a spanking would be if it was administered by a mime?
  3. Turn the channel to Oprah when he's watching the big game, that should do it
  4. As a big fan of big fannies, I would have to say yes
  5. I think of myself as a kind of spanking machine
  6. If I'm going to mix football and spanking, I want to do it with the ladies in the lingerie football league
  7. I'll never let that happen to you Needs
  8. LOL, you have a standing invitation and I won't make you draw any circles
  9. Give the guys a hairbrush to keep the wives in line
  10. Spanknado Spankablanca To Kill a Spankingbird Spankshank Redemption Spank Wars Spank-Hur The Spanks of Wrath
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