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  1. californiadreamer11

    I’m not a spanko...

    Perhaps she wants you to take that control. Tell her no, I'm not going to do your bidding and find someone else. And then show her that you are fully capable of handling her needs. Then turn her bottom a bright crimson to prove your point. If you need some advice on how to handle it, let me know and I would be glad to give you my input.
  2. californiadreamer11

    Hello from Boston

    Good luck in your search and certainly hope that you find what you need here
  3. californiadreamer11

    Top/Bottom Dynamic & Personality

    I think that the desire to spank or be spanked, or both for that matter are very diverse and dependent on the individual. For instance a man or woman who has responsibilities and power in their professional life, may need to give up that control at least occasionally in their personal life to attain a sense of balance. Others may be drawn to domination of a loved one as it gives them a control in one area which is mutually attainable. Others may suppress one or the other due to social and gender norms. With many of us, it's really how we are wired and what are needs are in that area. I don't think that personality types are necessarily the major factor in what we seek.
  4. californiadreamer11

    First Spanking

    You just joined, met someone here and now you have agreed to be spanked? You haven't had much time to even learn about the character of the person who is going to spank you. All that I can say is that I hope that you're lucky for there are horror stories about people who have acted in such an impulsive manner.
  5. californiadreamer11

    The lady/child

    Many thoughts ran through his head as he viewed his lady who was enticingly draped over his knee. Her panties had been drawn to her knees, her currently pristine bare bottom like candy to his eyes. As he slowly stroked the cheeks that had been offered to him in the way of submission and compliance, he pondered the complexities of this wonderful lady/child. In so many ways, she was a mature woman, one who through her accomplishments and demeanor had won the admiration of the many who knew her in that role, that part of her essence. She was a bright, sensitive, caring woman who displayed both the sensitivity and assertiveness to gain the respect of the many whom she interacted with. A leader who formed her own opinions and conclusions based on logic and thought rather than dogma and bias. In so many ways, she was a strong independent woman, one who took the control of situations and did so with a confidence and grace. But, there was also an integral part of the woman who was in essence a child. A child in need of guidance and nurturing, affirmation and structure. Her need to relinquish that control to someone of trust, someone who knew and accepted those complexities and truly cherished and honored the gift of the submission that she was now offering. Someone who understood her in ways that many were unable. And because of the degree of trust and the knowledge of understanding, it afforded her the comfort for the exposure of her most secret feelings and her need for submission. She knew without reservation that he would use this power to take her to places where she needed to go. Places that would enhance her rather than limit her. She knew that the man whose knee she lay placidly over fully understood and valued her qualities and complexities. With this understanding and union of purpose he raised his right hand and their mutual journey continued.
  6. californiadreamer11

    My Love For You

    When you come home soon, the first thing that you will receive is a nice long “love” spanking. Why do I call it a love spanking? Let me attempt to briefly put it into words. I love all of the following: The total change in your affect when I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom The sweet yearning in your eyes, the yearning to be taken control of Your sweet posture as I stand you in front of me The sweet joy of unbuttoning your pants and drawing them down to your knees Watching your transformation from woman and mother to naughty girl The wonderful sweet feeling of laying you over my knees The beauty of having you in that position adorned in only your cute little panties Hearing your little coos as I stroke your sweet little cheeks with my palm Feeling you soften as I scold my naughty girl The beauty of those adorable cheeks as your panties begin their descent The lovliness of your adorable hiney as more and more of the bareness comes into view How darling you look stretched over my knees with your panties at “our” secret spot just above the knees The sweet joy that I feel as I stroke “my” sweet little cheeks The enjoyment of scolding you and telling you exactly what you will be experiencing Your contentment that I feel and the total acceptance of your fate The last view of your pristine sweet little cheeks before your chastisement begins Your little intake of breath when my hand leaves your cheeks and ascends The sweet feeling in my palm as it lands lightly on your sassy little orbs The sweet sonorous sound that my palm makes as it continues in it’s quest The sweet blushing of your cheeks as my palm lands progressively harder Your sweet movement and sounds as the fire begins in your sweet little bummy The narrowing of my eyes, the smile to my lips as I hear your little whines, your sweet little responses to my firm hand The lovliness of your cheeks as they go from pristine to pink to red The love of holding you tight as your struggles and kicking become more animated The total joy of having you totally helpless and at my mercy The transfer of my dominant energy into those adorable reddening cheeks Knowing that this is truly what you need and what you crave The total joy of fulfilling you in this way my love Turning my love, my woman into a sobbing kicking little child And when I feel my love lying contented with her cheeks blazing from my chastising palm I admire the beauty of my love’s beautiful reddened cheeks I stoke the cheeks and feel the warmth and heat radiating and pulsing And now the transformation has been complete From lovely woman to little girl to submissive woman, my submissive woman Ready to be completely tamed, taken and loved to fulfillment Yes, my sweet darling, this is what awaits you, this is my promise to you.
  7. californiadreamer11

    The cleansing

    The Cleansing As he entered her bedroom he observed her in the position that he had previously ordered her to be in. She stood in the corner with jeans and panties at her knees, her bottom bared for his observation and properly prepared for what they both knew was soon to follow. He was in no hurry as he understood that being in this state for a period of time afforded her time to think about her predicament and heightened her level of submissiveness. It also gave him the opportunity to view her pristine behind as this was the first time that he had done so. His eyes were transfixed on her as he felt his level of dominance evolving to a level which would culminate in his assumption of the total control that they both sought. Her posture was not that of a mature woman, but one of a naughty child. She stood with her head slightly hanging, her body trembling. A naughty girl awaiting to atone for her transgressions, knowing that very soon accountability for her behaviors would be at hand. He walked to the corner and led her by the hand to the bed and sat on the edge of it. He placed her on her knees to his right. Being on her knees symbolized and validated the absolute nature of their relationship. In this position she was forced to look up to make eye contact and this made her feel very small and vulnerable and this is exactly what his purpose was. They both knew that his dominance and her submission needed to be totally understood. He demanded that dominance and she craved the submission. He ordered her to keep eye contact with him as he spoke to her in a very calm and measured manner. He explained to her that this would be the first of many lessons that she would be subjected to. That he expected and demanded her total honesty and openness in disclosing to him any behaviors that needed his attention. Furthermore, he welcomed her input as long as it was done at the proper time and with her total respect. Failure to do so would be met in a manner that would teach her the consequences of such ommisions. Today, the focus of her education was to be a past indiscretion that had taken place many years prior. She had carried the shame and guilt of that behavior for many years. They both understood that there needed to be accountability established for her forgiving of herself. This was going to be the day for her to made accountable for her actions and he would be the vehicle for the resolution. He calmly placed her over his left knee with her upper body hugging the bed. With his right leg he locked her into place and took her right arm with his left hand and held it tightly in the small of her back. His control was now total and she needed to feel that control. A feeling of fear permeated her being, but with that fear she also felt a sense of security in knowing that he had taken any semblance of control from her and would do what he deemed necessary. Despite her fear of the upcoming punishment, she reveled in her submission and his dominance of her. As she lay there, trembling, she was literally transformed back in time. As if by magic, she was now experiencing her feelings as though mere minutes had passed since engaging in the poor choices that lead her to this humiliating position. With every syllable of His deep, no-nonsense tone she sank deeper and deeper into an emotional mindset of a very repentant little girl. With his lecturing she felt the softness of his right hand stroking her bottom. She would soon feel the contrast of the hand that delicately caressed her bare cheeks with the one that would chastise them and bring her punishment to fruition. She felt his hand leave her bottom and in reflex tensed her cheeks at what she knew was the inevitable first resounding smack of his hand against her naked orbs. He waited patiently until he viewed the tenseness recede and brought his hand down causing the unmistakable sound that only a spanking can bring. He commenced spanking her in a slow moderate manner feeling the movement of her body on his knee as it reacted to his ministrations. As the punishment progressed, his hand landed progressively faster and with more intensity. Her struggles in turn became more pronounced but he held her tightly and confidently in position. Her bottom had now turned from a pristine white to a pinkish color and was now taking on a reddish hue. The stinging and warmth gained in intensity until the heat became seering and the pain caused her to cry out in reaction to it. Her reactions to the spanking did not deter him but rather drove him to continue her chastisement. His intent was a unification of all aspects of the purpose of the punishment. A total acceptance of her submission and compliance, as well as a fusion of the psychological and physical. A meshing of her guilt and shame with the power of his words and intensity of his hand. Her sobbing became more pronounced and escalated until the sound of her crying became guttural and unrestrained. Her tears flowed like rain drops and were accompanied by much of the shame and guilt that she had suppressed for so long. But then he sensed a change in her demeanor. An acceptance of her submission and his authority. He had achieved his goal and the punishment was now complete. His hand now was used for the purpose of comforting and healing his disciplined girl. He spoke softly and comforting to her, his words of forgiveness and of his permission for her to forgive herself. He took her off of his knee and held her tightly on his lap. She embraced him and sobbed into his chest. It was as if a heavy weight had been taken off of her heart and her soul.
  8. californiadreamer11

    Spanking and trust

    yes, take your time to get to know any possible spanker and also for the spanker to know you and your needs. Also, realize that this is a mutually consensual activity and this means that you have a great deal of control over what happens. Trust is something that is earned, not a given by the fact that someone carries a label of top, dom, spanker or whatever. You are on equal footing with everyone and it's you who determines when and if to relinquish any control. Make certain that the spanker is sensitive to your needs and is not totally into it for his/her own gratification only. Anyone who rushes you or who tries to persuade you into something that you are not ready for is a red flag. Just take your time, communicate a great deal develop a trust before you even considering putting yourself into a vulnerable place. I wish you the very best in your journey and hope that it's a safe and gratifying one.