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  1. Thanks to this group

    This is so beautiful and the future I want. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Just the good old "yellow-red" for me, cause it's simpler and if it's anything too unusual, I might get too giggly or embarrassed to use it and overthink it... I also really like "yellow". Because a lot of the time, I don't actually want to end a session by saying "red", but just need a breather. So I can yell yellow, basically saying that "this is really pushing my limit, and I would not be able to take it anymore. But if you can just slow down or pause a bit, and maybe switch to a slightly lighter implement, I still want to keep going."
  3. Buying a Hairbrush for Spanking

    Also commenting cause I also want a hairbrush. Specifically looking for places to buy a good sturdy wooden hairbrush in Canada... cause I've broken 2 so far... oops... Or amazon.ca links, preferably under prime Patiently awaiting for helps...
  4. Aroused During Spankings

    I was never spanked as punishment growing up, but I've always fantasized about it. I thought it was just a small part of me until I was in my first real relationship and started to crave it more and more. My bf back then was not kinky or a spanko and he actually laughed about my fetish... But yeah, after we broke up, I started to experiment with people in the community and started to realize that I need it in my life and in my relationships. I guess it wasn't hard for me to mentally come to term with it just because it's been brewing in me since I was in kindergarten.
  5. How your wired?

    1. If sex is included, then the spanking wouldn't be a punishment, it'd be foreplay 2. Almost always pleasure. Only time it may borderline as a punishment/degradation is if I'm required to perform oral only. I get really tired and really agitated really quickly. 3. I always want release after a spanking, but it may or may not be given. And again it's definitely not given after a punishment. So no, it's not needed.
  6. First spanking & aftercare question

    I find it much easier to communicate via text or email early on in a spanker-spankee relationship. So before your next session, it can definitely help to send him a message explaining basically what you said here. Proper aftercare is definitely important, and the length of it and how it's done really depends on the individuals, but it's good to get the conversation started early. What I have also noticed personally is that the more comfortable I get with my spanker, the more I actually need proper aftercare, especially emotionally. Cause that's when I really let go during a session and become a crying mess after it
  7. Casually Outing Yourself

    Well I've "outed" myself twice so far, both to people I can really really trust. The first time I was kind of forced to do it and it was quite scary. But she was my best friend since high school and we have very similar world view, and more importantly, I needed her to be my safe call person. It was very uncomfortable cause it was also the very beginning where I was still trying to figure myself out. But turns out, she was kinky too. So it worked out well and now we can quite freely exchange stories and advices. Second time, I outed myself to my mom, who I am super close with, and share almost every aspect of my relationship with. Of course, I didn't give her all the details about this part of my relationship, but still, the conversation actually got a bit awkward. I think I might have scared her a bit. But yeah, after that conversation, we never talked about it again. She kind of just pretended the conversation never happened, so obviously I'm doing the same. But I guess it's not the worst that could happen. XD Anyways, I would be very careful about outing myself because like many people already said, it could very much impact not just your relationship with others, but also your career. And at the moment, I don't really see myself telling anymore people about it. But I thought those are fun experiences to share.
  8. Feminism, Spanking, Submission

    To me, feminism is about feeling confident in my own skin, no matter what I like or who I am, and embracing the different facets of me. It allows me to be the "boss lady" I am in my career (I'm a woman in a traditionally male dominated field and am super proud of it), but also a submissive in my personal relationship. So no, the two does not, and should not, be conflicting.
  9. Essays/Lines

    I would like to point out (especially to tops who might think lines are important and should be part of the punishment), when some people (including me) say "lines are a waste of time", it actually is. Being a student with a very busy schedule, I have actually talked with my top so our punishment/funishment/pure fun time should never go over (on average) a certain amount of time per day. Things like lines or essays would actually cut into my schedule and would not be beneficial at all.
  10. Punishment and Erotic Spanking Relationship

    Not difficult, but it does need to be explicitly established. I personally think it would be better to bring up earlier in a relationship before both of you have gotten too used to the disciplinary roles. Cause that could make it more difficult -- you might find it harder to bring it up, or find it harder to see your spanker in a non-scary light. But once it's established, it should be quite easy. Personally, I'm informed what kind of spanking I'm getting before it starts and that helps me get into the right mindset. And they are quite distinct, so no risk of blurring.
  11. One session, multiple spankings

    My bf/dom/spanker likes to spank me in stages, often more than two, sometimes with breaks as long as an hour. It's kind of "fun" cause I don't always know if this is going to be the last one, which is more of a game for us but I can see it being used as an effective punishment. I also find that it stings a whole lot more at the beginning of each one. Also, it seems to produce more bruises, at least on my butt, which I love, but may or may not be something that's good for you. But again, could be effective as a punishment.
  12. Spanking as a substitute for sex

    Definitely a yes for me. I find myself craving for spanking but almost never for sex? Sex is still cool ya know, but to be honest it's not something I can't live without, as long as I get spanked plenty . I think it's because to ees like me, we get an adrenaline and endorphin rush from spankings just like most other people get from having sex?
  13. How Do You Prefer Finding Out It's Coming?

    Answering as an -ee I personally prefer the more ritualistic approach actually -- so either being told exactly what's about to happen or being subtly threatened. I love the waiting part, and getting more and more anxious before the imminent punishment. Also being told to go into position and hold it is super hot for me.
  14. Crying from Spanking

    I do agree that tears are very much of an emotional reaction rather than just from pure pain. But I can also relate in saying that I also have a hard time crying -- in life in general -- so sometimes the pain does help in bringing out the tears and get that emotional release I need. I second bi_kellie's advice on including other forms of pain. For me, clothes pins as nipple clamps on top of spanking almost always does the trick. And length could help to certain extends too. But if I'm just getting spanked straight up, even if it hurts a looot I can at most squeeze out one drop of tear... But I do feel like this is different between people and it takes time and a lot of experimenting to find what makes you cry. Also, if you are new to spanking and to your mentor, it could also play a huge factor. It takes a lot of trust to be able to let go emotionally -- and that's more than just rationally thinking "ok I've done my research on this person and I trust this person to not go over my limit..." It takes quite a bit of time to develop that almost innate trust.
  15. Ever dream about giving/getting a spanking?

    Always. And they are my favourite dreams. Most of the time I'm actually able to turn it into a lucid dream, though it's always a bit disappointing that I can't actually feel the pain...