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  1. George Lust


    Nice color. Thanks for sharing yourself.
  2. Yes indeed, Zhal. For me, I also had to overcome the thought of actually wearing a diaper before I needed to. Now, I would not be without one as I enjoy the security, the comfort, and so forth. Oh, I do love giving and receiving a spanking. Thanks.
  3. Fine job upon yourself. Thanks.
  4. Fine job; good work. Thanks for sharing.
  5. George Lust


    Glad to hear; see you when you do. Thanks.
  6. George Lust


    Fine job of getting a spanking. Thank you for sharing.
  7. George Lust


    Nice; very nice; maybe a smidgen more would be better. Thanks.
  8. George Lust


    You are most welcome. One of the best parts of the male anatomy. Appreciated.
  9. George Lust


    Someone got it; nice color, and view. Thanks.
  10. George Lust


    Lovely butt; thanks for sharing. Oh, the glorious view. Thanks.
  11. This was the very first spanking website I checked out; I say this is the first, in that I logged on numerous times and on numerous days. My very first spanking website was one for male-male spanking; I spent very little time on that one. Thus, I learned so much from this website. As for the future: I continue to hope and pray that this website will remain a place of learning, sharing, and proof that not one of us is the "only one" that we all sometimes feel. I do so join others in wishing this website well; I give thanks for its existence. Thank you.
  12. Hi there. I definitely fill the bill with being an older spanker. I do love to chat online; in particular I like the fantasy aspect of spanking. Please drop me a line. Thanks.
  13. Oh, most assuredly there was. In addition to the creator of said camp, our patriarch, I attended all 25 years of this spanking camp sponsored by Man Hand's Films. Because there are no outstanding marks or other indicators, no one knew which males were straight or who was gay. Sorry, LateBloomer, this camp was an all male camp. To conclude: I credit that camp with all of my spanking experience; and, too, a couple other things. Thanks for your response.
  14. Hi. I agree re an OTK spanking. Thanks to 25 years of spanking camp, I can attest that using a spanking bench is one way to get spanked. Have not used a horse, yet; not sure if I would want to explore this approach. Thanks.
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