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  1. Hi. This is Missy, his ex-wife. This is a link to my journal that has most of my experiences with him. https://fetlife.com/users/4857283/posts/5771834 One of the things that I did not mention, was that the very first time I met him, he gave me adderal telling me it was 'like a caffeine pill' to stay awake on the nearly 5 hour ride on his motorcycle with him from Seattle to Kennewick. Upon our first meeting with Sephie/Sjmme he also pushed adderal on her, and talked her into bottoming, even though we were meeting her in order to bottom for her. Her bottoming was never discussed before meeting and before adderal. I fell asleep with my head in her lap, and woke up to her being pulled over his lap. This is a repeated rouse of his to lower his partners inhibitions. I only wanted to mention this, if you were wanting to meet with him, I feel you should have this heads up. Also in the divorce agreement, *which he broke already* we agreed to not post pictures/vids of each other - and he had 2 images of myself on this site; along with several of my friend's images (whom he never paid- and the other ladies have also filed DMCAs against him on C4S.com as he was still selling their content.) Please keep yourselves safe and use EXTREME caution when talking to this person. He will tell people what he thinks they want to hear and both myself and Sephie and have seen him do it with our friends and observed it is a pattern.
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