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  1. For me, at the moment, it's chat lagging. Although the tracert was to the forum server IP. I know you have no control over internet routing :).
  2. You aren't unique; I'm a straight male with a spanking kink and I get bombarded by men asking about spanking. Not just here, it happens anywhere online. It's always going to happen due to supply and demand, so you have to cope with that. Just block people you don't want to converse with, problem gone.
  3. This is going to be somewhat condensed, with errors included but... We can use WTO trade rules if we aren't part of the EU. The EU uses them anyway but adds an extra layer of bureaucracy, for protectionism. The original EEC wasn't a problem, but even then, there were plans for political unity. Through some treaties and whatnot it was morphed into the EU, which nobody voted for, but it was always the plan. Prior to the referendum, nobody has had a vote on the EU (the "EU" didn't exist when the EC was voted upon). There's a Nigel Farage video on YT somewhere where he's on some morning TV topical discussion program. He said "I never voted on joining the [EU]". Some loudmouth butts in "Why? Couldn't you be bothered?". Nigel replied "I was ten.". I, and most of my department's thirty-odd colleagues, who live in a Labour-dominated area in the North of England, voted leave. We aren't the typical "Brexiteers" portrayed in the media as stupid Northerners. We are all educated to at least Degree and up to Doctorate and work for a company which is based in mainland Europe.. Even Jeremy Corbyn's brother isn't a fan:
  4. I think that's the exhaustive list of UK spankos, all four of them.
  5. I took it as specifically UK spankos being present :).
  6. It might be useful to attract more UK members. I'm not sure if many members on here know that a prominent UK spanking forum closed a short while back.
  7. I've "directed" and been in a handful of movies as a spanker. It was a mutual idea between myself and a spankee friend who had a fantasy about being in spanking movies. It was only ever for our own amusement, never to be released. It was interesting to do and gave the spankings a purpose really, even though somewhat contrived as it was to make a spanking movie. I had to think of scenes, transitions between scenes and camera angles as I was also the cameraman :). So I believe having to give the whole session some thought improved things.
  8. https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/search/ Click on the "Member Search" tab to the right. Not very intuitive if you are used to memberlists in vBulletin forums and similar.
  9. Evening! There are a handful of UK people here. If you believe what you read on the other sites Scotland is packed with spankos!
  10. It's not a myth, strange things can happen but... Are the spanking companies comfortable with you using their pictures in your profile Hook? People, just reverse image search them. You can get in trouble.
  11. Most of us already know this :). Some, more specific, guidelines might help people who aren't as cynical as the likes of me :).
  12. That's not to say you "can't possibly" find someone but take everything with a "pinch of salt". I'm a skeptic, most design engineers have to be, but it's a safe way of looking at situations as you don't tend to get too emotionally involved and then disappointed when it fails.
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