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  1. Popularity of Online Spanking Videos....

    I've "directed" and been in a handful of movies as a spanker. It was a mutual idea between myself and a spankee friend who had a fantasy about being in spanking movies. It was only ever for our own amusement, never to be released. It was interesting to do and gave the spankings a purpose really, even though somewhat contrived as it was to make a spanking movie. I had to think of scenes, transitions between scenes and camera angles as I was also the cameraman :). So I believe having to give the whole session some thought improved things.
  2. hiya! ^w^ (male sub spankee)

    https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/search/ Click on the "Member Search" tab to the right. Not very intuitive if you are used to memberlists in vBulletin forums and similar.
  3. Another new guy.

    Evening! There are a handful of UK people here. If you believe what you read on the other sites Scotland is packed with spankos!
  4. met someone from here in person!

    It's not a myth, strange things can happen but... Are the spanking companies comfortable with you using their pictures in your profile Hook? People, just reverse image search them. You can get in trouble.
  5. If it sounds too good to be true..

    Most of us already know this :). Some, more specific, guidelines might help people who aren't as cynical as the likes of me :).
  6. Smartphone Spanking

    Whole new meaning to "butt-dial".
  7. Getting spanked, down the road

    That's not to say you "can't possibly" find someone but take everything with a "pinch of salt". I'm a skeptic, most design engineers have to be, but it's a safe way of looking at situations as you don't tend to get too emotionally involved and then disappointed when it fails.
  8. Getting spanked, down the road

    You'll find that most people on these types of forums, worldwide, are predominantly full of shit. I'd estimate 90% are fantasists with no real intention. It doesn't matter what persuasion you are. I've replied to female spankees looking for XYZ when I meet all the criteria - No response. I recently had a brief conversation with a female spankee and met all the criteria, nice conversation, a few PMs - Then no response. Before I get critisised for being bitter because I haven't met a spankee before, read my other posts, I have met online spankee friends before. This is why people go through the cycle of joining then dropping out of these forums. Curiosity > Optimism > Attempt > Disappointment > Delete Account > Curiosity...
  9. Is it just me, or...can't log in to chatroom

    It's deeeeed man!
  10. Mentor/Daddy/Disciplinarian

    I love the "stern facial hair" bit, It's the first time I've heard of an authoritative beard. . I'm just having a bit joke over the missing comma :). All the best!
  11. Casually Outing Yourself

    I wouldn't... It's an awfully big genie to stuff back into the bottle :).
  12. I'm not new to online spanko communities so I do realise the probability of what I'm asking for is low! Especially in the spankee void of Tyne & Wear, although I don't mind a bit travel. I'm not sure how many female UK spankees are active on here, it looks like there has been some in the past though :). Just in case it never actually gets read I'm going to save myself a bit time and thinking of how to word an advert by using an excerpt from my Fetlife profile. If you have an account I don't mind showing mine for some more information (and a somewhat obfuscated picture) but I tend to find most people on FL are far more complicated than being a spanko! Some basics: 38 Never been married, no kids Electronics engineer with nice career at a big company (sounded a bit CV-ish :)). Also have own business - Something for the future (rather geeky stuff...) Always been interested in spanking! Seeking spankee friend or more with right person I have been lucky enough to meet and to play in the time I've been active online (about the middle of 2013), which was great, but the idea of a relationship with a woman that likes an occasional firm hand spanking (and maybe other associated punishments!) appeals to me very much. Probably like most here I've experimented with girlfriends, but after really upsetting one by just semi-jokingly mentioning giving her a spanking to gauge her interest I decided it was probably not a good idea to try bringing it up with anyone again. It wasn't much fun when she stormed off using words like "weird". We didn't go out for much longer, I tried to pass it off as a joke but... So, I thought it might be safer to try to meet someone with an established interest, as at least I might not get called weird again, well I might be a bit weird but I don't find spanking activities at all strange. Spanking is all play to me and I don't take it seriously, I might pretend to be serious in role-play but it is all from a fun aspect. I'm not in the slightest switchy so I'm not wanting to be on the receiving end. The attentive will have noticed that I haven't mentioned what I'm looking for, apart from a female spankee. That's because it is flexible but not to be confused with desperate. I'm quite a straightforward person and will say if something won't work for me :). I have waffled enough :). All the best, Rob
  13. Skeptical about it ever getting easier

    Oh good, I became active online circa early 2013 :). I'm not that insane then :). Even in that time I've noticed a decline in spankos online. Unless they are just lurking elsewhere but I don't think so.
  14. Chat Room is Down

    Can you try Firefox Portable? https://mozilla-firefox-portable.en.uptodown.com/windows It doesn't install. Might be able to rule out a browser issue.