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  1. Hello, im located in northeast Philadelphia and looking to receive a father/son or mother/son style disciplinary spanking.looking for a spanker who is preferably mature and can give a fast and hard otk spanking with their bare hand, spoon, and brush. Then have me lay on my bed or bent over as they belt or paddle me. I am willing to try any implement besides the cane.
  2. Hello, I am located in North East Philadelphia and I am looking for a disciplinarian, preferably mature, to take me over their knee and give me a bare-bottom spanking. I am interested in making this ongoing or a one time thing.Very open to having spanking instruments used, but you'll have to bring them over as I only have a wooden spoon, hairbrush, shoe horn , and a couple of belts. Male or female disciplinarian, but it won't matter for me. The more mature the better.I only host. I am a 19, white male ,about 5'10 with brown hair
  3. 18 and live in northeast philadelphia and I am currently looking for a disciplinarian, the older the better, to give me a bare bottom spanking. Interested in OTK hand spanking and being stretched across my bed for a strapping. Need to be spanked by your hand, hairbrush,spoon, shoehorn,belt, and maybe a few other instruments if you have any.Looking for both male and female spankers
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