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  1. Glad you’re feeling better @shygurl. I just got my second shot. Phew.
  2. Hi Joe :). Good to meet you.
  3. When we doing breakfast again??? 

    1. Jenna1220


      Yes, I’d love to!  Shall we do pancakes or dranks?

  4. Helloooooooo :).

    1. PatrickC


      Hiiiiii!!!!!!  Where are you these days? I have a new bathbrush I’m dying to break in.

    2. Jenna1220


      Messaged you. 😘

    3. PatrickC



  5. Not crazy! I can relate. I keep a lot inside, and spanking is a way for me to let go. It unburdens me and clears my mind. It’s an emotional release; a break from real life stress. I tried and failed at self spanking. I just couldn’t get there on my own. Sure, I felt the warmth and sting when I spanked myself but I was also focusing on administering the spanking. However, when I’m with a spanker in an intimate space, that I know and trust, I can lose myself in the moment. I focus solely on the physical sensation. Afterwards. Life is good. As you said, feeling better, normal, wonderful beyond words. It is bliss...being motivated, renewed, energized. As for is what’s keeping you sane, driving you crazy. While I may prefer more frequent spanking sessions to keep the good feeling going, more is not always better. So I try to find a balance to it; reasonable limits and moderation. Of course this can be hard to define and therefore different for everyone. But I want and need to experience a variety of emotions (both positive and negative) because I think they serve an important purpose in life. As such I look for ways ways to deal with my feelings and work through them aside from spanking. These are definitely challenging times.
  6. I am a big fan of aftercare. I need that time to come down from the experience, get back to reality. I’ve also found it’s a time when I’m most open and vulnerable. In those moments I’m all about TLC. The routine varies depending on the connection with my spanker, sometimes it can be more physical. However, cuddling, some conversation and a cup of tea have often helped me regain balance after a spanking.
  7. I agree with @DeepThinker. Whether someone is 20 or 70, I’m more interested in an emotional connection. Starting a friendship, developing an understanding, mutual respect, trust, good communication. Something that is comfortable, grows naturally over time and can be both meaningful and stimulating. You’re never too old @Oldbrat :).
  8. I absolutely love that nose.  You’ll have to give me details :).

    1. buffettfan


      This is one of the bears I cared for at an orphaned cub sanctuary in Alaska. On this particular day his siblings were being mean and not wanting to let him play so he was hiding out inside. I sat with him and talked to him, trying to give him encouragement and he actually got up and went out to play and wouldn't allow himself to be bullied anymore! I was so sad to hear that he passed last summer :(

    2. Jenna1220


      I’d be sad too.  Thanks for sharing, you are amazing ❤️.

    3. buffettfan


      Aww, thank you!

  9. Hey! If you’re in Michigan now, we should meet halfway and spank the pandemic away.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jenna1220


      I’m up for it P; I’ll be in Toledo end of March/April if that might work.

    3. PatrickC


      Sorry. Missed this somehow. See you’ve been off forever. Let me know if you log back in. (Your inbox is apparently full)

    4. AfterGeometry


      Sorry Jenna , just saw your note.  Yes, I think we should.  It would likely be beneficial for us both.  😁

  10. I’ve enjoyed chatting with people of all ages and roles. Getting to know someone, hearing about different perspectives and experiences. Many of my conversations are not just about spanking, but on a variety of subjects. Sometimes age doesn’t even come up, it’s just a pleasant exchange. I wouldn’t decline a conversation based on age; some of my better interactions have been with older gentleman. I’ve spanked and been spanked by men younger, my age and older (60 plus). For me, it depends on the person more than anything and whether there is a connection, regardless of age.
  11. My experience with FetLife is limited. The site was mentioned to me a few years ago and I checked it out. My interest is primarily spanking and I found FetLife to be too much for me. As rubyredd mentioned, I had to look up some of what people listed as fetishes or groups they belonged to on their profiles. I found it intimidating, however I did create a profile, explored and exchanged messages with a few men. It was new to me and I thought I may feel more comfortable and adapt to the site by posting and engaging. I didn’t. I wasn’t able to understand and navigate the site in a way that worked for me; it just wasn’t my thing.
  12. 😍! Glad you’re back and congrats on the job.
  13. I agree with some of the posts above. I can’t switch with the same person. I’ve been asked by a man I’ve spanked if I wanted him to spank me. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, I’m not sure why other than to think I’ve already assumed a certain role that I’ve associated with that partner.
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