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  1. Hello, just arrived in Tampa and like your posts.  Back anytime soon for fun?


  2. It's not a lot at all; very good breakdown and I'm with you on the criteria and having it in mind when determining whether to move forward with someone. Physical appearance is not a big consideration for me. However, I am particular about who I spank. Initially, I want to know if the spankee has any limitations, medical, health or otherwise. I want to know their need to be spanked and if it is at all something that I can provide. I want to know if they are serious and will put forth an effort to communicate, meet and work with me to create a mutually beneficial relationship. If that is all agreeable, I want to start a conversation and get to know them. And that takes time, but I think it only helps to create trust and a comfort level that enhances the spanking sessions. I want for the time we spend together to be enjoyable; whether we are spanking or meeting for coffee. I like to discuss what will take place during and after the spanking. Safety is incorporated. Aftercare is always part of the session and can be simple or something more. It's all agreed upon beforehand. Of course, my approach may differ from others and what I mentioned are broad factors. But for me, a lot goes into establishing a connection, developing the flow of the relationship and continuing to nurture it along the way.
  3. My boys are two years old ❤️️.


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    2. dmirk


      Tried to send a picture but seems too much space.  

      Draugr is a funny looking but wonderful dog!

    3. Jenna1220


      Thanks all :).  After two years, they still occasionally get into trouble but are very lovable.   

    4. Jenna1220


      You should try resizing dmirk...I'd love to see a photo.  

  4. I often chat through PM's. I've found it's an easier way for me to really have a one on one conversation with someone and get to know them.
  5. I'm not particular; the clothes are coming off anyway. Most times they are thinking ahead and choose to wear something comfortable.
  6. As a spankee, I am usually anxious as a scheduled session approaches. Most of my spankings are for stress relief; I want and need the spanking however there is still some anxiety because it hurts...but those feelings are worth the result. My headspace really develops once I meet the spanker and we have an opportunity to have conversation. We talk about a variety of things, including the spanking. It helps me feel comfortable, relax and mentally prepare for the spanking. As a spanker, I engage a spankee in the same conversation; establishing that relationship is important to me. I also set out implements and send the spankee to the corner while I change my clothes. It's gives me and the spankee a few minutes to pause before the spanking begins.
  7. Loved the conversations/dialogue, descriptions and imagery :). I've also unsuccessfully tried to negotiate. Haha.
  8. Dwayne Johnson...The Rock 🔥.
  9. Sure; the personal connection is the most important factor to me.
  10. Good read and well written; loved it :).
  11. Love your profile and your comments - too bad Michigan is so far away

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    2. dmirk


      I love the UP.  One of my favorite places.  

      You’re not actually that far north, are you?

    3. Jenna1220


      No...just offering suggestions :).

    4. dmirk


      Oh, that’s fine.  As soon as things get back to where we’re back to being able to travel without thinking too much health restrictions of the pandemic I’m planning on resuming my visit ballparks I’ve only seen on TV. 

      Of course, they’d have to be playing baseball again...

  12. I don't ever like to disappoint a spanker. For me, a spanking goes beyond the physical. A spanker and I share a unique kind of connection. He cares about my needs physically and mentally. I trust him and feel safe to submit to the spankings. We communicate and share feelings. There is a natural closeness and I would not want to do anything to let him down.
  13. No more doubt, just calm...it is wonderful. Looking forward to Part 2 :).
  14. Hi Jenna I played in a golf league tonight the team lost I struggled tonight

    1. Jenna1220


      Hey Billy :).  I'm jealous!  I won't be playing until June.  May the course be with you!

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