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  1. I agree. I believe he is looking for attention. Best way to address it is not to give him any. Leave it to the moderators.
  2. No nonsense...? That paddle felt like a feather.
  3. Faking it is no good, so true. I've never been able to fake anything, including an interest in spanking. Open and honest communication is right. There have been times where I've been hesitant to talk about something with a person I'm close to, because it could be uncomfortable. However, I feel better after I do. And it's usually well received and only helps to make the relationship stronger. Welcome and good luck :).
  4. @BramblewineI posted before I read your responses above! I got you, thanks :).
  5. I'm wondering, you mentioned not wanting to let politics get in the way of a relationship and making the choice not to discuss politics, setting it aside if they vote differently. I'm curious as to how you would go about fettering out not only how they voted but additional information such as whether they think Trump is a good guy, if they side with rioters at the capitol, how they view Black Lives Matter. Are these questions you would pose to a potential spanker right quick? Therefore being able to determine from the start if they are safe and then proceed in developing a relationship?
  6. My primary interest in spanking is for stress relief. And there's a lot that goes into it. With a spanker, I feel safe and cared for. I've given him control. I have a busy brain that I have trouble turning off. A spanking clears my mind. It's a time when I can't stop thinking for a little bit. It's freeing. My attitude changes; I feel calm, relaxed, recharged, energized, motivated. I also enjoy the aftercare and being comforted which allows me to be close to my spanker, have bonding time and process the spanking. And, one of the best feelings is being left with a red sor
  7. Not a silly question at all. Politics is an interest to me and religion is a part of my life. However, those are two topics that I don't find relevant in everyday conversation, at my workplace and with a potential spanker/spankee. However, I am looking for more of a spanking relationship. As such, I want to personally communicate with a spanker/spankee and really get to know them. This may eventually include talking about politics, party affiliation and religious beliefs. With that said, I keep an open mind. I enjoy and welcome different views, deep discussions and learning about
  8. Yes. I need and want to cry during spankings. But I can't seem to get there no matter how hard the spanking. I may swear, but I don't cry. In general, I don't cry easily. I like to rebel and control. I bury my feelings. I suppose I'm interested in crying during a spanking because I want to know if that will give me the full benefit of it. Will there be a greater emotional release and a complete satisfaction through crying. I can't help to think there is something more to crying during a spanking that I'm not understanding. Is there a better setting, style, approach, minds
  9. A paddle with holes is the only inplement that has made me attempt to resist a spanking that's already begun and plead with my spanker to stop.
  10. As a spanker, I start with hand spankings and my go to implement is the hairbrush, mostly because it's easier to control. As a spankee, I prefer hand spankings; I like that it's more intimate and differs in sound and sensation while my bottom can be massaged and rubbed in between spanks. I mostly fear the leather belt. I have a heightened anticipation seeing my spanker wearing it, then hearing the buckle being undone, pulled through the belt loops, and wrapped around his hand. Lastly, I'm with @REALTEARS on the paddle with holes...wicked!
  11. I've met several from the site whether it was to spank, be spanked, have a casual drink or meal. Meeting other spankees in person, talking, and sharing spanking stories is always fun. All good experiences. I've become more careful; meeting only after taking time to establish communication and a connection. I'm grateful to the site for providing this forum to interact with others :).
  12. My boys 'helping' me decorate the tree. IMG_7666.JPG

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Jenna1220


      @Chawsee I agree.  Always excited to help with just about anything; they are trusted buddies.  

    3. Jenna1220


      @dmirk Glad life has turned around for your daughter.  And she sounds very smart (animals ruling the world, love it).  Draugr is family!     Sleeping spine to spine...you've got a new best friend.  

    4. dmirk


      Yeah.  I miss him.  

      He’s nutty as a fruitcake and excitable but he’s a really good dog.

      I’m looking for a dog now. 

  13. Hi Jenna i could of played golf Wednesday 

    1. Jenna1220


      I've been considering it too billy.  Almost 50 degrees here today!

    2. dmirk


      It hit over 60 today.  Went out playing Christmas music on the boardwalk.

      I have my dad's last set of clubs but haven't played for a couple of decades.  That will have to change.  

      I'm pretty bad, but it's still fun.

  14. Le vice anglais...bien sur. Welcome :).
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