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  1. Happy thanksgiving... or for the lucky ones a spanksgiving.



    1. Jaded


      Happy Thanksgiving 

    2. countspankulot


      You don't want to mess with that turkey!

    3. George Lust

      George Lust

      Thank you for your "special" Thanksgiving wishes.

      Some time ago, one of my dear friends hosted a Spanksgiving celebration for a number of our mutual gay friends. We had a fine, catered, meal with all the trimmings. The play afterwards was superb. Thanks.

  2. Nothing like a business partner stabbing you in the back and creating rework of plans....then 24 hours later realizing they made a mistake wanting to "talk".  Really?  My wife is spanking me to relieve stress...let's work that in the negotiations.

    1. AfterGeometry


      Sounds like he should be a soon to be EX-business partner.  

  3. Reached a turning point last night with my wife.  She seems to be figuring out my needs after years of trying and talking.  The spanking sucked but I woke up this morning thankful and happy.  She's not on here but I would end this with "I love you" if she was.

    1. Gator


      congrats man. that sounds like progress. baby steps. keep going!

  4. Lost my temper...get a message from my wife "apologize before bed and we will talk about it later"

    Talking involved a wood spoon, wood paddle and lexan paddle.  The only thing she actually said was "laydown" and "your done".  Not much of a conversation. ?

    1. cowboy


      I get spanked for losing temper, snapping and swearing too.  Not much conversation here either. 

  5. The simplicity of a relationship with spanking.

    1. Break a rule and confess.

    2. Wife says you are getting spanked Wednesday.

    3. It's Wendnesday and the matter is now closed.

    1. AfterGeometry


      That sounds a little too neat and tidy.  When things run too smoothly, perhaps it's time to throw a wrench into the works and see what happens.  ;)


    2. Somthingrandom


      Planning Christmas with which families on which days is enough variety in life right now.

  6. Public Service Announcement:

    In case anybody is wondering...a rubber two tailed twase hurts! 

    My wife decide to "make a point" with it tonight.  That "point" being she knows it is "effective" and demonstrated it as a deterrent for some specific future behavior that is a concern.  I would put it second to only the bathbrush.

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    2. Somthingrandom


      I should expect an observation like this from you @AfterGeometry.

      Well to be honest I find most detailed stories and reasons, etc. to be closer to fantasy than reality.  Most of our reasons are normal and most of the spankings are pretty boring from a story telling point of view.  If I wrote a book about our spankings it would be like reading legal reviews.

      But if you must know I have a tendency to linger in bed in the morning and begin to get myself in trouble with my phone or acting out on depression and anxiety, or just plain acting inappropriate...etc.  We have found when I get out of bed and start my day more quickly, my days go better.  So the general idea is "get out of bed or I will...".  See boring.

    3. Somthingrandom


      @AfterGeometry if you wish to read more...I plan to write a part II with an update be time has not permitted.


    4. Bflogirl


      I bet it does! 

  7. "I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened."  Mark Twain

  8. For those that read my other status updates...last night hurt, point made, and she made it clear what my priority for change needs to be.  Now I have to spend all day sitting on planes...but I am avoid Michigan this time ;)

  9. While the check in with my wife was mostly good and I am getting much better on certain goals, she pointed out one I had been procrastinating on that was important to her also.  I had gotten a couple small punishments while she gave me a chance to get serious.  Long story short, it is now zero tolerance and I am getting a spanking tomorrow night for not getting serious on my own and to "set the bar".  I am in for some rough weeks ahead.

    1. AfterGeometry


      Did you just completely drop the ball and forget, or was it gnawing at your mind and you just chose to ignore it?

    2. Somthingrandom


      Well....Let's just say I was prepared to discuss it.  It was not unexpected and I agree this behavior needs to change.  So I just need to suck it up and make it happen.

    3. LateBloomer


      I've had a couple of those things - I happily played ostrich with lots of learned helplessness - my mentor took a tough stand. It was rough for a while, but I my eyes don't itch nearly as much now that my head isn't stuck in the sand.

  10. I am about to sit down with my wife and do a check in on "the process" (our word for our brand of DD).  As I wait for her I reflect on how far we have come in our marriage...the good and bad.

    But over all things are really good and for that I am thankful.

  11. So.....

    my post yesterday was a little premature.  It was made up for just now by knocking my rear end all the way back to yesterday.  :unsure:??

  12. So a word of wisdom.  If you are given a non-spanking punishment and don't quite take it serious...things can escalate quickly.  Just found that out the hard way the "non" part can disappear fast.  ??

    1. Bflogirl


      Yikes. Always take it seriously! Happy healing. 

    2. George Lust

      George Lust

      Would agree with this assessment; even a sensual, non-punishment, spanking is something I take very seriously, and I will hope the ee would also do likewise. Remember the first letter of spanking: s for seriousness.

  13. That moment when you walk into the room and see "it" out...and you know what is coming. Then you think..."did I do something wrong" "is it for fun or just because"...and she is still putting the 2 year old to bed.  I guess I will just wait.

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    2. AfterGeometry


      Glad to hear....cheers

    3. Bflogirl


      You are a lucky boy! 

    4. Somthingrandom


      I do consider myself blessed to have a wife who after all these years embraced this.

      With that said...this was one step below a punishment level. Her shoulder hurt so she used lighter implements and learned how to flip her wrist at the last minute...she also read a book recently about positions and does not let me "cheat" anymore by getting out of position a ltitle bit.  Let's just say she is now VERY effcient in getting a point across.

  14. My wife and I have been discussing her taking more initiative to instigate punishments.  Today I told one of those small lies to my son to get him out of my room without a fight...my wife decided it was too much and took initiative tonight....:unsure:...I am now going to bed with my rear ?.

    Be careful what you ask for.

    1. AfterGeometry


      Don't lie to your kids.  Easy one to remember. 

  15. Just got asked "so how intense should this spanking be"...talk about a way to mess with an ees head there.

    1. michgal.k


      Someone asking you to *top* from the bottom?

    2. Somthingrandom



      It was a fair question in the context of it was a 'just because' spanking and it had been over a month.  I responded after some groaning that I don't know how to respond...and she said, "I'll figure it out"...and she did very well.  :unsure:?

  16. Happy Birthday.

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    2. Powpaulie


      Thank you, my SN friends!  Yes, I enjoyed a wonderful birthday. I didn't get to really celebrate until yesterday - with a margarita!  

    3. AnnieMia


      Margarita's are great for celebrations! I celebrate with them all of the time. ?

    4. Powpaulie


      I had another margarita on Thursday night - day after Valentine's Day!  Woohoo! I could celebrate my bday all month long! LOL

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