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  1. I find this thread interesting from a different point of view. First, I don't have problem with people in "professional services" or charging for a service if there is a level of competence and some form of accountability. As far as spanking "pros" there are good and bad. Just like there are good and bad in any profession. I do not understand the strong objection to them by some. Rather I would prefer to see those that have seen pros legitimately rate and comment on them for those that do not have a spanking partner available to them who may consider that approach to thier need.
  2. Anybody tried out a naighty stick from cane-iac? Looking at the dimensions I am curious on the sting versus thud. Anybody got experience? Just curious before dishing out the money. One of many they have: https://www.cane-iac.com/items/naughty-sticks/spankmelikeyouloveme-detail.htm
  3. So for all you nayspankers out there regarding jeans. It was part of role paly and exploring some psycology and emotions where "bare" would not feel natural. The spanking was jist part of the means. The end was emotional and psychological exploration via role play.
  4. Crap I meant to say rivets...not gussets. Now I look like a moron.
  5. So I was inspecting our paddles, brushes, etc for damage and noticed these small circles. Evidently when my wife spanks me in my jeans it leaves an impression on the paddle too. Not sure anybody else has this problem 🤔
  6. I wrote on this in a blog back a couple years ago. Probably should revisit it more extensively and detailed. Link below. A general premise though is redefining it to include growth for the purpose of salvation.
  7. I agree. I downloaded "video to mp3 app" then took spankings with great audio converted them to mp3. Most viedeos on spankingtube can be downloaded directly and other streaming sites can be downloaded or stripped on a third party website. The app also allows amplification of the sound during conversion. You get those more muffled scoldings. It also will also do those cool sonographs and you can cut out parts you dont like.
  8. We have costumes...so not a problem there. Where we have hit a wall are things like we are uncomfortable doing student/teacher leading to sex for example. Although we do role play those spankings they dont lead to sex. We are discussing boss secretary but reservations for various reasons. We are also both math/engineer/business types...so creativity is not our strong suit.
  9. Looking for roleplays for spouses that transition from funishment to....ok sex....without breaking character too much. All ideas are welcome! Help a brother and sister out.
  10. Anybody here do roleplay for discipline using a "form"? Me and my wife, who are not great actors to begin with, are doing more roleplay with spanking. She is a teacher so some roleplays are a little easier for her. Does anybody else use a form for thier spankings (teacher or other role play)? ie. Referal for spanking, report for spanking, etc? I found some online but interested in other experiences out there or the forms you use.
  11. As a parent of elementary aged kids AND regular spankings it is a fine line. You want your kids not to grow up with an idea ot is taboo...like we did, but also not be traumatized by knowing it at the same time. We will probably tell our kids at some point. Hopefully wjen thay are older but ealier if they find out and have maturity to comprehend it...but we are not going to bring it up ourselves. We did have one kid try to walk in on us WAY after bedtime while I was getting disciplined. He was sick and threw up so came looking for us (in my sound proof basment office). I am good a
  12. If it was certain in-laws thier spouse would get the meanest implement I could find for Christmas.
  13. There are alot of posts on spanking phrases but part of the dynamic can also be the ee apologizing, excuses, or maneuvering for either no spanking or a reduced one. What are the best phrases, excuses, arguements, contrition, etc you ever used or heard from an ee?
  14. 5 to 10 minites of constant spanking would not be short from my end...the bottom emd that is.
  15. With kids in the house appointments are the only option.
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