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  1. https://disciplinedhubbies.blogspot.com/?m=1&zx=7b4ac72c347dffbe
  2. Check out the folks at disciplined hubbies blogspot blog. I am pretty sure they people there know/knew her.
  3. TJ Max usually has somthing. They also have some interesting wood spoons. We got an olive wood spoon there once that has both good sting and thud. Wife uses some for almost every spanking.
  4. We have discussed spanking games before but I am looking for just one sided ways to have spanking games. In other words only the bottom gets spanked and not the top. Looking for fun and creative ideas without getting complicated.
  5. @leighaddyTiH Thank you for the kind words. Feel free to PM me if you have questions or want to dog deeper, ever situation has nuance. Be careful and find balance. But most of all stay true to your faith.
  6. @Tony Conrad not sure what you are replying to. I think the previous poster was just responding to the blog post not your comments. Clarify if you wish.
  7. Some where between the point you trust them to respect your position, but before you get married.
  8. Mmmmm....as a devout practicing catholic I both agree and disagree with the advice as stated. However, the devil is in the details of her situation. If she wants to reach out to somebody who she can relate to and coming from a similar approach while have no other motives or intentions I am open to it. Have her PM me. Asking if somthing is a sin is a little less cut and dry than that.
  9. I will comment in a couple differant ways. 1. I am of the opinion anytime you are figuringing anything out it is ok and sometimes required to talk your religious or philosophical beliefs. All three major religions in the world espouse the belief that religion should permeate every area of your life. The humanist movements perspective of religion has a place and the rest of life (human) another place is not consitant with any religious belief I am aware of. 2. To figure out if CDD is permitted in Christianity you have to define it. Much CDD you find is the male partner dominating over the female partner using the verse "wives submit to your husband". As in the blog I will only deal with married couples. If the wife is being forced or coerced by this verse then it is not Christian. Submission comes voluntarily from the submitter not forced. I suspect for many this is an excuse for the male partner to oppress his spouse. However, if the submitter voluntarily and without pressure submits for the purpose of growing in holiness that I believe it could be Christian, but you would have to take a more Catholic or Eastern view of salvation and not protestant (PM me of you require a deeper explanation of this statement). The general idea is "yes God saves your eternal soul but you are still responsible for your temporal mess and you should work on it with His help". If using DD helps you to grow and clean up your mess while growing in holiness then yes it would be permitted. Just like fasting or other forms of mortification (mortification of the flesh is a lost art that all three major religions allow - western culture has dropped it slowly since the renaissance since we are now "enlightened" - a point I take issue with). If CDD is defined this way then a scriptural and traditional arguement can be made (for both spouses for those that have F/M DD). If CDD is the man oppressing thier wife then no and IMO a very serious issue. 3. Reading the story about your mom and how it had an effect on you I am at a loss for words. I can only say that thier is a place for you to come home to. The explanation provided by the priest irked me some as it is not quit correct and in an attempt to comfort you made it worse. CS Lewis in his dialog regarding life and death discussed how we all will die but that was not God's plan. Christiany does not see death as an end but the next step. God did not take your mother but did accept her with open arms at that time (it sounds like she was a believer). Death took your mother and will some day take all of us. Is it unfair? Yes, all life is precious regardless of circumstances surrounding death! However, God has done (Jesus) and is trying to be with us as history plays out so we have hope. Anyway I will stop now. Feel free to PM me if you want to go more in depth or want somebody to talk to.
  10. There is some observation bias. Here is what I mean. There are alot of Hispanic spankos if you know how to google in spanish....there are a ton. Probably same with Asian but I dont google in any of thier languages. I would think for black spankos you have a differant but similar problem of just not being around them enough to notice. Also, with the conscious or unconscious social bias that black men are aggressive, mean, violent, etc. They are probably more likely not to say anything publically making them harder to find. I am not saying that is right, but maybe the current reality. I am not taken aback by them but I will admit I dont know any personally. I assume they are out there. I am usually only taken aback by old white men who talk and act in a way that seems appropriate. Has more to do with thier language and demeanor than race or age.
  11. You make a lot of general statements that are not always correct. With that aside I will address one point. Most guys wont engage with other guys for the same reason you don't. They are there for them and care nothing about you want or need. They have an ideal or fantasy and you are an object to help them pursue it. I generally wont let a guy spank me because I dont trust them. I find it easier to build trust with women. I would spank a guy under the right circumstances but he wont be humping my leg as we do it! For me spanking can be non-sexual. I have chatted with women on here and not at all interested in sex. For me it is about context. If the ee needs it to be nonsexual I need to either be of the same mind or not engage. For me recieving is non sexual and very psychological or emotional. The key is to distinguish motives of the person. Trust your gut. When in doubt just walk away. Women tend to build trust quicker with each other than men and trust is key. So it may appear in your comparison it must be sexual becuase men wont spank men (and many times it is) but it is also men dont build that kind of trust with each other like women generally can.
  12. Relationships are hard no matter what the topic. Even in marriage you run into topics, even when disclosed, that require work and commitment. Kids, careers, spanking, pets,...I could go on for a while. It all requires work and commitment. I disclosed to my wife when we were engaged. She thought "ok no big deal" but then it was. Neither of us really knew what that meant. We went through a period of no spanking, to "never again" (which i replied not an option), a year of marriage counseling (this was one of many items) to a semi-satisfiying DD arrangement. We grow, learn, and develop together. That is a real relationship. It is work, but anything in life worth anything is worth working for. As a side note we also went from wanting a big family to only one to now having 4....and we still enjoy the activity that "could" make number 5. It is a struggle but the right person is worth it for the 90% of the time that is not sensual, spanking, or sex. Now if I can just teach her to make gravy like my grandma.
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