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  1. What Do You Tell Yourself When Times Get Hard?

    For my self care I listen to music, read, and pray for good weather so my kids can go outside. I also make it a point to stop mid morning and mid afternoon at work and just go for a walk by myself and just focus on what is important (God and family). I also do construction on the side and will spend Saturday with just me and my tools...unless it is a crawl space, then I will bring my son along.
  2. Punishment that match the crime

    @redzonedefense_F Thank you. On 1 the stairs idea is an interesting one. For 3 my wife is not a fan of spanking me for things against her and is reluctant to use it for punishment, but will consider for things not involving her. Hence this conversation. With all that said these are becoming rare but old habits are hard to break.
  3. Punishment that match the crime

    @redzonedefense_F Well I have been informed some of my actions are not technically misogynistic but sexist against women (evidently there is a technical differance)...but for our purposes I will lump together. Keep in mind this is based on our moral standards. Some of this may seem "normal" male behavior to others. But these are few habits me and my wife agree need to be "worked" on. 1. If I see a woman in public who is positioned in a way I can see up her skirt (sitting on stairs) I will move around discretey to see as much as possible. 2. With out thinking about it I tend to treat coworkers differant. I am aceppting of male coworkers taking more risk than female and I check in on my female coworkers more versus trusting male coworkers. 3. Rolling my eyes when plans change because it is "that time of the month". No need to go on. These are all things I am trying to work on but still find myself doing from time to time. Ideas ?
  4. Punishment that match the crime

    @redzonedefense_F so I assume "do something only women do" means I have to get my own coffee in the morning? Just kidding. I find that idea intriguing actually but one of the ways I have tackled this so far is me and my wife don't always have traditional roles...for example I do most of the laundry and I don't "watch my kid"s I take my turn being a parent. But I am curious what some other things could be...I honestly don't think about it that much. If you (or any woman on here) could say "if he would expierience..." he would understand better what it is like or how we feel. Preferably something achievble...saying something like "childbirth" would not be helpful.
  5. Punishment that match the crime

    So aside from spanking there are punishments that "fit" the crime. Foul Language = Mouth Soap Staying out too late = Grounded Anything for doing somthing mysoginist in nature? I was raised this way and have worked hard not to be or behave that way in the past few years...however I sometimes slip up. We are considering adding it to the list of behaviors that receive a non-spanking pumishment...but curious if anybody has one "that fits the crime" (no sexual intercourse or chastity punishments...that is differant forum)?
  6. Intimacy in the dialog

    Well don't envy too much. My wife is not 100% comfortable...that is why she wants to understand it more...which requires me to ask "why?" To myself. I will say she is a good a sport so far it has not been easy or quick...was years into our marriage before we made this progress.
  7. Valentine's Day

    It might be appropriate....I mean I have been married and romantically involved with mine for several years and I am 800 miles away this week for work and got her nothing...so maybe, maybe not. All depends. I would not. But read the previous statment as to the value of my opinion regarding valentine's day.
  8. Intimacy in the dialog

    So me and my wife have been discussing various topics. One I am trying to unravel is the "voice" and "dialog" before, during, and after the spanking. I have discovered (slowly) that it means almost or more in some situations that the spanking. Don't get me wrong, it does not work without the spanking. For example, I find myself liking when we have dialog or see videos that have the following situations with out realizing it: a husband/wife in real life (claim to be), usually a dd scenario but not always, the dialog before, during and after seems real to the point I will stop and just listen to the audio. I actually rate and catalog videos based on the quality of the verbal interaction (believable, not acting, etc) rather than the visual. My wife asked my why and why that aspect was making the brain wake up. To be honest...I don't know and until recently have not thought too deep. Anybody else here have ideas or have a similar proclivity? Ideas?
  9. Spanking Positions

    I was thinking something more like this (copied from "bonnie" off the my bottom smarts blog) The Splits – This is an odd position that works surprisingly well. The spanker sits cross-legged in the center of a bed with pillows behind his back for support. The spankee then positions herself on her stomach with her legs straddling her partner. Pillows beneath her torso are helpful. Short to medium sized implements work best. Interestingly, the spanker can easily employ an implement in each hand for rapid fire spanking Kind like a comfortable wheelbarrow where the spanker can just spend some "quality" time.
  10. Spanking Positions

    And I thought I was being clever.
  11. Spanking Positions

    Your only limited by your creativity and physical ability. Maybe we should make the kama sutra of spanking positions...
  12. Site Rule: Therapy vs Erotic

    Ok, I'm out. Best of luck to you.
  13. Site Rule: Therapy vs Erotic

    I don't understand your obsesson with labels? Why does it need a label? Why does all this matter? This important because anytime psycology (or a corporate organization for that matter) starts to label people you inevitably partially categorize people. The DSM definitions change periodically (hysteria as a diagnosis for women for example). So I don't get from reading your whole thread why it matters. Also, BDSM has a differant social definition than medical...as does lots of things. What is your point other than you don' think we need a separate erotic section...ok, but for some people it is not or not the aspect of TTWD we want to discuss outside our partners. We are a community of individuals with like interests who support each other...not medical lab rats with tags.
  14. Site Rule: Therapy vs Erotic

    So let me put another viewpoint. I enjoy this forum because I can come here and engage without getting into erotic conversations or distractions I morally find offensive for my personal life. I rarely go to the erotic forum unless I pose a question myself (because it does have an erotic element in our marriage). One of the great things about this forum is a place for people to discuss this without pornography all over the place...the Internet has plenty of those already as an alternative to this forum. You will also find alot of people here who enjoy spanking in non romantic and non erotic aspects....sure some say everything in life is sexual...but that is a theory not something that is proven. This is a place for grown up discussion (most of the time anyway) about a mutual interest among a variety of people who don't always want to see it eroticized and turned into a frat house. Sit back and watch for a month or two and you will find the tone here differant...and some really good, knowledgeble people...except some, you figure those out too.
  15. Birthday Spankings

    You can always do unbirthday spankings!! @michgal.k sounds like she is familiar with the concept....or just gets spanked alot.