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  1. The most honest psychotherapist I ever had was the last one and she said "I don't think I can help you." Honesty. And the drugs did not help either; most had side effects worse than the depression. From what you have said you have both dysthymia and clinical depression. One thing I would commend to you is to take a look at cognitive therapy. The pioneers of cognitive therapy are Aaron Beck and David Burns who both worked at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. While it is not a cure all I have profited a good bit from working through Burns' first book, Feeling Good, and it is still easily available in paperback and hard cover. No one has ever hit so close to home in explaining what happens inside my head when depression looks out at the world. Has it fixed me? No. But I have lived with this for fifty years and am still alive so that alone is a triumph. Give it a try, it may help you too. Beats drugs, failed therapists, and a dead life. . . ..
  2. All spankos can relate to this one. Anytime we hear "normal" people speaking about some aspect of spanking it triggers special thoughts in us. And when I hear any extended conversation I often wonder if that person, too, has the same proclivity.
  3. On average two or three times a month.
  4. Welcome and remember just about everyone here was in a closet at some point. What kind of music? Brahms and Haydn? Pop country? New age? Solo and ensemble? Choir?
  5. Just came on board and trying to figure out how all the bells and whistles work here. Lifelong happy spanko looking for friends and ideas.
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