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  1. Wood paddle or belt?

    I prefer the belt, it leaves bruises easily and doesn't hurt as much, so the spanker can think it is more effective than it actually is. (less spanking if they think it is working well) The paddle doesn't leave as many welts or marks but hurts WAY worse!!
  2. Punishment Spankings

    Hello! I am in a wife led marriage. I am the male sub and my HOH is at a point where I no longer need micro managed. I am responsible for chores and meals as well as shopping. Saftey (doctors appointmenst, seatbelt speeding etc) and NO DISRESPECT. Domestic-discipline.net has been a helpful tool for building our foundation and contract. They also have a few books available. non sexual real life DD. After My HOH buying their book I have found myself writting 100's of lines for not taking the trash out etc, and a bar of soap in my mouth for pre-spanking cornertime when it is verbal disrespect or disobedience. Our spankings are always private though I have been threatened with a paddling in front of guests if I act up... I'd never make that mistake!!! This all sounds very tedious but our home functions much more efficiently and our intimacy and respect for one another is through the roof compared to our "prior to contract" lifestyle. Be more than happy to answer any questions or ask my HOH for you ☺
  3. Spanking for Results

    ABSOLUTELY. Spanking can be very affective when administered properly & seriously. You could set up both dietary and exercise related, daily goals. Being very firm and "no excuse" approach at first will yield the best results (though it may seem strenuous) then a few weeks from now I bet he won't even need spanked AT ALL!!!
  4. In trouble, and nervous. How do you accept punishment?

    Can't believe I messed up again already. My chores and attitude have improved for the most part but disrespect is about to get my butt in trouble again 😭
  5. In trouble, and nervous. How do you accept punishment?

    My HOH had a a very deep talk about how not respecting her leads to not doing chores and ultimately disrupting the harmony of our home and she said if you still arent "on board" you will be in about 20 minutes, we are having this talk today because you are to be punished and there is no ralking your way out of this one." She was so stern I was blown away, I really felt cared for though? it was kind of a weird epiphany. very good at coming up with a number and sticking to the plan no matter how much I wiggled or begged. "I need you to hold still for saftey reason, move again and you will be getting 10 more" etc. I finally stopped clenching and fighting it and completely let go somewhere around #45 and was not moving or fighting at all by #50 She has turned into quite the effective disciplinarian, and instituted a zero tolerance moving forward, which sounds very beneficial in the long run.
  6. In trouble, and nervous. How do you accept punishment?

    But yes... I still wiggled too much no matter how hard I tried. I heard "I need you to hold still" probably 6 times durring the 50 spanks
  7. In trouble, and nervous. How do you accept punishment?

    I don't want to go through that ever again. Holy shit. The lecture, corner time, paddling. ALL OF IT. I will behave.
  8. Fast or Slow Spankings

    fast! get it over with already 😭
  9. What if you disagree?

    I'd rather have immediate punishment with the very slight chance that someday a human may punish and later realize it was mistake, rather than wait forever to get on with it and make %100 sure that the offense was completely my fault. Different strokes for different folks. However I always deserve mine and it's typically and accumulation of infraction and not just one mistake.
  10. In trouble, and nervous. How do you accept punishment?

    It appears my thoughts are selfish. I am not even thinking about how frustrating it must be for my HOH to have to deal with this issue again. I will try my best to fully submit. Thank you for the constructive criticism
  11. What if you disagree?

    In Domestic Discipline questioning your HOH is detrimental. Very rare 1/100 punishments you may not agree with and it's best to at least submit to it as role affirmation . If at later your realizes you may not have beem in the wrong and the HOH apologizes, I think it's best re-assure them that it was still a good learning experience for trusting in them and their decision making.
  12. In trouble, and nervous. How do you accept punishment?

    The pre-talk went well. I obviously got quiet and had a few "butterflies" when she said... "Do not make any plans for tomorrow. We need to deal with the consequences of your actions as of late" And then the waiting. It seems like a good idea on paper untill I'm standing in the corner with a bar of soap in my mouth. When she tells me to rinse my mouth out and come with her for my spanking.... I sometimes regret ever signing my consent of submission. I know its in my best interest and that I am improving as both a husband and a person in general. Not a pleasant feeling when the time to take care of business comes!
  13. Shit hit the fan last week and I got a little too mouthy with my HOH. Informed of a spanking and mouth soaping for tomorrow, and I am anxious awaiting the "talk" How do you deal with nervousness? How do you submit to punishment without wiggling and apologizing in hopes that it ends...?
  14. Female tops/spankers - the penis

    Never been over my HOH's knee... seeing how I am bigger than her. We have a birthday spa king coming up (which is more so for fun/maintenance) I think I will request at least trying over her lap. I do feel the intimacy, humblness, and admiration no matter the position