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  1. ForeverHerLove

    Is it domestic discipline or FLR

    If an flr uses punishments, then IT IS considererd by "definition", domestic discipline.
  2. ForeverHerLove

    Is it domestic discipline or FLR

    Domestic-Discipline.net also categorizes Female Led relationships AS domestic discipline.
  3. ForeverHerLove

    Is it domestic discipline or FLR

    Flr.com Is the world main source for flr info/ training, they are the site that has the 4 stages and tons of published books, dating sections, forums, training videos etc. I'd say if you have any questions about flr go check them out.
  4. ForeverHerLove

    Is it domestic discipline or FLR

    FLR is usually a style of Domestic Discipline. (With an exception of stage 1 flr) Domestic Discipline types ARE : CDD, traditional Male led, female led & Spencer. There are also 4 stages of flr.. Stage 1: is simplistic. It could just be that t he woman pays at restaurants, makes you hold her bags and makes basic top decisions. Stage 1 does not practice any discipline at all. Stage 2: is more important female decision making and punishments Stage 3: is much more control. financial control, sexual control, punishments etc Stage 4 is full blown chastity and cuckolding, slave master etc Hope that cleared a few questions up!
  5. ForeverHerLove

    Male Spankees and Female-led Relationships

    Fulfilling yes. We seem to get along much better (for the most part) under this dynamic. More intimate, and she runs a tight ship. almost a full year now, always room for improvement but I feel like we are trending in the right direction.
  6. ForeverHerLove

    Male Spankees and Female-led Relationships

    We are absolutely in a FLR with my partner as the HOH. It's not for kink or bdsm or fun, at all. I thought it sounded fun at first.... nope. Domestic Discipline. Stern and Loving lectures, with expectations of good results. Anytime punishment is warranted I will be begging and promising by the time it's over. Mostly chores, health, saftey (seatbelt, leaving the oven on etc) honey do list once a week (on top of chores) and disrespectful words or tone warrant a spanking/corner time. For small reminders loss of privledge, and line writting work as deterrents.
  7. ForeverHerLove

    Ever Hid an implement from your top? Did it end well?

    I didn't "hide" the riding crop, but I moved it thinking it was the worst implement. I had received 85 snaps of the riding crop the previous week and I put it in a different room than our spanking bench so it would be less convenient. So, I broke a rule, and we went to the room where punishing takes place "pull down your pants, and bend over" next thing I hear are 30 hard ones with the paddle!!! Much worse than 85 with that measly little whip.... (when I am being punished I remain in position untill my HOH lotions my backside and tells me to come sit with her on the couch) SHE DID NOT TELL ME TO MOVE AFTER THE PADDLE. She left to find the riding crop and upon returning gave me another 50 with the whip. "I can tell that the paddle is more effective, but i love how this sounds. You will not move it from this room again".... before lotioning and excusing me. It was the first time I had the paddle, and certainly not the last. I still regret moving her crop that day.
  8. ForeverHerLove

    Am I The Only One?

    ðŸ˜ĢðŸ˜ĢI ALWAYS have to strip nude. Won't even let me keep my socks on. 🙁ðŸĪ
  9. ForeverHerLove

    Advice on discipline husband

    In my opinion, Even lack of respect or missed chores deserves the paddle or belt. Not sure if a hand spanking is VERY effective for a grown man. Go hard on him, the more effort you put in now the less work you will have to do in the future. During a spanking a man will start to apologize and plead, after he stops pleading (and possibly starts crying) that is when discipline BEGINS. You will not harm him by pushing him. For a nude picture I'd be given at least a 30 minutes nude corner time. Very severe spanking. And then email a pic of the spanking results to the women he messaged. Hope that was helpful. Best of luck
  10. ForeverHerLove

    Are you into spanking ?

    All relatable. I got my girlfriend an honest belt (with an outfit) because i thought she needed one. She said "thanks, can I take the buckle off of it?"
  11. ForeverHerLove

    Never Ever Have I...

    Never have I ever felt a cane 🙃😀
  12. ForeverHerLove

    Have you ever asked a friend to spank you?

    it's always nervewracking to start this topic, whether it's a friend, stranger, or even a spouse. After you have opened up it will become more casual to talk about. If this is something you think you need, you trust them enough to at least discuss it, come up with the key benefits beforehand, and at least see what you friend has to say. If it is beneficial and you make very good points/suggestions I'm sure they will at least consider it, and ask questions via conversation... the worst that can happen is you end up with a stinging butt! I don't think a friend would abandon you for seeking their help. Goodluck!
  13. ForeverHerLove

    dd novice seeking advice

    Yes, the HOH would be the disciplinarian. Some couples opt. to try the "Spencer plan" with common rules and punishments for both partners... however the HOH has got to be ready to take on the commitment of leading. They have to hold themselves to higher standards and self motivate. I'm sure their job is just as hard (IF NOT HARDER) than a subs job. In my experience, if the HOH makes a mistake a genuine apology (and possibly) a card or small gift/favor will easily make ammends for a HOH mistake, especially since they are very infrequent.
  14. Shit, is this really happening. Why did I agree to this I don't want to be in , this position again owe okay I can make it nope, owe, I wish it would stop Never again. I'm going to complete all of my chores from now on. Owe, holy shit, okay okay Is it over? oh thank goodness *long hug* My HOH must really love me and care for our home, this can't be easy. I will do better Wow I'm really lucky to be loved this much.
  15. ForeverHerLove

    Something that I just do not understand

    In my case, spanking is not only stress relief, but actual discipline as well. For it to be effective I can not have control of the situation. I trust my ER and gave full consent via contract, when I make a costly mistake and have to submit to an agreed upon consequence I would not be able to withdraw consent in the heat of the moment. I know I am safe and loved and forgave consent, even if I feel like revoking it mid spanking... it feels better when it's all over with. I'm sure people who use spanking for erotica or spanko's have different standards than that of a person in real life 24/7 dd