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  1. 104 How are spankers winning? I thought there were more ee's?
  2. In my opinion. It is part of you, you have known this for a long time. She should accept that. Approach the topic by asking to read a book/blog together on the topic so she can better understand and take you seriously and realize that it us very real. Worst that could happen is you spend time bonding together and have am honest discussion.
  3. That's very familiar. We were almost at a breaking point with chores and such, tension and could shoulders. I'd take a few tears and amends over those old feelings anyday. Not to mention the benefit of cleanliness, less arguing and increased intimacy. Hope you both benefit greatly
  4. I think it does create a certain admiration for the work that the female HOH puts into the relationship. The care and effort put into improving our lives, both through intense physical activity and also very thought out lectures and writtings. It is a different type of love, but it grows stronger and draws more respect each time.
  5. Disrespectful tone of voice, disrespectful actions.. always the worst
  6. Married Flr dd bottom here I suppose. Feel free to chat for support, comments etc. Welcome!
  7. 75, 100 ,100 Read his body language but remember not to go too easy. Correct the mistake, make good on the promise.
  8. Everything being mentioned sounds so negative. In a loving domestic discipline flr the relationship and intimacy are largely increased. Most men who have submissive tendencies actually feel most loved when serving, and it creates a sense of peace and harmony if the natural roles of both partners connect in such a way. Everything is normal every day life, this is not slave labor, just typical household duties that need attention and it's not like the Head of household doesn't help... they just choose who does what and what rules they want to enforce to increase the harmony bet
  9. If an flr uses punishments, then IT IS considererd by "definition", domestic discipline.
  10. Domestic-Discipline.net also categorizes Female Led relationships AS domestic discipline.
  11. Flr.com Is the world main source for flr info/ training, they are the site that has the 4 stages and tons of published books, dating sections, forums, training videos etc. I'd say if you have any questions about flr go check them out.
  12. FLR is usually a style of Domestic Discipline. (With an exception of stage 1 flr) Domestic Discipline types ARE : CDD, traditional Male led, female led & Spencer. There are also 4 stages of flr.. Stage 1: is simplistic. It could just be that t he woman pays at restaurants, makes you hold her bags and makes basic top decisions. Stage 1 does not practice any discipline at all. Stage 2: is more important female decision making and punishments Stage 3: is much more control. financial control, sexual control, punishments etc Stage 4 is full bl
  13. Fulfilling yes. We seem to get along much better (for the most part) under this dynamic. More intimate, and she runs a tight ship. almost a full year now, always room for improvement but I feel like we are trending in the right direction.
  14. We are absolutely in a FLR with my partner as the HOH. It's not for kink or bdsm or fun, at all. I thought it sounded fun at first.... nope. Domestic Discipline. Stern and Loving lectures, with expectations of good results. Anytime punishment is warranted I will be begging and promising by the time it's over. Mostly chores, health, saftey (seatbelt, leaving the oven on etc) honey do list once a week (on top of chores) and disrespectful words or tone warrant a spanking/corner time. For small reminders loss of privledge, and line writting work as deterrents.
  15. I didn't "hide" the riding crop, but I moved it thinking it was the worst implement. I had received 85 snaps of the riding crop the previous week and I put it in a different room than our spanking bench so it would be less convenient. So, I broke a rule, and we went to the room where punishing takes place "pull down your pants, and bend over" next thing I hear are 30 hard ones with the paddle!!! Much worse than 85 with that measly little whip.... (when I am being punished I remain in position untill my HOH lotions my backside and tells me to come sit w
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