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  1. Not often, but there are times that I just don't have anyone to spank me and yearn for some well heated buns. Of course we all know that self spankings pretty much suck by comparison to the real thing, but when my own expectations are set, I do find that the bare minimums (get it...BARE minimum?) can be met. To help overcome the problem of giving up too early, I use an app on my phone that I sit down and quickly modify to how much I want to endure. This way at least, when I hit go, everything is pretty well scripted out for me. This helps in many ways, including forcing me to keep pace with the plan, thanks to both the visual and audible cues. Here's how it works (and please see the screenshots below)... Get the Seconds app on your phone. Create a new timer (I have used custom in the past, but find that circuit is a bit easier to set up and manage) Give the timer a name, e.g. SpankingNeeds Add the number of sets (just like any workout), so I default to 3 Add the number of exercises -- here again, I default to 3 -- then name them a friendly name (Hand, Strap, Paddle...). Also set the color that you want to have flash on the phone. Split the interval between left and right so that it will force you to swap left and right cheeks on time, giving you the option to set how many seconds you would like between each! And finally, set the beats per minute that you would like for the cadence (beeps). Randomize the order if you like (just a swipe option) Set your desired rest between intervals, between sets, and warm up and cool down time. Enable text-to-speech with whatever other options you like (I used count) Now just run it when you are ready, able, and willing! I prefer to set the Get Ready timer to something like 60 seconds. As soon as it fires off, Siri tells me to get ready and how long I have to do so is on the phone. I immediately hop up and run to my spanking area to assume the position (bared, etc..). So just hearing that voice is a great start. When that timer is up, I hear the next phase and implement, just as I entered it (with whatever randomization if I opted for that), with a visual cue as the screen color changes. It even tells me when to swap from side to side, even giving me a few seconds to do so! Having the voice, the time, adds to my own self-awareness and self-discipline. And with the cadence keeping pace, I am compelled to comply with each hit, better matching what a real disciplinarian might dish out. So this clearly aids with the mental state, thereby reducing the amount of cheating -- I often push beyond where I might otherwise stop, driven by the audio and visual cues and applying the discipline as though it isn't me actually doing it.
  2. I have been into spankings as long as I can remember. I guess I thought that my own spanking needs might subside as I grew older, but that has certainly not been the case. So here I am, in a totally vanilla marriage, with not a hope in hell that she will see to any of my needs or desires. Sure, I can beat myself silly from time to time and even pay for a professional disciplinarian a few times a year, but what I am really after is a spank buddy. If you are in the Atlanta area (north of the Perimeter preferred, as it creates more opportunities) and would like to start down the road of building an enduring spanking relationship, please get with me and let's see where it goes. My ideal person would: Live relatively close to Roswell / Alpharetta Be able to host (though I can from time to time) Require no sex acts Be a true lifelong spanko, like me Be female, but also open to males that meet all my other expectations Look to form a long-term relationship, as I can see us getting together no less than once a month, likely bi-weekly. Anyway, there's more on me in my profile, so if you are at all interested please check me out. If nothing else, it would be great to continue to make friends and perhaps somewhere down the road our paths cross.
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