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  1. The song isn't about spanking, but "Smoking in the Boy's Room" has honest-to-goodness paddling in the music video. Presumably as punishment for the offense in the song's title.
  2. Interesting, that might be my best option. I'm not much of a gardener but I'm told I'm good at following directions.
  3. I'd rather have something less intense to create micropunctures. Don't think the paddle is a good option
  4. So...puncture with an irritant? Definitely sounds extreme
  5. I've been interested to try nettles mostly out of curiosity. I don't think they grow in my part of the US, or if they do I don't know how/where to find them. Craig's list? Otherwise, what's a way to simulate that feeling?
  6. Second the bath-brush--I use to not think much of it because I had a short one with a weird head, but once I got a traditional one I was very surprised at how overwhelming it was.
  7. It's sitting at 33%, might be the site acting up again. Was the message too long perhaps? You can try breaking it up or using pastebin.
  8. It would be better to PM me this. This is going to get out of hand if people keep jumping into the debate. I disagree with your characterization of everything, but that's something we can discuss in private. Also, I've already explained how pure my intentions were. Shouldn't that absolve me of all responsibility for everything I say?
  9. I wasn't trying to attribute the "worst possible motives" to you. I found your reactions very strange, and wanted you to think about why you might have decided to respond in the way you did. Regardless of my intentions, I wasn't helpful to you, and I only made things worse for you, and I'm sorry for that. My intentions don't matter. Your intentions don't matter, no one's intentions matter here. I really was trying to be helpful. I was hoping you'd follow up with "After thinking about it, I shouldn't have made unnecessary comments. I'm sorry" but I shouldn't have expected tha
  10. Exactly. Someone who has been a professional for any length of time has almost certainly dealt with plenty of inappropriate behavior, and harassment. Any sex worker is going to have to learn how to wrangle problem clients. If she's experienced, then this behavior has to be pretty fucking bad to warrant going to the police and telling friends. If she isn't experienced, that's a different story, but it's still not helpful to point out how common this sort of thing happens AFTER it happens.
  11. It shouldn't be a surprise, and it likely isn't a surprise to anyone. What's your point? It's generally not surprising when an adult loses a parent. It's generally not surprising when a spankee gets abused or assaulted during a meetup. The statistics are certainly different, but I wouldn't say it's a "surprise". Again, why point out obvious, irrelevant facts when someone is looking for emotional support? Do you think anyone on this site doesn't know that sex workers have occupational hazards? I imagine he might if this were a site dedicated to firefighting, and his FRIEND wer
  12. #1, Most women in male dominated fields experience a lot of harassment. She could just as easily experience similar harassment if she drove an actual cement truck. #2, Why add the last part of this post at all? Do you make a habit of making similar comments whenever someone is a victim of an occupational hazard? If a cop gets hit by a car, do you make similar comments? I'd do heavy soul searching to find out why you felt the need to post this. The appropriate response when someone talks about a suffering friend, and condemns a type of horrible behavior, is not to point out that behavior i
  13. Having some alcohol in your system lowers your inhibition, which can be helpful for self-spanking and the like. Obviously there's an additional safety risk, so you need to plan ahead, use very stable positions, etc.
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