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  1. Thanks Davyd. .I'm 5'10 160 lbs. Not too big. It just helps if the guy is somewhat big and strong. I don't want to give you the impression that I fight like a banshee or anything. Just need someone that knows how to handle a brat that resists. Motivation is the key, really. Some spankers really get off subduing brats that resist their well earned discipline.
  2. I am a straight male spankee needing serious disciplinary spankings. Non sexual spankings. Originally I had always preferred a female spanker however there are not many around. So I tried males and now I think I prefer them for a simple reason. They are (generally) bigger and stronger and mean business when handing out an otk spanking. I have a big problem resisting - hopping around, kicking, covering my bottom with my hand, etc. And a good strong male can handle that stuff and give a very hurtful and memorable spanking. And that is very very important.
  3. I'm embarrassed to say but I try to resist somehow like a child. I can't help it. It seems so natural - it hurts so you want it to stop. So I squirm and hop all over his lap. Try to put my hand back to cover my bottom. Kick my legs. Say anything to make it stop. Really embarrass myself. It takes a good spanker to overcome this. There's not many in Denver I found. But success comes with overcoming these difficulties (pinning my wrist to my back, blocking my kicking with his leg, etc) and I end up truly defenseless. And hurting. And learning my lesson. Truly something to admire in a good spanker
  4. EE looking all around for an ER here in Denver. 😑
  5. Denver brat needs serious discipline.
  6. Total Bottom. Prefer a big strong man but that's only because the women I've had either weren't strong enough or had trouble controlling my hopping around or holding my hands out of the way. Difficult to do otk also.
  7. I like what Lydia said. My spanking always starts otk with undies up. That might be all of it. But when the -ER really wants to teach me a lesson at some point the undies get jerked down suddenly with force. It always is startling and really embarrassing and reflects his power and dominance and total command over me. Here I thought it was over with my bottom already throbbing. But now I learn things were just getting started. ICK!
  8. Need disciplinary master to encourage good behavior. Spanking, humiliation, forced sissy wear, corner time, etc.
  9. Boulderspanker, you sound awesome. I am in Denver. And I need your therapy. How do i contact you?
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