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  1. I was not aware of this scandal. This villain made his followers take naked saunas and go without chocolate. Abuse of power indeed! Sounds like many a good old Anglo eccentrics' scandal of days gone by. Good to know there'll always be an England. Three cheers for Borris. May he crack down hard on the real predators and enemies of freedom and democracy.
  2. Enjoy spanking my romantic partners, always with a protracted warm up and slowly increasing intensity so they have plenty of time to tell me to stop. The first time I stopped on my own I was told. "I could have taken more". That was an eye opener. When I need it I see a pro - female only.
  3. Wow. Did this assault occur in private or were there others present?
  4. Soul Christmas, Phil Spector's Christmas Album, Cool Yule, Beach Boys Christmas, The Christmas Song ( Nat King Cole). Engelbert's next. All on vinyl!
  5. Make sure you keep in touch with them
  6. Ha! Carry On Governess! Anyone remember the Alice Keir-sutherland Society?
  7. Great band. Everybody's Played the Fool was theirs. Wait maybe it was Give a Toast to the Fool. Somebody help me.
  8. If you can find it, The Temptations, a made for TV dramatization had everything, soul-pop music, artsy camera work and rags to riches to addiction and suicide story line.
  9. Great choice. I owe a lot of my hearing loss to the stooges.
  10. A wise man (Marvin Gaye Jr.) Said it best. Believe half of what'cha see an' none o' whatcha hear.
  11. Wow. Thanks for sharing that gripping account. Guys are insanely sexual. Some of us have control most of the time, some don't. People who tell you men and women are alike are idiots.
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