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  • About Me: I'm a college student, raised in a conservative home in Oklahoma and yes, my bottom was disciplined when needed, growing up.� Interests:Someday, I hope to meet a man that, even though he is the head of the home, gets that with me, it is all about the tone. I prefer a soft, gentle, kind, loving, caring, understanding, empathetic approach- not harsh, angry, stern yelling, strict or mean.... even though the discipline itself might be very hard. (Again, I am speaking about tone- which should not be confused with the discipline itself).� I also enjoy good role-play. Will play most scenes, though I esp enjoy playing younger ...but have only one major request. Again- it is all about the tone...as shared above. Gentle, kind, loving, caring, understanding....� Pet Peves: Please don't be offended, but my number one pet peve is when people page to chat...but then have nothing to say- so they ask the same basic questions over and over in different ways: How are you? How have you been? whatcha been up to? whatcha been doing? how was your weekend? how bout 13 weekends ago? One time is ok- glad to answer! but when same q is asked over and over, it tells me that you have no idea what to say and are just wanting me to lead the conversation till you can figure it out. Sorry, I don't lead. After 3 of these questions, I usually just ignore you. Forgive me for this. � Oh- �and when I say I am ok (or okay), that is a good thing. �Don't make it sound like I said life was awful. OK means just fine. No, I am not bubbly over-the-top, oozy-goozy fantastic. �I am ok, which is good!- �Just let it go! Not in to the whole slave/master games- �more interested in a true leader in the home that i can love and respect- and yes, who will discipline me when needed and set boundaries. Other conversation stoppers include...so..what shall we talk about? ��Here on line, I esp enjoy chatting about CDD, HoH and 1950s style traditional family roles (though that was long before I was born!). I do hope someday to be in a marriage where the man is the head of the home. No, I am not dating anyone right now- but I also am not really looking for real life right now either. 
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