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  1. Summer 2023 is going down in the books as being the BEST summer EVER!! It has been one 🔥hot🔥 summer of lots of bun warming, toasting and roasting...over Daddy's knee, over uncles M & M's knees, too...at workshops, at our own private spanking parties...in the mornings, afternoons and evenings...about every couple of weeks! All I can say is 

    Sore bottom, happy heart! ❤

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    2. Powpaulie


      And it isn't quite over 😄  Just one more sleep and I'll be over Daddy's trusted knee!  Yay!  So far, I've been a good girl which means no punishment spankings,  just some good ole spanking fun!  Can't wait! 😍

    3. nicoleS39


      Very happy for you!

    4. Spanknutt


      I'm glad you are able to participate in spanking activities outside of your primary relationship. It make things that much more fun.

  2. Powpaulie

    Paulie Chiquita

    This is my new album, since I can no longer upload to my PowPaulie album.
  3. Quick!! What are the type of misbehavior that get y'all bottoms in trouble? I need to earn a punishment spanking by Monday! 

    I need some ideas!!!  😁😄😄
    (Yes....halfway joking....halfway not!)  

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    2. Powpaulie


      @FtWorthOTK55 Definitely disrespect.  And this post here did seem a bit premeditated (well...yes, it was) and Daddy didn't appreciate the attitude in which I spoke with yesterday. I've definitely earned myself a punishment spanking 🥺

    3. Bramblewine


      @PowpaulieTo put googly  eyes on the implements, you have to have access to the implements when the top isn't there. I do not.


    4. michgal.k


      Seriously? This is like shooting fish in a barrel. Where to start? Well, hiding things is a good bratty move and easy enough for beginners. Take tbe batteries out of their remotes. Set the child lock on their TV. Switch their cell phone to Hebrew. Take a pic of their cell phone and after they leave, send the pic to their phone, telling them they left it behind, set their alarms around the house for 1am, make a fake silver amber alert ( about them) and send it to them....I've got a million of these.

  4. Said like a sassy little one: I ain't lying!
  5. While I was over UncleMatt's knee, Daddy was spanking a friend as he was also sharing a story. Daddy happened to use the F-word and cheekily said: "Daddy! Language!"   Daddy handed a wooden paddle to UncleMatt and asked him to give me 5 good ones with it for being cheeky and also for interrupting him when he was sharing a story.   UncleMatt gave me the 5 good ones and soon after again I cheekily said: "I got the 5, Daddy...I hope you learned your lesson!"  Hehehe!  I'm glad to have made UncleMatt chuckle, cause that remark probably would have earned me another 5 more good ones! 😁

    1. TxSpanko45


      This seems awfully cheeky to me. Your Daddy & Uncle Matt probably should’ve BOTH spanked you TEN TIMES each with that paddle, but that’s just my opinion 🤔

    2. Powpaulie


      10 times each? 😳 That would be soooo owwiiieee! 

    3. TxSpanko45


      As I previously stated, just my humble opinion😏

  6. I do have a couple of local spankers, but every couple weeks my main spanker who I refer to as Daddy comes to visit. It's been awesome to be getting a spanking every couple of weeks 😄
  7. Oh, wow! It's been a long while since this (re-)introduction!
  8. How do you know you might be in trouble for something? 

    The way I can decipher is when I am not called by the usual sweet names "baby" "Chiquita" etc.  and also that there are no exclamation points like "You did good, Little One!" but instead there is nothing at the end...and it looks rather plain: "You did good, Little One"  and also the lack of use of emojis in text conversations when there usually are loving, happy emojis.  Yeah....today I am not getting any of those things.  So for sure I must be in some trouble.... Ugh.  But I don't feel I should be in trouble. Oh well...just one more sleep and all will be made right 🙂🥰 I can't wait! 

    1. BlazinAngel


      I can tell when I'm being called young lady or girl. Normally it is hon or babe. 

      Young lady and girl are usually followed by I'm going to call you for a session. 

    2. Powpaulie


      @BlazinAngelI usually get "young lady" in normal conversation.   But anyway, turns out that I was in some big trouble, but after explaining myself I wasn't in trouble for what I'd been in trouble initially. I spent all day with the feeling that I was in some big 💩 - when there was hardly anything to be in trouble for afterall - that truly sucked!   That's okay.  As the saying goes: All's well that ends well. 

    3. rubyredd


      It has been so long since I have been in trouble, I am not sure I would recognize the signs. 

  9. Powpaulie


    Powpaulie's pics 🍑👋🏽👋🏼👋🏻
  10. A reintroduction, if I may.... I'm Paulie from San Antonio, Texas. Last time I introduced myself, I was seeking a mentor. I did find one. He was good. Then he was in need of a break. A few months after i found a mentor who is 4 hours drive away. He is the father figure type, so I call him Daddy. He gives me the very same treatment as he does his very own daughters. This coming August will mark a year of that very first spanking from Daddy. I've only had 2 spankings from him. The 2nd and last was in October. Soon after that visit from him, he changed jobs and just wasn't able to drive this way. Then this whole COVID19 happened and had made things even more difficult to meet up. He's more the hands on type and I'm glad. I have tried self spankings and though I can get in the right headspace for that it still isn't the same as being over a lap. I'm not seeking a mentor, since I have 2 (my Daddy and a German uncle), but it would be great to eventually find a local er that I can report to for spankings when I'm needing it, especially when Daddy and I can't meet for him to toast my buns. I've been needing a good sound spanking for a long while now, but I'm in no rush to hurry over to the next available lap. I like to get to know my spankers first and like to see if we're on the same page. I only seek firm and sound spankings, nothing sexual. I'm married and am faithful to my husband and I want to keep it this way out of love and respect for him and for myself.
  11. Weird question, huh? But sometimes I sit in church and my mind wanders away with questions. I see a stern faced deacon with a thick belt around his belt and wonder if he's used it on his wife to keep her in the straight and narrow. I see the worship director swaying his hands as he's leading the songs and wonder if his hands have been used to smack a bare bottom. I hear the pastor mention the word discipline in his sermons and I wonder if he'd ever like to discipline the flock. I wonder how many of those church folk I see every Sunday have accounts here or other sites. There's the pastor of my childhood who I'd consider a spanko, just because I've known him to smack the butts of a few....smacked mine for leaving service in the middle of singing songs, smacked a friend of mine's bottom for missing some church services, and even smacked a colleague of his on his birthday! Haha! Sometimes I wish I'd never moved away and still be under his guidance and leadership! Oh, well....
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