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  1. Yes...i have a Daddy in my life.  No, he isn't possessive. And by possessive I mean we aren't exclusive to one another.  There are other girls he spanks. There are other spankers who spank me. Together we still get to be Daddy and Chiquita...and that means the world to me.  

    When I first got into this being spanked business, I always thought spanking should be for discipline.  The only way a spanking would make sense to me is if I had messed up and needed a spanking for correction.  But these last couple of years I've understood that I can get a "just because" spanking...not because I've done something wrong, but just because I simply need a trusting lap to go over...to know that someone cares, not just to discipline me, but cares enough to meet this need of having a warm freshly spanked bottom.  I've finally begun to understand the phrase "Wanna play?" when before that was a bit off-putting, but now, it's like, "You gotta lap and palm...i got a butt....sure, let's play!" 😊 (Of course the trust has to be there, though.) 

    I'm glad to have a Daddy who encourages me to go on and get that, even if it isn't from him....so as long as I stay safe.  I'm also happy to have a supportive husband who doesn't completely ubderstand this need of mine, but is okay with me getting this need met. 

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      Thank you for sharing your experiences!

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