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  1. A little update:  I've been spanked once a week for the last 3 weeks. At first, I was thinking that maybe it's a bit much, but it has turned out that it's been exactly what I've been needing.  These spankings that been a bit more than just maintenance spankings, because they're more of the disciplinary type.  On the 1st spanking, we pretty much were trying out a new paddle that Daddy had shipped over to me from some paddle maker...but also for me having told Daddy that he and uncle were "boys" (yeah...never doing that again!).  On the 2nd and 3rd spankings, I've been paddled with uncle's holey paddle...and I'll continue to be getting a weekly paddling until I've improved in some areas here at home that need improvement on (as far as getting my place cleaned up and then maintained that way).  I can say these paddlings are working because so far so good, I've been getting things done.  

    This is pretty much how things are going here.  I am sure that my husband will be very happy with these improvements. Can't wait for him to come home!  (He's been out trucking since end of June.) 

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    2. Spanking_ATX


      That's great! I'm needing to connect with someone myself.

    3. Powpaulie


      The weekly spankings ceased....3 weeks ago ?.... 

      It was great while it lasted...hopefully spankings from uncle will start happening again.  We'll see. 

    4. Spanking_ATX


      Am I your uncle? Lol!!

      Fingers crossed that you get what you're looking for!!

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