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  1. Weekly spankings?  What are those??  LOL!  Yeah...an "uncle" plans on moving to my city...possibly even getting a place at same complex where I live.  He made mention of the possibility of weekly spankings.  Wow.  I don't even know what that will be like! I'm used to the occasional spankings every 4 to 6 months. Getting spanked on a weekly basis?  That will certainly be different! 😬

    1. Gator


      Im sure you two will figure it out, meeting for a weekly spanking can be quite the commitment for both parties. The last time I had a regular 'ee we ended up on an every-other-week schedule and that worked well for us. Have fun!

    2. Powpaulie


      Not sure I'll need it that often, but we shall see.   Every other week sounds so much better to me! 😄

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