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  1. Outdoor spankings....wow.  Those sure have a different feel to them, don't they?   Experienced a bit of that on the weekend before my birthday.  Daddy and I met at a park.  And there on a park bench Daddy turned me over his knee, flipped my skirt up and spanked my bare bottom!  I remember looking up towards the road nearby and seeing a guy on a bike and I was like, "Daddy! Daddy! There's a guy! On a bike!"  Daddy let me up. Not sure the guy saw anything. But what a thrill!  LOL! Before parting ways, Daddy had me lean over a brick wall/banister by that park bench to give me a few more spanks with his hand.  Can't stop thinking about spending time with Daddy last month.  Got the best birthday spankies!  

    Next time I meet with Daddy won't be as fun, though...He's having to deal with me...firmly and sternly. This isn't something he can just say, "Go get your butt spanked." No. This has to be given by him. I've had an attitude towards him. I've been a bit disrespectful while having an attitude. A painful lesson Daddy needs to teach his little one. A lesson Daddy's little one needs to learn. 

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