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  1. Discussion is taking place of what to expect the next time I meet with Daddy. I'll be getting spanked bent over the bed next to another spankee. I've never experienced that before. This won't be for fun. It will be for discipline. Have been told that having someone else there not just witnessing, but also experiencing the correction alongside of me, that it will help make a bigger impression and help the lessons I'm being taught to actually stick. Opinions? Have any of you been punished next to someone? What is that like?
  2. Hi! Good to see you here! We follow one another on Twitter! Unfortunately I'm no where near Pennsylvania. Oh well.
  3. Out of curiosity, here's a question for you:

    How did you come across this spanking site? 

    As for me, one day a few years ago, I typed in the search engine "I need a spanking" and spankingneeds popped up.  Haha! Soon (after having plenty of communication with a local spanker here) did I have a local mentor who would meet with me to take care of these spanking needs of mine. Not sure I've ever thanked the admins for keeping this place running for us spankos to have a place to meet and chat about like minded topics here....so... Thank you!!! 

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    2. josef336


      Similarly for me,  I was googling, trying to find a spanking site devoid of ads and click bait, and hopefully a thoughtful site on spanking and possibly an avenue to meet real people into this.  I was also on SIN a few years ago, which was helpful and had a nice CHAT feature, but it lost a lot of members and morphed into something called SPANKO.NET which I had trouble navigating the site, searching..etc.

    3. FtWorthOTK55


      I am not sure.  I was on this site way back in 2007.  I was under the name Loves2SpankOTK55 at that time I think.  Something happened a few years back and I had to change my password every time I went to log in, so I created my current FtWorthOTK55 profile.  I talked with a few people back in 2007 I ended up meeting later on in real life including you, my dear niece.   

    4. Am123


      I found the site in maybe like 2010-11, but was too scared to sign up.

      Got reminded of it last year on a spanking group on fetlife and then joined up

  4. I wasn't in trouble for being awake and up past my bedtime. It is understandable that I had to pick up my son from work last night.  But what I am in trouble for is for having been online past my bedtime.  Daddy said I need to be reminded with the hairbrush to not be online past my 10PM bedtime on a work night.  He said the spanking doesn't have to be long and drawn out, but that hairbrush should be applied with concentration to my tender sit spots....whether it's over his knee or another spanker's knee he said, but that it should happen soon.  It will probably not happen any time soon.  My bottom is safe for now! 

    1. rubyredd


      Bedtime is soooo hard, though!

    2. Powpaulie


      It sure is hard, especially when you want to be online and not miss anything!  LOL!  Social media is so addicting!  But yes, I've been pretty good following my bedtime.  I goof up every now and then, but I'll be paying for that. 

  5. Weekly spankings?  What are those??  LOL!  Yeah...an "uncle" plans on moving to my city...possibly even getting a place at same complex where I live.  He made mention of the possibility of weekly spankings.  Wow.  I don't even know what that will be like! I'm used to the occasional spankings every 4 to 6 months. Getting spanked on a weekly basis?  That will certainly be different! 😬

    1. Gator


      Im sure you two will figure it out, meeting for a weekly spanking can be quite the commitment for both parties. The last time I had a regular 'ee we ended up on an every-other-week schedule and that worked well for us. Have fun!

    2. Powpaulie


      Not sure I'll need it that often, but we shall see.   Every other week sounds so much better to me! 😄

  6. Results from Sundays spanking. I still got more of Daddy's belt soon after this photo was taken.
  7. Received 2 kinds of spankings on Sunday afternoon/evening...one was a relaxing spanking which was amazing.  The other was a severe punishment spanking.  I needed it.  I'm thankful it happened. I'm also glad that the connection with this mentor that I've been calling "Daddy" since 2019 is still there.  We're hoping he can visit a couple more times before this year is over.  We shall see.  

    By the way, I brought along 2 OTK paddles to meet with him. He used both, plus his hand and belt.  Ouch!! 

  8. Guess who's getting spanked Sunday afternoon?

    Yep!  ME!! 

    There will be firm, but relaxing spankies....but there will also be long and hard discipline spankings, which is just what I've been needing for a while.  I am happy, because I'll be going over a knee that I've missed so much! I'm excited, too!  I'm also a little nervous and somewhat anxious, because I know I'll have to sleep on my tummy on Sunday night. There for sure will be lots of hugs/cuddles and booty rubs during aftercare!  I can't wait! 😊

    1. jelena53


      Good Luck!!   Hug you!  I am proud of anyone who accepts hard disciplinary spanking.  

    2. rubyredd


      Have fun!

    3. Powpaulie


      Thank you, @jelena53and @rubyredd!  I certainly received what I had been needing.  Ouchiiieee!!  

  9. Lots going on in my life.....except spankings!!  Oh, but I get my 2nd dose (vaccine) today!  Hopefully that will open up for many opportunities for spankings. We shall see. 

  10. How many of you ERs out there suffering from "itchy palms"? 

    Heehee! 😁 I'm just teasing! 

    No, but really... is an itchy palm of hand (or hands) a good description of/for an ER who is just dying to get out there to get spanking?   It does sound about right, huh? 

  11. I had a birthday last month. There were no birthday spankings.  Which is okay, I guess.  I spent my birthday being very busy with vanilla things and spending the day with my kids.  I just didn't want to stop for a moment to think about the previous plans that had been made and had been canceled.  Can't blame me, huh?  Can't sit around thinking of the what could've been. There's just no sense in that. You just have to move on. 

    1. Itsonl7633


      I can relate, my birthday last year, had to work and it was over before in blink of an eye, no time to do anything not even get a birthday spanking even if it were possible. Oh well it happens. 

    2. Powpaulie


      The birthday spanking for this year had been well planned.....that is until the one I called Daddy decided he was leaving the community for good and he said goodbye to me.   I do understand why he had to go and I do respect his decision, but of course it did hurt.   I didn't really have a plan B for a birthday spanking, so I just got myself busy with my kids doing vanilla things as a distraction....so I wouldn't sit around all sad that my birthday plans had been canceled.  

      There's always next year, that's for sure! 😃

    3. Itsonl7633


      Well that's a bummer, yes definitely there is always next year :) especially at a site such as this. I used to place ads for birthday spanking in Craigslist but nothing would ever happen from that. This year am off so can try to plan something. 

  12. Daddy told me Goodbye on 1/20/2021.  Yes, it broke my heart 💔, but I understand it's for the best for his family and mine.  Plans for a birthday spanking from him have been canceled. I don't plan on getting a bday spanking this year after all. That's okay.  NOT in search for a Daddy either. I don't want to go through any more heartbreaks like that.  I still need spankings in my life, but I'm not going to let that need consume my life, nor my thoughts.  I need some balance. I will find it. I'm also reconnecting with some vanilla friends and will be getting back to what I've strayed away from: my faith.   

    1. Wifey


      Regardless of the positives it still hurts. Let yourself feel your feels. It sounds like you have a new direction and I wish you well!

    2. Powpaulie


      Thank you, @Wifey☺  I've been considering leaving the "community" as well...but I still feel that spanking is something I need in my life that I can't walk away from.  But I do need to find a balance. I can't let spanking consume my thoughts...and my life.   Doing my best to find that balance. 

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