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  1. How many of you ERs out there suffering from "itchy palms"? 

    Heehee! 😁 I'm just teasing! 

    No, but really... is an itchy palm of hand (or hands) a good description of/for an ER who is just dying to get out there to get spanking?   It does sound about right, huh? 

  2. I had a birthday last month. There were no birthday spankings.  Which is okay, I guess.  I spent my birthday being very busy with vanilla things and spending the day with my kids.  I just didn't want to stop for a moment to think about the previous plans that had been made and had been canceled.  Can't blame me, huh?  Can't sit around thinking of the what could've been. There's just no sense in that. You just have to move on. 

    1. Itsonl7633


      I can relate, my birthday last year, had to work and it was over before in blink of an eye, no time to do anything not even get a birthday spanking even if it were possible. Oh well it happens. 

    2. Powpaulie


      The birthday spanking for this year had been well planned.....that is until the one I called Daddy decided he was leaving the community for good and he said goodbye to me.   I do understand why he had to go and I do respect his decision, but of course it did hurt.   I didn't really have a plan B for a birthday spanking, so I just got myself busy with my kids doing vanilla things as a distraction....so I wouldn't sit around all sad that my birthday plans had been canceled.  

      There's always next year, that's for sure! 😃

    3. Itsonl7633


      Well that's a bummer, yes definitely there is always next year :) especially at a site such as this. I used to place ads for birthday spanking in Craigslist but nothing would ever happen from that. This year am off so can try to plan something. 

  3. Daddy told me Goodbye on 1/20/2021.  Yes, it broke my heart 💔, but I understand it's for the best for his family and mine.  Plans for a birthday spanking from him have been canceled. I don't plan on getting a bday spanking this year after all. That's okay.  NOT in search for a Daddy either. I don't want to go through any more heartbreaks like that.  I still need spankings in my life, but I'm not going to let that need consume my life, nor my thoughts.  I need some balance. I will find it. I'm also reconnecting with some vanilla friends and will be getting back to what I've strayed away from: my faith.   

    1. Wifey


      Regardless of the positives it still hurts. Let yourself feel your feels. It sounds like you have a new direction and I wish you well!

    2. Powpaulie


      Thank you, @Wifey☺  I've been considering leaving the "community" as well...but I still feel that spanking is something I need in my life that I can't walk away from.  But I do need to find a balance. I can't let spanking consume my thoughts...and my life.   Doing my best to find that balance. 

  4. I made a drawing today!  A drawing that I would give the title: Over Daddy's Knee.  Wish I could share it here on this site, but it says the file exceeds the total size allowed or something like that. Oh well.  It was just a sketch of a girl with flowing long hair over a man's knee....a man with glasses...and a fuzzy beard.... *giggles*  I had so much fun drawing it!  I might need to do that again! 🎨🖌

    1. Jenna1220


      Nice Paulie...that bottom looks red!

    2. Powpaulie


      Thank you, Jenna! Yes! That bottom is red....just like it will be next month! 🍑

  5. Daddy lives in Houston area. I live in San Antonio. Last time I went over his knee was in October 2019. Yes, it's been a while....and it isn't because I haven't needed to go over a knee (because I have!) but it's because I haven't been too brave to search for anyone local.  I have a husband who is supportive of my need to be spanked, but won't spank me. Then there are folks who freeze at the thought of having me over their knee because I have a mentor in my life who I call Daddy. If they only knew that Daddy actually encourages me to seek a local spanker who will take me over a knee when needed. Yes, he is Daddy, but he doesn't "own" me. I've had 4 other spankers (2 at a party and a couple others at a hotel)  who's knees I've been over sporadically and not on a very consistent basis since I started calling this one mentor Daddy and he's been happy for me that I got what I needed. He doesn't feel as though his toes are getting stepped on or anything.  He actually feels bad that he hasn't been able to visit at all this year. He tells me he really wishes I'd find someone closer so that I can get it more often as needed.  Heck, it's been 14 months since I've last been over Daddy's knee....what's a couple more months, right?  I'll just have to wait for my birthday to go over Daddy's knee. I'm just not brave enough to search for any new spankers here locally. The spankings I'm usually in need of are the disciplinary kind. I haven't quite delved into the "fun" type of spankings. I'm married. I don't want spankings leading to other things, which is why I've stayed away from "playing". I think with the right person...someone I can trust, then just maybe I can feel at ease to experience funishment spankings, instead of for punishment...but key word: just spanking(s) and nothing else.  

    Just wanted to open up and share where I'm at in my thoughts and what I need. Hopefully 2021 I'll have a local ER to meet with on a more consistent basis,  but still have my out of town Daddy in my life....because I have that connection with him...and I feel that I need him, but I also need spankings....but he's not physically here. *pouts*  Of course this pandemic doesn't help as well. Ugh. 

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    2. dmirk


      You're welcome.

      If you ever decide to visit the Mid-Atlantic area...

      I do have a nephew in Houston.  If I ever get down there, I could use a nice trip to San Antonio.

    3. Powpaulie


      Thank you.  That would be nice of you. 😊

    4. firm_receiving_firm_giving


      I'm in Houston.   

  6. Daddy is taking a much needed sabbatical off social media. That's good. I'm happy for him.  But I'll miss him. That's okay. This is part of self care, I know...and I understand. Can't wait to spend my birthday with him...even if just for a few hours. It won't be just a fun relaxing birthday spanking I'll be getting. I'll also be getting that promised epic spanking. Not what I look forward to, but needs to happen to wipe the slate clean. 2021 (especially February) can't get here soon enough!  I'm so done with 2020.....but aren't we all? 

  7. I've read/heard that for some lessons to stick and be learned, a spanking has to be memorable and for it to be memorable, the punishment given needs to be a bit embarrassing and maybe even humiliating to the point that the EE does not want such a punishment or sets of punishments repeated. EEs, how has your disciplinarian dealt with you that you felt was embarrassing for you? ERs, has there been a certain way you've dealt with your EE(s) to make that punishment memorable? Reason for this question is that Daddy and I have been talking about how to go about my punish
  8. Missing Daddy. Missing the uncles....but mainly missing getting my butt spanked.   I'm looking forward to 2020 being over.  I have birthday plans in February. Gonna spend most of my Bday with Daddy. Yay!   Then come spring time, uncle plans on being in town for a few days. That will be nice.  A sore, warm bottom will be worth waiting for! 😁 Oh, but I can't wait! 

  9. Cool! I'm glad you're getting to know him. If it wasn't for COVID, @FtWorthOTK55and I would have probably met up a couple more times. Oh well. And sure message me any time you'd like. I'm more available on evenings and weekends for chatting.
  10. Tomorrow......this.....🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🍑🍑🍑

    It is much needed.  That's all I will say about it for now. 

  11. After tomorrow, there are only 2 more weekends left before I go back to work. I'm a little nervous, but I'm more happy and excited. Just so tired of being home and not bringing any income. I'm ready to do the job I love and to make money doing it.  Yes, a spanking would be nice before I get back to work. I hope it happens, but if it doesn't, that's fine, too.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Stay safe! 

  12. I have an online spanko friend in Missouri....who I call "uncle".  He asked if I knew anyone out there in that state. I told him I don't, but would check if anyone is out there. He's an older gentleman. Very sweet. He's in need of some spanko friends So, any of you out in Missouri? 

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    2. Davemat


      Yes I am my dear dear little one nothing but love 💕 

    3. Powpaulie
    4. Davemat
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