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  1. @BlackSATX,  hope you are well.   Haven't heard from you in a long while.  Been thinking about you.  


  2. 🙋‍♀️ Hiiiiiii!!!!!

  3. Hey, everyone!  So I'd like to share that I attended my second spanking party ever! It was amazing! At my first party in July I only went to observe and left feeling unfulfilled. This Saturday i was so happy  to be leaving the party with a sore bottom. I was spanked by 2 gentlemen of which one I am calling "uncle" now. I'm looking forward to the next party! 

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    2. gingerlee


      I'm glad you had fun. Someday I'll make one. Was so close to going to a Spanksgiving party but work schedule got me instead. 

    3. Powpaulie


      Yes, you should!  😊

    4. Gator


      congrats Powpaulie that is a big step! I attended a couple of Bottom's Up parties many years ago, great group of spankos, for sure. :)

  4. When was your last spanking? Last Sunday, Oct 13, 2019 What were you spanked for? Bad attitude with my mentor/daddy and a bit of disrespect towards an elder How long was; the spanking itself, the total session including pre, post, and talking/lecturing during? About 45 minutes What implement or implements were used? Hand, hairbrush and bathbrush (belt was on the menu, but not used after all) How many spanks (total) with each implement? Didn't count, but were plenty to get the point across How much did it hurt during the spanking (1 - barely felt it, 3 - mild discomfort, 5 - it really hurt)? It went from a 3 with hand spanking to a 5 with bathbrush - Ouch! Did you consider it a good spanking (pain aside, it was enjoyable or at least not disappointing)? Not disappointing...Daddy gave me exactly what I needed Did you consider it effective (it meet its desired purpose in your mind)? Most definitely! Were you spanked by a partner, totally self, or direct self spanking? My mentor and disciplinarian who I call Daddy
  5. Been away for quite awhile...Hope I was missed!  😉 Anyway, lots has happened since the last time I was here.  My local mentor needed some time off and ask I seek help of another mentor. I did. I had no idea how things would work out, but as of Sept 11, the new mentor is my Daddy!  He's making his second trip today to my city from where he lives 3-4 hours away. In fact, he's just minutes away now! I'm a plethora of emotions right now! Can't wait to see Daddy and get hugs and forehead kisses, but not looking forward to the discipline I've got coming with hand, hairbrush, bathbrush and belt!  Laters, amigos! 

  6. Heard from my local mentor.  He says he needs to visit. I agree.  I've been cheeky with him on a couple occasions and I've even been disobedient. It's time to get me back on track just how he knows how to do it.  

  7. I miss my local mentor.  I understand he's been busy, I really do. Not hearing from him has me rebelling a bit....not entirely in a bad way, but still.  At least, I have an uncle who's coming from out of town to set me straight. Will be the first time getting spanked by him. I am nervous, but I know I need this.  Will be good to arrive to the spanking party on Saturday with a sore bottom, I think...It will leave no room for wanting to "play". I'm not a "spank play" kind of girl anyway. I do appreciate getting spanked for correction and discipline. Only play spanking I've received was on my birthday, thanks to my local mentor... I'd like to keep it that way.  For now, might as well enjoy sitting comfortably while I can! 

  8. Powpaulie


    Sitting comfortably....while I still can!
  9. So about a couple hours ago while chatting with someone I went ahead and told them I needed to log off to get my laundry done.....logged off, but never got out of bed.  Third morning in a row that I tell myself that it's "laundry day" and just no motivation to get it done.  With just a little motivation, I know I can get this done!  .....but where to find it, though?  

    1. gingerlee


      Let me know if you find mine too. It's wadded up, a bit beat up looking and worse for wear as it's been tossed aside many times. It's like new though inside, having rarely been use

    2. gingerlee
    3. Powpaulie
  10. My hubby is mostly vanilla, which is why I have a mentor. My hubby isn't jealous of me having a mentor, because it's just spanking and nothing else. Now I'm not sure how my mentor would feel if I were to be spanked by someone other than him (or my husband). Maybe I should ask? I've had mentors before, but just online....and they've stepped back since I've had a local mentor in my life. At times, I do feel the need to be spanked and when meeting with the mentor isn't possible, I wish there could be a substitute ER. Probably something I need to talk over with my mentor? I think he might not like that. I do love when he calls me Little One. Though spankings occur too many months apart, he's still my mentor. Haha! Not sure I answered the question, or questions! Sorry! As for me, if my mentor had other ladies to mentor other than me, I wouldn't feel jealous of "sharing" him, but I feel I'd like him visiting us equally...giving is equal attention. That's about it.
  11. My mentor has never really specified on a particular style of underwear. That's probably because in the end it's pulled down to knees or ankles. But I will say this: I've always loved wearing undies that will make him chuckle, like character underwear - I've worn Wonder Woman boy shorts before... or like with sayings on them - like some that say "Bless This Mess" or like the ones I got custom ordered that say "Mr(his last name)'s Little One to Spank". Haha! I may need to go shopping for some new undies soon!
  12. I got a sunburn on Wednesday ....and, yes,  I do know why. Instead of getting in the pool with the kids, I sat in direct sunlight on a reclining seat for almost 2 hours.  Doing what?  Chatting away! Was with family and friends and with this one  girl who wants me back in some role playing online family chat. She was determined to have me back, but I was more determined to not go back to that.  I already spend plenty of time online as it is!  Now I have a sunburn on shoulders, upper chest and legs because of it.  I might end getting in trouble for this....that my bottom may end us as red as this sunburn!  I do hope not! 

    1. Davyd


      Well...actions do have consequences... Comparing colors is something that a lot of ER's really enjoy! Keep us posted! 

    2. Powpaulie


      No word on if I'll be getting spanked for this, but we shall see.  All I know is I won't be doing this again! 

  13. Created this meme last year.....
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