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  1. Tomorrow......this.....🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🍑🍑🍑

    It is much needed.  That's all I will say about it for now. 

  2. After tomorrow, there are only 2 more weekends left before I go back to work. I'm a little nervous, but I'm more happy and excited. Just so tired of being home and not bringing any income. I'm ready to do the job I love and to make money doing it.  Yes, a spanking would be nice before I get back to work. I hope it happens, but if it doesn't, that's fine, too.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Stay safe! 

  3. I have an online spanko friend in Missouri....who I call "uncle".  He asked if I knew anyone out there in that state. I told him I don't, but would check if anyone is out there. He's an older gentleman. Very sweet. He's in need of some spanko friends So, any of you out in Missouri? 

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    2. Davemat


      Yes I am my dear dear little one nothing but love 💕 

    3. Powpaulie
    4. Davemat
  4. I've read about some spankers starting to meet with their spankees and most are wearing masks and requiring their spankees to wear masks, too. I've also read that some aren't giving OTK spankings. I met with an "uncle" last month for a spanking. We didn't wear masks. My spanking was OTK the entire time. He had been to a theme park with his daughter that day and the day before, but they've been safe wearing masks around crowds....and so have I and my family. It sure is better to be safe than sorry. I for sure would hate to be the cause of someone getting ill. Hope everyone is playing safe out there!
  5. So when we started talking again, I called him Mr.(LastName) and he told me not to call him that. He said we would talk but not give one another any labels.....yet so far, he's already used a handful of names he would call me when he was my Daddy.  I love that he calls me "Beautiful" and "little girl" and "young lady" and "lovebug"....I did tell him to please not to call me "Chiquita".  I still haven't called him any names. I've only said, "Yes, sir" a couple times.  I want to call him "Daddy" again,  but I feel I can't....not yet....Maybe it's too soon. I don't know. The love and care is there, though. He really never stopped loving me and never stopped caring for me. I feel the same about him. I'm feeling guarded, though. I seem to be shielding myself of another heartbreak, I guess...so I'm being careful. He's very paternal. I'd love to be over his knee once again. I feel that needs to happen before I can start calling him Daddy again.  Hopefully will happen before this year is over....or at the beginning of the new year.  We shall see.....

  6. The ex Daddy and I are on speaking terms.....and I'm so glad!  We might never be in a Daddy/daughter dynamic ever again, and that's quite alright.  I'm happy to have my friend back.   He says he's hoping I get that spanking (this month) before I go back to work, because he knows I need it.  I sure do hope so, too! 

    I'm going to be okay, y'all....but I still need a spanking! 😁


    1. scarlet


      I'm glad you're going to be okay💓💓

    2. Powpaulie


      Yes!  Thank you! ☺

  7. I go back to work right after Labor Day.  I sure could use a spanking (or two! 😉) before then.   I need to use this month to get used to going to bed before 11PM and to waking up at 6:15AM....and to stay awake - no naps.  Need to get back to my work schedule. I also need to eat right.  This pandemic I've been staying up late, sleeping mid mornings and skipping breakfast and/or lunch.  I've also resumed to speeding...not by much (just 5 miles over), but still, I'm in need of some good ole fashion discipline.  I'm hoping that will happen some time this month. 

  8. I've never asked a pastor for a spanking, but I have shared dreams I've had that have been about them spanking me. The very first dream I had was of my new pastors (in a new city) and an old pastor (the one who saw me grow up in my hometown). I remember dreaming the new pastor's wife taking me over her knee and smacking my bottom while her husband watched in disbelief, but then told her not to spank me, but to let my old pastor handle it who was due to come knocking on their door any minute. When the old pastor arrived and the greetings had been said, he took me out into the backyard and into a shed where he hand spanked me over my jeans and then over my panties as he sat on a wooden chair. It was like the realest dream I ever had about spanking! When I thought the old pastor had been done with my spanking, he then ask I turn and bare my bottom and bend over to place my hands on share for the belt. I woke up from this dream making sobbing sounds and rubbing my bottom. I shared the dream with the new pastors first. They thought it was hilarious! I shared the dream with the old pastor. He said I needed to examine my life. He said he felt the dream was more about me getting right with God...."a spanking from me might help deter you from a sinful life, God's discipline would hurt so much worse than what I could ever give," he said. Now this old pastor is known for a very hard hand. I can attest to that! When I was about 20 yrs old, I received 3 hard snacks on my bottom from him. Why? For leaving in the middle of service. I was part of the worship team. One day, after having sung/played a song 3 times in a row and we were about to sing/play it a 4th time at his request, I just put my instrument away and left. He called me the next morning. He ask I show up early the next service to "talk" about it some more. It was a very short talk. He said, "What you did was a bad reflection of me as pastor and was quite disrespectful. You know that to me, you've always been like a daughter, right?" Me: "Yes...and you've always been like a Daddy to me, too." As he hugged me, he landed 3 hard smacks on my bottom and told me he hoped I never did that again. And you know what? I never did. That was about 25 years ago. More recent, a friend was staying with me. She also has a high esteem for this old pastor and sees him as a father figure as well. She had been skipping church at this new city with the new pastors. The old pastor was in town and had asked our current pastors how his daughters in the faith were doing. He had no complaints about me, but said that my friend had missed a couple of services. The old pastor was like, "Oh, really?" He had a little talk with my friend. We sat together at lunch and she wiggled uncomfortably on her seat and she whispered to me, "That hurt." Later on, the current pastor having come back from a convention, shared with us girls about having felt that old pastor's hand on his backside, too. It bad been his birthday. After the bday song had been sung and they stood in line to pick up their lunch, the old pastor had given him a few fun bday spanks. LOL! That old pastor....for him being an old man, he sure does have a very hard hand! Saw him in February. No spankings from him. But got lots of hugs. He also gives the best of hugs. He's in his mid 80s. I still see him as my spiritual father and I still call him Daddy at times. ❤
  9. My heart is on the mend.  Hasn't been easy. Every now and then I still find myself wiping a tear off my face. I'm so grateful to those who have been kind in showing their support. 

    Today, I had a conversation with myself.

    My mind: "Why the hell are you sitting here crying for this  daddy type ER who walked away?" 

    My heart: "Because I miss him!"

    My mind: "Do you see him crying? Do you think he's missing you?"

    My heart: "Well...no...I've seen him being himself. He's clearly moved on." 

    My mind: "You should do the same." 

    I'm doing it. I've stopped crying. Baby steps....but I'm moving on. 

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    2. BlackSATX


      The only tears to be shed are tears of joy, that which is in your heart is never lost. 

    3. Powpaulie


      Thank you, sir.  Yes, you are right.  It's really as simple as closing a chapter of my life.  The ending of this chapter was painful, as it came to a complete half,  but the story within was a beautiful one.  

      I'm ready to start the next chapter(s) of my life....

    4. Powpaulie


      *halt......Not half 

  10. Yesterday was a sad day for me. After almost 10 months of us being "Daddy" and "Chiquita"  it all came to a screeching halt.   It was hard going to sleep last night without his usual "Good night"...couldn't help but cry myself to sleep...and now here I am in sobs just thinking about no more "Good morning" messages from him as well.   To me, he was the most caring Daddy there was. He was always there for me (except for this one week in early March when gave me the silent treatment, because he was too upset with me). It hasn't been 24 hours since our farewells, but my heart misses him so much!  I have to move on. I know I'll be okay, but for now my heart grieves.  💔😢😭  We only met up in person 2 times (August and October of 2019)...that was all. So really I have been missing him for much longer, but now that he isn't my Daddy, missing him hurts so much worse. At least he said: "I ❤ U....so much" before he said goodbye, right?  I couldn't even say it back to him.....but I do love him!  I told him he could go. He couldn't see past 2 huge wrongdoings I did in my life and he was probably ashamed to call me his Little One. He left because of me. I blame myself for this.  I was a stupid girl. I am paying for my stupidity. 

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    2. FtWorthOTK55


      Sorry to hear this.  I wish I could be there for you since I know we have chemistry, but long distance relationships don't work for me.  I still have the same e-mail, loves2spankotk@yahoo.com.


      Your Uncle Cliff 

    3. Powpaulie


      Thank you all for your support and well wishes.   I know I will get through this, but yes, it will take time.  He was a constant in my life...was always there, so of course I miss him so much....but I have to try really hard to just let go. I need to stop thinking about all that we talked about....about things we were going to experience together, because those things are not to be...not with him anyway. 

      @FtWorthOTK55 Thank you, Uncle Cliff. I'm looking forward to the day we meet again. At the moment, I'm really just needing more hugs than anything else, but I'm sure when we're together again I'll also be in need of a knee to go over.  Miss you! 

    4. bare4brush


      hugs you and so sorry

  11. I don't see anyone commenting on here, so I'd like to say something about this: FtWorthOTK55 is the real deal. I got spanked a couple of times by him at a party in January. He definitely will not pressure you to get you over his knee. In fact, when I went to my 1st party in July of last summer, he asked once if I would like to get spanked and when I shared I was just there to observe and that maybe next time I would, he was fine with that. So the "next time" came in January and he asked if I'd like to play a bit....I was so glad he asked! (I can be very shy at times.) I went over a spanking table and he tried several implements on me. It was fantastic! The past part was when I drew up the courage towards the end of the party if I could go over his knee....and we went to "the barn" where he hand spanked me there. Then having to go pick out and implement from the many implements hanging on the wall there and bringing it to him to "drive the lesson" home. Afterwards just to sit there and hug, it just felt so awesome....as though I was hugging an uncle and I told him. It was so awesome to hear that he had felt he same about me as a niece. So there you have it north Texas gals! You have this wonderful gentleman you can trust there in Ft Worth to give you the spankings you're so in need of and desire...whether you want to feel like a little girl over her Daddy's or uncle's knee or just need a good paddling over your jeans, FtWorthOTK55 is the one for the job! I miss you, uncle @FtWorthOTK55! Hope you are well. Hugs!
  12. You know when you were spanked Saturday night/Sunday morning and your bottom is still hurting on Tuesday, that you got a really good spanking!  Ow!! 

    It was such a great weekend! My out of town disciplinarian is now an uncle - yay! (A girl can never have too many uncles!)  It was nice as well to meet up with a local disciplinarian (and now a new spanko friend).  I really do feel like this is only the beginning with these relationships and that the best is yet to come!  It is amazing how a little spanking can bring like-minded folks closer to form an even deeper connection!  

  13. Yes!! Exactly! I always find myself not wanting to be spanked, but feeling this great need to get one. I haven't been spanked since late February, so this need has slowly been transforming into a want. The day is near! I'm getting spanked tomorrow night! Eeekkkssss!! I'm back to not wanting the spanking, but I need it!
  14. Around this time tomorrow I'll be in a hotel room preparing myself for "the spanking of my life".  The implements are packed away in the car's trunk since this morning.  Am I nervous? Yes....very! Am I excited? Sure...just a little bit.  It's been 5 months since I've experienced a sore bottom....so I know I'll be really feeling it and will probably have a low tolerance for what I'll be getting.  There's just nothing in the world like being left with a sore bottom! I'm actually looking forward to that!  

    1. Oracle


      Amazing! Have fun!

    2. Powpaulie


      Thank you!  It won't necessarily be fun, but it does need to happen. 


  15. Just shedding some light here on my current situation: 

    💡💡💡 Spanking coming soon!!!💡💡💡


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