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  1. Powpaulie


    Powpaulie's pics 🍑👋🏽👋🏼👋🏻
  2. When you haven't been to a national spanking party and there haven't been any local spanking parties,  what do you do??  Well, you get a few spanko folks together you feel comfortable with and... you throw a party!  I did!  Best part: Daddy was so supportive and helped make my idea a reality!  Had so much fun! Even check marked something off my spanko bucket list: bubble machine making hundreds of bubbles during the spankings! Yay!  Thank you, Daddy! 😊

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    2. StrictGent


      I'm shocked and horrified that I wasn't invited! 

      Some spanko friends keep talking about getting an Austin party arranged, would you be in for that? I'm not sure where in Texas you are exactly...

    3. Spankmered57


      This spunds like a good ideas and it would be great to do in florida

    4. FtWorthOTK55


      Glad your little get together turned out so well.  A long time ago I found out a party does not have to be big to be good.  Just need the right mixture of people.   

  3. I'm gonna be in soooo much trouble...

    Oh....wait.... seems as though I always am.... nothing new here. Move along. Nothing to see here. 😁 

    1. rubyredd


      Confession is good for the soul... but not so good for the bits that sit. 

    2. Powpaulie


      @rubyredd You're right about that!  

  4. The talking of my spanker while he's spanking me is what makes it memorable...the things they're saying as I'm getting spanked/paddled ....whether it be a lecture during a real discipline spanking or some gentle words during a fun relaxing spanking from someone who cares. Yes, for me, it's the words during that spanking that make it memorable. And yes, "firsts" are memorable, too 🙂 Very true! Firsts just seem unforgettable!
  5. As a spanko female, I really like to just keep it about spanking. One thing that turns me off or turns me away is when I'm asked if when getting spanked do I get any sexual gratification or some ask Do you get wet? Like seriously, those make me think that there's only one thing on the minds of these male spankos who want to spank me to turn me on (or turn themselves on). If early in the conversation anything sexual is brought, I really don't want to even continue the conversation. Surely there are those needs, too...but when it comes to spanking, I want it to be strictly about spanking needs, and not about anything sexual. Unless of course, It's my husband or someone I really trust. Surely I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  6. It's nice for Daddy to say "You're such a good girl" ......even when you're not feeling like a good girl... 🥺🥺 Yeah....just not feeling it tonight.  I've said Goodnight,  but I'm not headed to bed just yet.  I'm sleepy and tired...but feeling restless at the same time. 

  7. So damn tired....and sleepy...but there's no rest for the weary.  I'm the only one home right now and things need to get done....so it's up to me.  Not going to bed...nope.  Hubby arrives tomorrow and I don't wanna hear the griping about dishes in the sink and blah, blah, blah... Tired or not, I'm staying the hell up until all gets done that needs to get done. 

  8. Yes...i have a Daddy in my life.  No, he isn't possessive. And by possessive I mean we aren't exclusive to one another.  There are other girls he spanks. There are other spankers who spank me. Together we still get to be Daddy and Chiquita...and that means the world to me.  

    When I first got into this being spanked business, I always thought spanking should be for discipline.  The only way a spanking would make sense to me is if I had messed up and needed a spanking for correction.  But these last couple of years I've understood that I can get a "just because" spanking...not because I've done something wrong, but just because I simply need a trusting lap to go over...to know that someone cares, not just to discipline me, but cares enough to meet this need of having a warm freshly spanked bottom.  I've finally begun to understand the phrase "Wanna play?" when before that was a bit off-putting, but now, it's like, "You gotta lap and palm...i got a butt....sure, let's play!" 😊 (Of course the trust has to be there, though.) 

    I'm glad to have a Daddy who encourages me to go on and get that, even if it isn't from him....so as long as I stay safe.  I'm also happy to have a supportive husband who doesn't completely ubderstand this need of mine, but is okay with me getting this need met. 

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    2. TxSpanko45


      @PowpaulieThere indeed HAS to be that mutual trust or none of this works. I 💖U so much. 

    3. Powpaulie


      @rubyredd I'm glad 😊 You're welcome! 

    4. Powpaulie


      @TxSpanko45 I love you too, Daddy! 🥰

  9. Definitely! Had an overwhelming day of work last week. Fortunately my Daddy was in town and offered to pick me up from work. Just feeling and hearing his palm smack my bottom was so relaxing and stress relieving. Sure helped my mood! I know my husband notices when I've been spanked how my mood changes. I'm gentler with my answers when he asks a question. He hardly gets an attitude from me. He certainly knows that when i get home from work and for no reason I snap at him, that I'm needing to go over Daddy's knee again. I will share with y'all that this last time Daddy was home, he gave my husband a hands on tutorial on how tp deal with me. Yes, makes me a bit nervous to know that the hubby is getting equipped to know how to deal with me and no longer have to ask: "Do we need to call ______?" (Sometimes i feel he has him on speed dial!) but instead, my husband will most likely say: "Oh? Having an attitude with me now, are you? We're taking care of this right now." I'm almost sure I'll get my bottom warmed up again from Daddy. But hey, the more spankings i get, the less stressed I'll be 😁 Works for me!
  10. Yes, Christian here, too! I've always wrestled with this myself. Being spanked is something I've desired, because it was something I've felt that I needed in my life. Also something I haven't really received from my husband (until most recently). I came into this not even seeing spanking as a kink, but just as a need I had....for correction and discipline. I figured that since it's mentioned in the Bible, then it's okay for me to receive and accept correction. So i continue in my faith and at the same time seek to be spanked. I figure so as long as my husband allows me to have spankers in my life and so as long as it remains just spanking (yes, I do get bare bottom spankings) and nothing beyond that, then it's all good.
  11. Since 2017....when one day I typed in "I need a spanking" and this site came up on my search 😄 I had to learn the lingo! Took me a bit to learn what an EE and what an ER was.... This is where i met my 1st local mentor and met up with him in person. Also have met with maybe a handful of others also in person. I'm thankful to the folks that keep the site running well. I remember some login issues, i also remember some lag....and it was those times that became a bit frustrating and when i came around less frequently. Glad to be here! 🙂
  12. A smiling Paulie over @TxSpanko45's lap.....Yes...definitely my happy place (when I'm not in big trouble, of course!)
  13. Powpaulie


    Hehehe 😆 So....are you saying I'm a doll? 😁
  14. Yep....he does an excellent job 🥺😊
  15. This was a spanking I received from @TxSpanko45(AKA Daddy) yesterday morning as a reminder to not forget my meds. Yes, because the night before I didn't take one of my meds because it was a bedtime med and I wasn't quite ready to go to bed. Daddy said: "Be sure you don't forget to take it." And what did I do? Yeah...I forgot. So he gave me a reminder spanking with his palm and with this hairbrush:
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