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  1. Umm the last and first time I got spanked was very long ago and I don't think I have good experience about it but it was painful and I cried alot.
  2. I do have a relative that will watch me from now on. He will soon spank me and discipline me but im working out on how severe my spanking is going to be
  3. I am soon to be punish by my relative, here im just working how severe should my punishment be
  4. Well the problem with me is i get money from my work and from my parent but i still spend it recklessly. I did study but i failed to do so because of my laziness and i make up excuses along the way. I soon to have a relative to punish me.
  5. My name is Angela and i am grown up and pass my teens age but people have told me I am a really bad girl. There are alot of problems within in myself and i am about to get punish. - Failed University twice because i was very lazy, skip classes and test and did not hand in homework. - Recklessly spending money for unnecessary thing - Lying and making excuses for the mistake that I had done I think i will get spanked for these behaviours. But do you think i should be spanked? if so can you tell me how severely should I be spanked? how many stroke should i be getting? and what
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